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Elias Yog

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Elias Yog
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Rilka
Father Shamir Yog (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -7 Day 122
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions N/A
Prior Service Provisional Prefect, Regional Government
Awards 8086_yog.png

Elias Yog is an officer of the Imperial Army, formerly CO of the 4th Brigade, the "Spectres". He was born in Coruscant, and raised mainly by his mother Rilka, due to his father's tireless service to the Empire and his death in Y8.



Elias was born before his father joined the Empire, in a humble borough of Coruscant. Shamir worked in his father's carpentry, doing artesanal woodcraft for house or starship decoration, while Rilka was a young and beautiful poetisse. They had met in the street, one day, and Rilka had seen through Shamir's harsh and cold appearance, and beckoned him to her. From that day, Rilka was one of the few who knew of Shamir's tender and almost poetic heart. Elias would see, from time to time, a trace, a shadow of this heart, but it'd be in very rare occasions.

He was born in Y-7 D122, in a cold day, after his parents had been married for a year. They lived in a poor, small house, but with kind neighbours who would care for Elias and play with him. During the twelve years that lasted until Shamir joined the Empire, Elias had learned the basics of woodcrafting, and had attended CorEd09321-B Primary School, one of millions of schools for people from the poor boroughs like him. However, he had enjoyed school more than anyone else in it, and some teachers had become interested in him, and given him extra lessons of maths, literature, history, to the point that at the end of Primary he was like a year ahead in knowledge. Nevertheless, Shamir didn't show much pride towards him, and Rilka thought her son would be a greater poet than she was.

By the time he finished Primary education, his father was already an Ensign in the Imperial Navy, which -along with his good marks- qualified him to study in a better school. Among the possible options, his parents chose the Advanced School Admiral Veynom. Apart from a good humanistic education and an emphasis on History, Science, and Technology, Elias was under strict discipline and only returned home for the holidays. They taught him how to pilot and combat in starfighters and freighters and, in the last two years, he also chose the Course in Capital Ship command. He also made good friends there, with whom he competed to get the best marks. Nevertheless, his heart, like his father's was in appearence, was cold and calculating, and in his teenage years he didn't even look at a girl. It became so cold specially when his father died in a mission for CompForce, under a sphere of secretism, in year 8, when he was 15.

To serve the Empire

So, he finished Secondary education among the first from his class, but not with Honours. He had learnt to do a lot of things, and he liked specially the Capital Ships. But he didn't want to join the Imperial Navy. First, he didn't like how it was in that moment. Second, his father had started in the Navy and later had gone through several branches: Elias was quite sure that he would follow his way and not remain long. And third, he had a taste also for politics, for organization. In the school he used to tell the superiors how things would work better if they changed that shift, fired that bureaucrat, diverted money from this into that. Not that they liked it, of course. But now he could really help with this sense he had, so he decided to join Regional Government. Still before turning 18, and given his education, he was directly appointed Provisional Prefect and assigned under Moff Charles Slayden, to work in the Corporate Sector. It was Y10D333.

After diferent periods of activity, and various sickness, Elias found out that he wasn't made for the desk job in the Government, and asked for a transfer to the Imperial Army. So in Y16 D39 he was given an assignment with the rank of Major. He served in the 3rd Legion, 3rd Brigade for a couple of months until he was officially appointed Commanding Officer of the 4th Brigade on Y16 D103. Colonel Redme Schwarz, 1st Legion Commanding Officer, took care of his Command training. After some months in charge of the Brigade, he took a severe illness again that put him out for about half a year. When he got back, he remained inside the 1st Legion. Working as hard as he could, as a simple Officer, in the Immortals, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on Y17 D94. He had finally reached the same rank that his father had, he was sure he would feel proud of him. But he was young, and had a bright horizon in front of him.

Service log

  • Lieutenant Colonel [O-5] - Y17D94.
  • Major [O-4] - Y16D39
  • Provisional Prefect [O-2] - Y10D333.


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG) Y14D53 Everard de Montfort
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal (ISM-4) Y16D71 Zhaff Orikan
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation (LOC) Y16D78 Navarro De Molay


4th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Redme Schwarz
Elias Yog
Y16 103 - Y16 227
Succeeded By:
Liam Conrad