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Vash Andron

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Vash Andron
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kormoran
Mother Wyla Andron
Father Pash Andron
Spouse -
Siblings Varla Andron
Children -
Born Y -10 D 318
Imperial Service
Branch IA_mini.png
Imperial Army
Prior Service Imperial Academy


  • Recruit

Imperial Army


  • Member 4th Brigade
  • XO 3rd Brigade
  • 3rd Brigade Commanding Officer
Awards 8497_andron.png

Character History

Before the Imperial Service


Vash Andron (middle) and parts of his unit fighting against pirates

Born in Y -10 D 318 on Kormoran, Wyl Sector. Son of Pash (farmer) and Wyla Andron (farmer). During his childhood, Kormoran was a place with a high number of pirate raids and the Kormorans had to rely on their own strength. When Vash was 14, his sister, Varla, was kidnapped and killed by a small pirate group. With 17, Vash decieded to fake his age and to join the planetary defence forces and wipe out the pirates. After his basic training and his first mission, he was send to the Scout/Sniper unit due to his outstanding marksman skills. In the 5 years of service he earned several combat honours.


Vash on his hunt for Kora Merol

While Vash was on a mission, his home farmstead was raided and his family killed. Against given orders he left the barracks to hunt down the pirates who killed his family. After a week of investigation, he discovered the pirate base. Armed with a sniper rifle and a combat knife, he attacked the base and killed the pirates. The leader of the pirates, Kora Merol, managed to flee, while using his fellow pirates as a distraction. Vash took aim and fired his sniper rifle at a distance of 2 klicks... and hit Kora Merol. With Kora Merol's head in a bag he returned to the barracks. His superior officer gave him the decission, either to be demoted and arrested for 1 month for disobedience, or to leave the service. Vash left the service of the planetary forces.

After two years as a bounty hunter, where he gained his nickname "Howlrunner", he decided to join the Imperial Forces and bring his skills into the service of the imperial citizens.

Imperial Service


The Search for Varla

Vash Andron left the Armed Forces of the Empire, as he recieved new and unbelievable information. His sister is alive but held as a slave in regions far behind the Outer Rim. Vash decided to reactivate his former bounty hunter contacts to find more information on her whereabouts. The search for his sister will bring him further and further into the outer regions of known space and deeper into the unknown regions lying behind the rim of civilisation.

Afer a breathtaking adventure through the darkest corners of the Outer Rim, Vash finally found his sister in the Xo System. After a while in his observation post, Vash perceived the moment of opportunity when the Crime Lord left his heavily fortified and guarded fortress to visit one of his mining facilites. Vash, disguised as one of the lord's retinues (luckily they wore full helmets all the time), could manage to free his sister in a swift but powerful action (Let us say that a crossbow, firing solid bolts attached with explosives, is quite a sweeping success).

After they fled from the system, Vash decided to stay with his sister for a while near his former Brigade's Headquarter, just in case.

After catcing up the lost time, Varla urged Vash to rejoin the Empire. As the Army is quite a dangerous place, Vash decided to join MInd as this seems to be a more peaceful and secure life. But maybe, he will sometime get back to his army roots.

Ministry of Industry

Vash joined MInd.

Imperial Service


Y14 D284 - Joined the Academy
Y14 D301 - Graduation, promotion to 2nd Lieutenant and assigned to the Army
Y15 D 44 - Promoton to 1st Lieutenant
Y15 D 72 - Imperial Campaign Medal
Y15 D171 - Mentioned in Dispatches 2x
Y15 D191 - Promotion to Captain
Y15 D232 - Letter of Commendation
Y15 D240 - Imperial Campaign Medal
Y15 D298 - Military Intelligence Officer
Y16 D 53 - Promotion to Major
Y16 D 53 - Executive Officer 3/3IL
Y16 D 182 - Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
Y16 D 102 - Commanding Officer 3/3IL
Y17 D 127 - Army Reserve
Y17 D 165 - Joined MInd