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Phaeton Seth

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Phaeton Seth
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Usra Seth
Father Sirius Seth
Spouse None
Siblings Brother: Fletan Seth
Children None
Born Y-16 D190 (35)
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 2nd Brigade Commanding Officer
Prior Service Imperial Academy

4th Brigade Executive Officer

Awards 8876_seth.png

Phaeton Seth is a Kiffar from Clan Nah`utal serving in the Imperial Army.


Early Life

Phaetons mother and father owned a small transport company, Storm Wolf Transportation, which did a fair amount of business plying the trade lanes of the inner rim and the systems around Kiffex. His parents kept the company going through good times and bad until they were ready to retire and pass the reigns on to their two sons. Their oldest son Fletan was put in charge of overall operations of the company, leaving Phaeton to work on the ships as a mechanic and delivery pilot. It wasn't long after taking control of the family business that Fletan began to make changes to how the business operated. Replacing long time employees and renegotiation old contracts. Phaeton hadn't minded letting his brother run the show and being relegated to work with the other pilots and mechanics, but he balked at the changes that were being carried out by his older sibling. They could often times be heard arguing behind the closed door of the office which overlooked the company hanger when Fletan would announce one of his new changes or lay-offs.As bad as these fights could be, they paled in comparison to those the two brothers had over politics. Fletan cared more for credits than politics and was indifferent to the struggle being waged in the ongoing Galactic Civil War. These differences and the arguments they often created eventually pushed Phaeton to quit the family business and seek his fortunes elsewhere in the galaxy. As much as his leaving troubled phaetons parents, they knew that he would not be happy staying and so gave him a ship, the Eros, and their blessing before he left.

Hunting on Dreighton

Leaving Kiffex and his family behind, Phaeton set course for the planet of Dreighton. He'd wanted to spend some time alone to gather his thought and plan his next move. The wilds of Dreighton proved to be just such a place. For weeks he hunted the creatures and bandits of the land and it was during this time he found he had a natural talent for it. He fell into a simple routine staying away from the cities and settlements for long stretches only returning when he need more supplies or to sell the spoils of his hunts. He didn't mind the solitude, but still felt that he wanted to do more than wander about aimlessly, like a wave on the ocean, living off the land as best he could. It was during one of his many trips far out beyond civilization that he came across an old battlefield. The wreckage of numerous fighter ships were strewn across the scarred terrain.

Forgetting the tracks he had been following, Phaeton went to investigate the various half buried craft to see if anything of use could be found. After a quick once over he was surprised to find that for the most part the scene of combat looked to have been undisturbed for many years and so he decided to take a break from hunting to more thoroughly look about the long forgotten wrecks. What was to be a short two or three day long side trip turned into a months long operation. Within days Phaeton found an almost perfectly intact R3 droid that only required a few minor repairs to get functional, which he named Hawk. This spurred him on to continue his salvaging of the wreckage. By the end of the second week he had found a repaired another droid, an R5 which he dubbed Cy.

Feeling encouraged by the luck he had with finding the droids, Phaeton set-up camp and settled in, planning to see what else he could possibly scrounge up. The days passed as he and his droid companions systematically searched through the debris sprinkled ground.. Their efforts paid off, as within a few weeks they had gathered enough parts to put together a fully functional X-Wing fighter. Phaeton was able to speed up the process of rebuilding the ship by having the Hawk and Cy work on it doing some of the repairs while he slept.After a week he had it running and space worthy, it was shortly after this that he received a communication from his clan. It was brief and to the point; his presence was requested on his homeworld of Kiffex for a special clan meeting that would culminate in a hunting expedition into the Wild Forest.

Upon arriving at Basa Oihanak Gotorleku Phaeton was teamed with Amelia Kolczynski, a relative and fellow Clan Nah`uatl member that was also serving in the infantry of the Galactic Empire. During the hunt Amelia spoke highly of her life in the Imperial army and Phaeton told her of his own recent experiences as a solitary hunter. Impressed with Phaetons skill in hunting, tracking and the basics of survival, Amilia suggested that he return with her to the Core and enlist in the Galactic Empire’s infantry. At first he balked at the idea, having grown accustomed to his life as a wandering hunter. Days passed and he not only heard more but saw how the training Amelia had received benefited her as they coordinated their efforts on the hunt. By the end of the gathering he had changed his mind and readily agreed to enlist and put his talents to work in the service of the Empire.

Phaeton currently serves in the Imperial Army.

Service Summary

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 170 - Year 17 Day 177
Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time)
[O-1] MO-1.png Second Lieutenant Year 17 Day 177 - Year 17 Day 292
[O-2] MO-2.png First Lieutenant Year 17 Day 292 - Year 18 Day 26
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Year 18 Day 26 - Year 18 Day 138
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 18 Day 138 - Year 18 Day 312
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Year 18 Day 312 - Year 18 Day 316
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 18 Day 316 - Year 19 Day 169
[C-2] MC-2.png Major General Year 19 Day 169 - Current


Award Name Ribbon Date Awarded
Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] IABG.jpg Y17 D177
Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] MID.jpg Y18 D17
Letter of Commendation LOC.jpg Y18 D174
Imperial Service Medal [ISM] ISM-1.jpg Y18 D209
Letter of Commendation [LOC] LOCx2.jpg Y18 D251
Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] MIDx2.jpg Y18 D259
Letter of Commendation [LOC] LOCx3.jpg Y18 D358
Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] IAM.jpg Y18 D361
Imperial of The Month [IOM] IOM.jpg Y19 D78
Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] IAMx2.jpg Y19 D82


Giving his brother a salute before leaving Kiffar
In his hunting gear
On patrol
Posing with his Battalion"