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Michael Fish

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Michael Fish is a 28-year-old half-Hapan half-Corellian. currently serving in the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, specifically as a Major General within the Imperial Security Bureau and Liason to the Emerald Region. Prior to his transfer Fish served in the 1st Fleet of the Imperial Navy where he held a variety of positions.

Michael Fish
Biographical Information
Race Hapan/Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Aelissa Fish
Father Steven Fish
Spouse None
Siblings Corran Fish [Deceased]

Eric Fish

Children None
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Emerald Region Liasion, Imperial Security Bureau
Prior Service Sector Liasion, Deep Core Sector.

Training Officer, 1st Imperial Fleet Signals Officer, 1st Imperial Fleet Executive officer, 9th Assault group

Awards 8282_fish.png


Imperial Academy

After joining COMPNOR's sub-adult group at 15, Fish knew that the best way to put this life behind him, while still being able to provide for his younger brother, was the Empire. Through the SAG he sat a few simple exams to waive the entry requirements and enrolled in the Imperial Academy.

Arriving on Prakith, the academy was reminiscent of the Citadel in Cornet but larger and much more imposing. Likely a statement of Imperial might to the new recruits. Fish undertook and passed all the basic tests and checks to ensure entrance into the academy, though he his medical officer did remark that he was borderline on the IDPSE tests.

Academics were never Fish's strong point, and as a result, while others thrived in the Academy Fish found himself stumbling from module to module, just barely scraping the pass marks and absorbing the flak from his tutor. After failing Basic Governance Theory twice, Fish bordered on expulsion, and had it not been for his exceptional record in marksmanship and his Sub-Adult Group background, he would have been.

While Fish may not have been a valedictorian, or anywhere near for that matter, he did achieve in other areas including securing Imperator College many wins in the Academy's intercollegiate boloball league as their sole forward. Fish also attained the marksmanship prize for his class. He graduated with the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Award and selected the Imperial Navy as his branch.

Imperial Navy

Navy Command Fleet

Upon graduation of Imperial Basic Training, Fish was given the Crewman rank and assigned to the Navy Command Fleet, under the then Rear Admiral Chambers, as an INSC pilot. The first few months of his service were rather uneventful, as the Empire was undergoing large reform to it's cyber-infrastructure and communications platforms - it was deemed too risky to undergo any training exercises during this period as without these vital platforms accidents and miscommunications were bound to occur. Instead, Fish was assigned to routine reconnaissance, patrols and interceptions, reinforcing territories that found themselves understaffed. While boring, he didn't expect anything more and nor did he really care, his focus was collecting his paycheck at end of every month and wiring it back to his little brother.

6 months into his career, Fish had developed a satisfactory number of contacts and established a safety net for himself. The pay he recieved had been enough to get his brother off Corellia, with Eric now staying with their older brother Corran in one of the stations above Kuat. Fleetmate and friend Orion Jenru offered him an out of the monotony of routine patrols that filled the life of an NCF pilot. The exact details of the offer were unknown but it was said to involve a leading role in private security. Fish took him up on the offer, and formally tended his resignation to Navy Command, RADIN, and his Fleet Command.

Soon after his resignation, Fish felt the full implications of detaching himself from the Empire. Without noticing, he had formed strong bonds to his brethren in the navy, bonds that were not broken easily. Looking in retrospect, Fish knew he had made a mistake. His deal with Jenru hadn't taken shape yet, and acting in the same impulsive manner that got him into this situation, he reenlisted in the Navy, and requested a waiver of the academy - which was granted.

1st Imperial Fleet

Fish returned to the navy and was assigned to the 10th Recon group, under Commander James Hudson and Lieutenant Junior Grade Sal Takla. He adjusted well to his new fleet and quickly got stuck in to his duties, participating in a wide range of operations from small scale fighter training exercises to charting of traffic over the entire oversector. He quickly rose to the rank of Master Flight Sergeant within the 10th and became one of the senior NCOs.

Late in year 14, Fish was selected to fill the vacant XO position in the 10th’s sister group, the 9th Assault Group. Hesitant to leave his group at first, he gave it a few days thought – after a few encouraging words from his Commanding Officer Fish took up the role. He retained the position throughout Operation Minsk, leading a small group of pilots and receiving a Letter of Commendation for his excellence.

Officer Commissioning Course

Not all that long after Fish had been appointed as the XO of the 9th, a new directive came into force stating that all positions requiring a SECRET clearance would also require a commission. Fish was faced with a choice - either graduate the Officer Commissioning Course in the College of Space Warfare, or lose his position. The former was more agreeable, so for two weeks Fish joined a cardre of others in his situation, as well as graduates fresh out of the academy, for lectures on naval tactics that he had already employed in battle, and on decorum that he had given to officers for years already. Unsuprisingly, Fish passed with flying colours, and in recognition of this was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade instead of the typical rank of Ensign.

One Drink Too Many

After the sucess of Operation Minsk, celebrations occured in the fleet's own Blue Royale Cantina, a night of heavy drinking ensued and there aren't many people who remember exactly what happened, but what is known is that Fish ended up falling down two flights of stairs, and sustained a significant head injury that put him into a coma, in addition to a multitude of fractures in various places regions of his body. He was immediately referred from the station's medical bay to the General Hospital on Corsucant, where he was seen by a variety of specialist from across COMPNOR's department of medicine. Varies treatments were attempted to wake him from his slumber, none proved effective. He was kept on life support, in his vegetative state for months - until out of the blue, on Year 15 Day 337, he simply awoke.

Service Record

Ranks Held

Grade Rank Image
E-1 Recruit ME-1.gif
E-2 Crewman ME-2.gif
E-3 Flight Corporal ME-3.gif
E-4 Flight Sergeant ME-4.gif
E-5 Master Flight Sergeant ME-5.gif
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade MO-2.png
O-3 Lieutenant MO-3.png
O-4 Lieutenant Commander MO-4.png
O-3 ISB-Captain ISBO-3.png
O-4 ISB-Major ISBO-4.png
O-5 ISB-Lieutenant Colonel ISBO-5.png
C-1 ISB-Brigadier General ISBC-1.png
c-2 ISB-Major General ISBC-2.png

Awards Recieved

Award Name Date Recieved Given By Reason
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Y13 D271 Draelor Nah'utal Graduation of IBT
MID.jpg Mentioned in Distpatches Y14 D137 James Hudson For excellence in combat

training and general duties

LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Y15 D23 James Hudson For excellence in the

field of operations.

ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal Y15 D237 James Hudson Partook in Operation Minsk
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting - 12 Y16 D178 Daniel Ascarion Attended 12 Imperial

Monthly Meetings

CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent Y16 D215 Daniel Ascarion Completed the Probationary

stage of ISB Training

CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Y16 D215 Daniel Ascarion Full time member of


ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years Y17 D55 Imperial Security Bureau 3 Years of Active Service

in the Galactic Empire