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Bailley Zion

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Bailley Zion
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jade Zion (Deceased)
Father David Zion (Deceased)
Spouse Julian Valendrift (Divorced D59 Y16)
Siblings None
Children 1 Girl
Born D215 Y -8
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions None
Prior Service 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
 5th Brigade Commanding Officer
 5th Brigade Executive Officer
 2nd Imperial Legion member
Awards 8317_zion.png

"To Serve is an honour in itself, but for the Empire, it is a justifiable reason to Defeat any enemies who care to disturb that peace and prosperity as well as a high honour."
— Bailley Zion

Bailley Zion was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Imperial Army, currently serving as the commanding officer of the 3rd Brigade.

Character History

Early Life

Born as Bailley Jean Lea Zion on Day 215 Year -8 in the city of Coronet, Corellia. Bailley's early life resembled an easy one, of peace and stability within her family and school. Her parents are David Zion, a security officer in CorSec and her mother, Jade Zion, who helped out the elderly in the city. Her parents, were devoted to the Empire, and nothing could sway their loyalty. Feeling their child should try and feel the same way, Bailley was sent to an All Imperial school. Heavily indoctrinated in Imperial Ideals, behaviour, values and protocol as well as learning subjects to enhance the opportunity for an all Imperial career, Bailley was grateful that her parents gave her this opportunity. During her schooling, there were periods of rebelliousness within her that often had her teachers frown upon her, and this still shows within her today. She often associated with the wrong people, such as in her later years at the All Imperial Corellian School, she met a group that tended to call themselves rebels because their family had ties. Bailley was confused why they joined this school if that were the case. She just nodded and pretended she cared, eventually finding them trying to recruit her to their cause. Bailley refused any involvement.

By the time she had graduated, Bailley had learned everything her parents wanted her too with a renewed sense of pride. She looked at the world like a full picture. But there were pieces missing, other worlds to explore.

After graduating at eighteen, her parents urged her to find a stable job. Bailley was quite unsure of what she wanted to do, she was indecisive. Whether to join CorSec, some Imperial job, or something else entirely like her mother, she couldn't decide. One night, she got annoyed at the nagging of her parents, and left her home the next day. She travelled around Corellia, working a bit here or there to be able to have enough for food just to survive. At that time you would frequently see her lying under the stars, whether in a city or bushland. Eventually she had found her way to the city of Tyrena. She was scouting around looking for work when she came across an Imperial Off-Duty lounge. On the windows, recruitment messages were everywhere. She walked up, and read them all. While her upbringing encouraged her to join the Army, she always thought she was meant to do something different, not anything Military. She stuck a poster in her pocket just in case anyway.

Before leaving the city, she thought long and hard about a decision, her parents wanted her to follow tradition, join the Military. She wanted to go and get into Law enforcement, not plain army. But her parents told her, “you always have to start somewhere small, and work your way up to where you want to be” And she eventually decided to join. She went to the Tyrena Imperial Recruitment centre and joined up immediately.

On day 320 of Year 13 at the age of 19, she was sent to the Imperial Academy to start her Basic training. Much of it, she already knew from her schooling years.

A little while later, she graduated the Academy and went on to become a Private in the Imperial Army. She then tried starting to think about Positives about the Army, go see other worlds, live on a whole different world, an easy way to see the galaxy by serving. Her parents would be proud of her with what she decided.

After her Imperial Service, she went back home to her planet of Corellia, and settled there. With an unknown partner, she gave birth to a girl. After 10 years of peacefully living her life on Imperial Controlled planet, Corellia, in Coronet City, She passed away at the age of 45, which many considered young. Some say it was rumoured to be of guilt of not being able to do better. Some say it was because of the heartache of her dismissal that caused it. To the doctors, it was the amount of effort and determination she put into her Imperial Service life that eventually killed her in the end, the many injuries she gained all helped to contribute.

Bailley is survived by her only child, someone who was never registered at birth. All the galaxy knows about her, is that her mothers eyes have remained in the daughter.

Imperial Service Life

She made the decision and joined the Imperial Academy on day 320 of Year 13 at the age of 19. Two days later, she finished the Academy and went on to become a Private in the Imperial Army. She has been included in a few operations, her first being Operation Sovereign Canopy on Derra IV. This being her first experience of full combat outside of hunting and patrolling. She often enjoys her experiences on the battlefield side by side with her comrades in her Legion.

Bailley was moved to another legion on her second anniversary of joining the Empire. She was moved to the 3rd Legion after Army Command was extremely happy on her mentorship with her XO in the 5th brigade who was quickly given an opportunity to become the CO of the 3rd. After discussion with the her XO, she thought she will ask about swapping places. Bailley Loved the 5th but she was aching to be closer to her homeworld. So she decided about exchanging places, which made it easier for the both of them, so eventually an offer was sent to her about commanding the 3rd "Shadow Guard" Brigade.

Just over a month into the 16th Year, Bailley and her husband Julian parted ways

Bailley served as a Brigade Commanding Officer at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel for the 3rd brigade. She was dismissed from her post, and was told to seek employment elsewhere. Bailley's committment to help the Army Soar was shattered into a million pieces.

After the empire

Bailley moved back home to Corellia with her parents to live out the rest of her life. She met a Kiffar man and the two got married and had a child they named Kairi Deveraux. She had the same emerald eyes that Bailley had, which had seemed to become a family trait. Bailley passed away at a very early age of 35 due to stresses on her body from working in the empire, early on in life when her daughter was 20. Her wants for the empire to succeed and improve are now in the hands of Caroline Merlyn who is Bailley's biological granddaughter who shares the same emerald eye trait.

Service Record

Ranks Held
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade Promoted By
[E-1] E-1Recruit.gif Recruit Y13 D320 - Y13 D322 Enrollment into the Imperial Academy
[E-2] E-2Private.gif Private Y13 322 - Y14 D80 ISB-Second Lieutenant Draelor Nah`utal
[E-4] E-4Corporal.gif Corporal Y14 D80 - Y14 D145 Brigade Command
[E-5] E-5Sergeant.gif Sergeant Y14 D145 - Y14 D201 Brigade Command
[E-8] E-8MasterSergeant.gif Master Sergeant Y14 D201 - Y14 D301 Brigade Command
[E-10] E-10CommandFlightOfficer.gif Command Sergeant Y14 D301 - Y14 D337 Brigade Command
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Y14 D337 - Y15 D120 Brigade Command
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Y15 D120 - Y15 D252 Brigade Command
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Y15 D252 - Y16 D57 Legion Command
5th Brigade Member - Day 322 Y13 to Day 284 Y14
5th Brigade Executive Officer - Day 284 Y14 to Day 144 Y15
5th Brigade Commanding Officer - Day 144 Y15 to Day 326 Y15
3rd Brigade Commanding Officer - Day 326 Y15 to Day 57 Y16

Personal Being


Bailley's personality is introverted. She is usually shy when meeting new people, where first impressions to her are everything. Some people have classed her as devil spawn on the battlefield due to her ferocity and blood lust amongst her later years in the Empire.


Bailley's personal attributes along the lines of honouring family. As she didnt have her parents any more, the Empire, was her family. Bailley is usually Loyal, and honest in times of need to help the Empire. But she will not hold back or keep silent on things she knows others, her superiors should address as soon as possible. She is a good leader and manager and has always done well in leading her brigades to success.

Characteristics and appearance

Hair: Dark Brown,

Eyes: Green,

Skin: Fair caucasion skin,

Height: 172cm,

Weight: 65kg,

Figure: Athletic/Lean

Positions and duties

3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Jehrico Serir
Bailley Zion
Day 326 Y15 to Day 57 Y16
Succeeded By:
Vash Andron

5th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Amne Zailyn
Bailley Zion
Day 144 Y15 to Day 326 Y15
Succeeded By:
Sorn Davolt

5th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Wyatt Gabriel
Bailley Zion
Day 284 Y14 to Day 144 Y15
Succeeded By:
Sorn Davolt