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Laertes Yarrow

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Laertes Yarrow
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Mother Rhea Yarrow
Father Shadra Yarrow
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -8 Day 78
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 4th Brigade, Battalion Executive Officer
Prior Service
Awards 8982_yarrow.png

Character History

Personal Description

Laertes Yarrow was born on Day 78 of Year -8 to Shadra and Rhea Yarrow of the Kitade Clan on Kiffu. Life in the western deserts can be tough and unforgiving, and through many trials, Laertes learned to adapt to his surroundings and make use of anything he could get his hands on. Though, unlike many others of his clan, Laertes always prefered a blaster to a blade. Why bother taking the time to sneak up on your target when you could take them out at range before they ever caught scent of you? Because of this trait, Laertes was always tasked with sentinel duty or scouting ahead of the clan as they moved from place to place. It was solitary work, but something he took pride in; to be seen as skilled enough to work alone. Though his senses were keen and his skills with a blaster unparalleled, he did have one shortcoming: flying. Oh, how he hated, or rather despised, flying. Whether it was being out in wilderness so often or not having learned fully how to fly, no one knows, but Laertes would rather do hard labor than have to fly in a ship for a living. He’s learned to endure the occasional required flight, but if given the choice would rather walk.

Physical and Psychological Description

Standing at a 1.8 meters with a reasonably athletic build and short hair, Laertes doesn’t really stand out from the crowd; though he prefers it that way. The only distinguishing mark on his body is his tribal tattoo or qukuuf. While most Kiffar have theirs displayed on their face or forearms, Laertes’ is on his shoulder. While the location is somewhat untraditional, the qukuuf itself is the black katarn claw of the Kitade Clan.

For most, Laertes can seem a bit cold and standoffish. While this might be true in some cases, it would discredit him and his background to just chalk his demeanor up to not liking people. He always acts in a professional manner, with a high value on respect. As a holdover from his tribal upbringing, hierarchy is very important. Wherever he goes, he is always watching and observing all that goes on around him. Around his close group of friends, however, he is a much more relaxed and laid back person, known especially for his quick wit and sarcasm.

Professional History

After graduating the Imperial Academy, Laertes was assigned to the 4th Brigade of the 1st Imperial Legion. There, he trained and learned under the command of several officers before rising himself to the position of BXO.