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Dante Erinith

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Dante Erinith
Biographical Information
Race Echani
Homeworld Rhen Var
Mother Elia Erinith
Father Jias Dormir
Spouse Single
Siblings Rick Dormir
Children None
Born Year -13 Day -Unknown
Galactic Involvement
Faction Unknown
Positions Unknown
Prior positions 1st Brigade BXO of the Imperial Army, Unknown
Affiliation Unknown

"Why, what's so special about Dante?" "He's an unstoppable force of fierfekking nature who has put me on my shebs more times than I really care to talk about at the moment." - Keth and Jane Lemen discussing Dante

"Dante" is, as of Year 13 Day 72, Dishonorably Discharged for a variety of reasons. However, no word has been heard of his whereabouts or his current activities; he seems to have dissolved into thin air.

Imperial Personnel Profile

General Information

Surname: Erinith
Given Name(s): Dante
Race: Echani, Class B Citizen - Expelled
Gender: M
Rank: Formerly Second Lieutenant, Imperial Army - Dishonorably Discharged
Age: 26 Standard Years
Homeworld: Rhen Var, Unknown
Family: Unspecified

Psychological Profile

Social Attributes

Loyalty: Dante is remarkably loyal to those he considers worthy of it. He is also very caring and protective of those under his command, often taking the heat for things that they did - gladly. A trait that was passed on from his own superiors.

Outspoken: Dante often seems to speak out of turn, often touching controversial issues and occasionally coming very close to treason. He has never, however, explicitly crossed the line.

Control attitudes: Extremely tolerant, Dante is willing to accept anybody and everything, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, past, religion, allegiance, et cetera. As he has mentioned many times, he could care less what somebody is, so long as they can do the job.

Dependability: Dante is highly dependable, almost to a fault. When given an assignment, you can guarantee he will get it done.

Attitude towards Empire: Dante has repeatedly expressed a surprisingly negative attitude of the Empire as a whole. More specifically, he sees the Empire as a vehicle of civilization, peace and cultural enlightenment; the people within it, however, he views in a completely different light. He does not, however, generalise; he is well aware there are "good apples" in the tree.

Emotional expression: From what can be seen, Dante typically keeps his emotions well under wrap; contrary to how he is often seen by others, he is immensely disciplined, particularly insofar as his mental state goes. He does, however, seem to have intense emotional scarring; it is unknown how he copes.

Fairness: "Fairness" can be considered an understatement; Aedan views everybody in the same way and judges by similar standards, whether General or Private.

Leadership attributes: Dante has demonstrated himself to be a highly charismatic individual, demonstrating many traits of leadership. He does not, however, lead people most of the time, rather preferring to adopt the role of backbench adviser.

Physical appearance: Dante is known to adopt a variety of fashions, but he virtually never wears or uses Imperial Standard Issue clothing or equipment; perhaps an indicator of his individuality. Often wearing either a red and black styled trench-coat scheme, or white and black armor. On a more primal level he is admittedly a highly attractive man, and many specimens from both genders and many races have expressed interest in him.

Regard for Rules: Dante follows rules, but only so long as they do not stop him doing his job. Once they get in the way, he tends to break them in a heartbeat.

Team Spirit: While he often portrays himself as the loner, Aedan is an incredible leader and team-player, perfectly willing to put the lives of his men before the mission's completion. He never leaves his men behind, and he makes it a point to get to know his men, establishing a genuine camaraderie.

Individual Attributes

Combat Skills: Many times, Dante has demonstrated a remarkable mastery of the various combat arts. Well-trained in a variety of martial arts, including the Echani Arts, Teras Kasi, and some associated with the Jedi, he is also well-versed in the Lightsaber Forms, generally adopting Soresu and Juyo. With more conventional weaponry, he adopts a Bastard Sword, and has shown extreme skill in the use of sidearms, particuarly when using them akimbo. He tends to turn to Rifles as a last resort. While trained in the use of explosives and heavy weaponry, he usually avoids them, leaving them to specialists.

Pilot: While nothing special, Dante does have in-depth training as a pilot, and can hold his own in a dogfight.

Achievement attitudes: Dante does not seem to value personal accomplishment at all that much, although he often hides this behind a fabricated ego.

Emotional temperament: Patient, tolerant, cautious. Yet outspoken. He does not take very well to threats to those under his command, although he tends to dismiss threats to himself.

Energy level: Dante has displayed many times to have a near-inexhaustible supply of energy, and his stamina is inhuman.

Intellectual factors: Intellectually, Dante's greatest asset is his common sense; he is streetsmart to the point of being a virtual genius. However, he also displays a massive wealth of knowledge, knowing many things you would expect only of experts.

Knowledge: Dante knows many things he should not. This is best exemplified by his in-depth knowledge of Jedi and Sith Philosophy, as well as being able to out-knowledge even the Sith in regards to the finer aspects of the Force, and of Lightsabers. He also appears remarkably informed of the goings-on in the Galaxy, suggesting contacts, or a wide circle of friends.

Mental Attitude: Mentally, Dante is an enigma. Surface study has demonstrated that, mentally, he is in fact a child, suggesting potential cloning or mental stigma, and had undergone flash training. Experts dismiss this claim, however, suggesting other factors. Dante can generally be assumed as having a mental age of roughly 8 or 9 years.

Material attitudes: Aside from his admittedly low number of personal possessions, Dante does not view material wealth as important.

Maturity: While he may act immature, it has been shown several times that this is simply a facade; in reality, Dante is highly mature, and understands complex issues and situations at the drop of a hat.

Philosophical attitudes: Dante questions many things, including the Empire itself. Politically, he sees it as the best island in an ocean of badness. Religiously, he tends to follow the side of Light.

Physical attributes: Muscular and very well built, Dante seems built for combat. He is, however, extremely fast and agile, almost to the point of being inhumanly so.

Risk attitudes: Risk does not intimidate Dante; in fact, sometimes he takes the riskier path just for kicks and giggles.

Task performance attitudes: While he often adopts a nonchalant, bored, lazy attitude, when Dante takes on a job he performs it to the best of his ability. Either do a job right, or don't do it at all.

Physical Description

Height: 6'1
Weight: 195 lbs
Build: Muscular, well-built
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Heterochromia - Green/Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Addendum: Scruffy beard, indicating a degree of laziness

Service Record

Imperial Army
Recruit, Year 9 Private, Year 9 Private First Class, Year 9 Sergeant, Year 9 Master Sergeant, Year 11 Command Sergeant, Year 11 Master Sergeant, Year 12, Day 1 Command Sergeant, Year 12, Day 65 Second Lieutenant, Year 12, Day 212 Dishonorably Discharged, Year 13, Day 72