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Redme Schwarz

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Redme Schwarz
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Coruscant, born in Hapes.
Mother Cin've Borbell
Father Gisbo Schwarz †
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-17 D278
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 1st Imperial Legion Commanding Officer

Imperial Information Service

  • Journalist / Writer
Prior Service Imperial Army


  • 4th Brigade Executive Officer

Imperial Academy academy.png

  • Recruit
Awards 8057_schwarz.png

"For some, changes are seen as threats. It is our task to take them as an opportunity."

-Redme Schwarz

The day everything began. The day everything changed

Born in Hapes on day 278, year -17, Redme and his parents moved to Coruscant soon after Redme´s birth. His father, Gisbo Schwarz, who had been working in a solar energy facility in his homeworld, got a better job opportunity in a weapons factory in the Empire´s capital city. They had to leave their home against their wills, but the wage that Gisbo earned in Hapes was not enough to keep the family, as Cin've quitted her job in order to bring Redme up.

After the arrival at their new home, the family bought an apartment in a lower class neighbourhood. That is why Redme learned how to live in the underworld and defend himself. At school, he was a normal student and had a group of good friends. But everything changed in day 71, year 1, when a group of infiltrated rebels sabotaged the factory where Gisbo worked. There was a big explosion, and many workers died. Gisbo was one of them.

The corner of family Schwarz's apartment, somewhere in Coruscant´s underworld.

Since then Redme hasn´t been the same person. He became very introvert and spoke not more than the minimum necessary. But he had been brought up well and kept his principles, so no anger grew inside him. But the galaxy needs a balance, and something had to be done to compensate what had happened not only to his father, but to all those honest workers who died in that incident. Joining the Imperial military seemed to be the most promising option.

Learning the Imperial way of life

Redme enjoyed his years at the Imperial Academy. He met there his instructor, Doogie Darkrose, who helped Redme to learn the basics the Empire´s basics. He still remembers his instructors first words: "Welcome to the Imperial Academy, Recruit!". His office was quite small and dark, but it had a window overlooking the backyard. Sometimes you see some trainees running around it, the view was nice. When Redme entered his room for the first time, he was happy to see just one single bed, a door, a chair and a little window. Altought it was smaller than his instuctor´s office, Redme was happy to have his own room. The Academy was huge, and you could see lots of people coming and going elsewhere. It was easy to get lost.

Redme, getting ready for a practical lesson.

The theory lessons were very entertaining and easy going. The classrooms were big and spacious. Redme had many classmates, but it was hard for him to make friends as he was not talkative. Many said that he was a lone wolf, but he didn´t care much about it. Redme had to leave his studies temporarily due to a disease his mother had got. Luckily it was nothing of great importance, and Redme was able to return to the Academy a few weeks later and finished the theoretical course as fast as possible.

The field training was tough and sometimes really difficult to endure. But everytime Redme was about to give up Redme remembered his father and the explosion, and that always motivated him to go on. It was at this point where Redme discovered some of his hidden leadership skills. At first, his team lost most of the challenges and war games in which they took part. But that changed once Redme was assigned as his team´s leader for the first time. His group was one of the most succesful ones during the training.

Redme´s graduation photo.

But some years the efforts made paid off. On day 267, year 11, Redme passed the final exam, getting an overall average of 89,4%. Redme was a bit disappointed, because he wanted to graduate with honours, but his mark was not good enough for this. But life would teach him quickly that those kind of things are not as important as they seem to be.

Not much time after the graduation, Redme was assigned to an Army unit, where he continues to serve up to the present. There Redme noticed that his learning process had not finished, as he had thought after graduating from the Academy. Luckily, his ex Commanding Officer, Califf D`Troit, was very kind to the new Private and guided him through the basics of life in the Imperial Army. Live with courage, Die with honour.

In this new stage, Redme proved for the first time his loyalty to the Empire. One morning, his new datapad beeped and he read the incoming message. It was confusing. The sender was someone called Alex Drick, but his messaging address was hidden, so it was not possible to identify the datapad from which the message originally came. It said the following:

"I've heard reports from my spy and he's saying that you are all showing signs of promise, yes I said "you all" I'm sending this message to 6 people who are showing signs of progress in the ranks, but are being wasted serving the empire.

If you leave the empire or give me information on your perspective fleets or army units.

If you leave you'll get, 5,000,000 credits; an MC80b and the rank of O-1 Ensign in the New Republic. If you give me information on your perspective units, 1,000,000 credits for each name of the person in your unit, the location of your COs, what missions your fleet is under taken and tell me if you plan to leave the empire to join us in the New Republic.

The empire is nothing but a militant faction that is racest who joins its ranks, the New Republic is an equal faction for ALL.

Now, there are consequences to refusing to do anything for the New Republic, if we find you and your arrested we'll keep you arrested for as long as the game goes on, but if you show too much signs of loyalty to your empire you'll be executed.

Your Choice..."

Redme reported it to his superiors, who inmediatly took action to neutralize this enemy operation. Redme never heard nothing else about this man. He saw how liars the rebels can be. The principles are the most important thing in life.


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