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Galactic Change Overtakes Many (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D311 by Redme Schwarz

Coruscant (IIS)-- Who has not ever dreamed of becoming a Sith, or, at least, meet one of them personally? Well, that almost happened to some civilian bulk freighter pilots from Corellia, when they by mistake appeared in the Sith Worlds system, located on the border of the galaxy, very far from their intended destination. Did they do it on purpose? No. In fact, they were just heading to their assigned destination in the Deep Core, where they would have to accomplish their tasks. So, how could this happen? The answer is quite easy: they had forgotten that the mapping system of the galaxy had just changed. They inserted in their navigation system, which had been adapted to be used with the new mapping system, the coordinates that were used in the old one.

Although it had been announced many times, this change took many by surprise. How could an already announced event overtake so many people? Because it affected multiple parts of our way of travelling. First of all, the coordinate system has changed. Most of the systems have been affected because of this. Although we know that it is impossible for us to move systems to other places, the coordinates used to represent their locations are now different. For this reason, the pilots we talked about got lost and appeared quite far from their destination after the hyperspace jump.

Another cause of confusion was that many planets have been renamed, as many of the former names, used in the old navigation system, were very difficult to pronounce and remember. The new ones are expected to be easier for this.

All this inspired further changes in the Empire as a whole. The main one is the one being made in the Regional Government branch, which is being reorganised. Six Moffs will be controlling six different Oversectors: Coruscant Oversector, Kuat Oversector, Corellian Oversector, Tapani Oversector, Deep Core Oversector and Corporate Oversector. Each of them contain multiple smaller sectors that are not far from each other. The staff of this branch will be redistributed between these new Oversectors. Discussions within the branch, in which the new Council will be included, are going to take place so that this process can begin as soon as possible. The authority of the Moff will also be extended, as they will have some control on the military units that are working in their territory. Lastly, there is an attempt to formalize many practices and policies in the Regional Government, which will be found in Regional Government Handbook, a project that was started about a year ago. Its content is just for Regional Government personnel.

The Ministry of Industry was not left out. They are now looking for temporary workers to prospect all the planets located in Coruscant Oversector. It is said that we only know 75% of the raw materials deposits located in that place. New raw-materials-deposits-maps will be drawn so that they fit to they already mentioned mapping system. The discovery of new deposits are always great news, as their explotation are essential for our development and improvement.

This is a time of great changes in the galaxy. For some, changes are seen as threats. It is our task to take them as an opportunity, put our hands down to work and serve the Empire loyally and proudly.