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Fede Vonrico

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Fede Vonrico
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Ilyria Vonrico (deceased)
Father Kolay Vonrico (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Kolay Vonrico Jr., Aleksia Vonrico
Children None
Born Y -9 D 295
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 4th Brigade Commanding Officer
Prior Service None
Awards IABG-H.jpg UDS.jpg MID.jpg

Born in backwater planet in the outer rim territories, Fede Vonrico lived a hard youth. Enlisted in his planet military forces at the age of 18 he has been in the army till he resigned in Y 15. Wanting peace and order for a galaxy in turnmoil, he had joined the empire to bring the imperial new order to the rest of the sentients of the galaxy, by force of arms if necessary.

Character History

Early Years

Fede was born in Y -9 in a backwater planet in the outer rim although a minor planet various factions wanted to took control, ranging from the own corrupt ex-replubic goberment to crime lords, corporate factions and local gangs. Since the fall of the republic the planet had been in turnmoil with low intensity conflicts erupting from time to time.

Fede's father, Kolay vonrico, was a Non Commisioned Officer in the local planetary defense forces, the goberment uses the army to suffocate risings and riots, and in one of this actions he was severely wounded when Fede was 10 years. The gobernent didn't take much care of his forces and instead of healing Kolay with a bacta treatment to totally recover, dismissed him. Kolay could recover but was maimed and condemned to live in a hoverchair for the rest of his life.

4 years after a terrorist attack from a rival corporation destroy the factory in his mother worked, killing her and another 45 workers. With his mother death and the father disabled and demoralized the situation of the Vonrico's family was more than bad. Fede's eldest brother, Kolay Jr left the family, he was member of a gang wanted by the security forces and he went underground. The family never knewn of him again.

His sister left soon the family too, she had married with a corporate junior officer and left the planet when he was promoted. Alone with his father vonrico had a harsh time in the adolescense having to work and study and take care of his father, who's health was worsening with all the losses.

Against all the odds, Fede was capable of pass the high school with honours, but the happiness was sort as his father finally passed away.

Alone and without economic sustent Fede had only one option, he enlist in the planetary defense forces like his father. His officers soon realized he was a natural born leader, and he was promoted first to sergeant and then to staff sergeant. But He was getting more and more upset with the situation, around him all was corruption, evilness . His planet was in a neverending conflict and seems that nobody wanted to stop it. Finally he cannot take anymore and resign from the army and left the planet.

Joining the Empire

To left his damned planet, Fede enroll in a ship crew as crewman. He went from planet to planet, from ship to ship, from work to work till he finally reached Coruscant. In his travel around the galaxy he had only seen scum a villanie, conflict and corruption. But Coruscant, the empire, was another thing, millions of senties living and working in peace, repected security forces, and an army and navy to be proud of. Walking through the clean streets and beatiful parks of Coruscant, Fede saw a imperial recruiting station with a banner who says:" The galaxy needs the empire, the empire needs you."

Fede instantly realized that it was that he was searching for those years , and he entered into the recruitment station and sign up.

He was sent to Prakith to start his training in the Imperial Academy

For the Empire and for the Emperor!

In Prakith, Vonrico, was assigned to the Training Officer Devaron's class. Despite the harnesh of the training Vonrico was able to pass it with flying colours in almost no time.

Soon promoted to Second Lieutenant and been awarded with the IABG-H, Vonrico joined His Majesty's Imperial Army.

In Y17 D20 Vonrico's Brigade was awarded with the Unit Distinguished Service award.

In Y17 D35 Vonrico was promoted to First Lieutenant.

In Y17 D84 Vonrico was awarded with the Mentioned In Dispatches award.