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Benedict Tharandon

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Benedict Tharandon

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Biographical Information
Race Human / Echani
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Dr. Mirax Tharandon M.D. (Deceased)


Father Major Lord Alexander Tharandon (KIA)


Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -17, Day 176 (32)
Imperial Service
Branch IA_mini.png
Imperial Army
Positions Retired
Prior Service LSO - 3rd Legion

BCO - 3rd Brigade, 3rd Legion

Holosite Content Project Manager

BXO - 3rd Brigade, 3rd Legion

GXO - 11th Group, 3rd Fleet, Imperial Navy

Awards 8204_tharandon.png

Personnel file

  • Serial number:
  • Active rank: Major
  • Position: Retired
  • Most recent assignment: LSO - 3rd Legion
  • Previous assignments:
    • BCO - 3rd Brigade, 3rd Legion
    • BXO - 3rd Brigade, 3rd Legion
    • Classified
    • GXO - 11th Group, 3rd Fleet
    • Instructor - College of Space Warfare
    • Classified
    • Imperial Academy


Early life

Benedict Edward Tharandon, born Year -17, Day 176 is the only child of Major Lord Alexander Tharandon of House Tharandon, Imperial Army and Doctor Mirax Tharandon M.D. on Corellia and raised in his ancestral homeland of the Bindreg Hills on Lamuir IV, Tapani Sector. Benedict's relationship with his father soured considerably after the death of his mother in a freak shuttle accident. Mainly due to his father's past-experiences, harsh upbringing, and his commitment to the Imperial Army, Benedict held a deep resentment towards his father in his years as a child. At the age of six in Year -11, Benedict's father returned to active duty, persuaded by his friend and colleague Captain Fel. His father was later killed when his dropship was brought down by enemy fire.

Benedict was left alone in the cold, both of his parents now dead. With no family to turn to, and guilt ridden about inadvertently causing the death of his friend, Fel took the young Benedict Tharandon in as his Guardian and raised him. His formulative years were spent between private schools and spending his spare time learning to shoot, track and to fend for himself in the harsh environment that Corellia's Bindreg Hills can be.

Nearing the end of his time in education, Benedict became more and more interested in the idea of serving with Empire, despite resenting everything that turned his father into what he was. Fel on the other hand, was nearly the opposite of how his father had treated him and showed that despite being a soldier, you could still be 'human'.

Imperial Academy

Despite being the son of an Army officer, Benedict chose the Imperial Starfleet over the Impeial Army and enrolled, being accepted into the Imperial Academy and arriving in the Plebe Summer of Y9 D162 and assigned to Lima Company. During his initial six weeks of the Plebe Summer, Cadet Tharandon found himself adjusting with more ease than some of his peers due to his upbringing and found himself at least a little thankful to his father for the harsh upbringing melt out to him during his younger years.

Tharandon's first year began in earnest, though initially considering what comforts or therein lack of granted by his status as a fourth-class cadet as little better than prison life, he grew accustomed to the idea of entitled to nothing and striving to earn what he did. After completing his initial training, Benedict opted to major in strategic operations undertake flight training.

In his second and third years, although primarily engaged in study sessions with fellow strategic operations, Benedict completed his flight training and undertook advanced courses in hand-to-hand combat and weapon proficiency training. It was at this time Benedict discovered his love of Teräs Käsi, something that remains a passion of his to this day and applied to the prestegious fighter training school of the Imperial Navy.

In his fourth year, he was assigned to a border patrol-based heavy cruiser for his six month cadet cruise, returning to graduate with honours from the Academy in Y13 D146 and given the provisional rank of Crewman, assigned to the fighter training school of the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Army

Third Imperial Legion


While attached to the 3rd Brigade, Benedict found himself on the first rotation of Operation SOVEREIGN CANOPY, a deployment to the planet Derra IV which had seen an outbreak of both the Great Animosity Plague and - inadvertently through trying to cure the former - the Metamorphosis Plague. Engagements against the forces of the Galactic Alliance were fierce and highly contested, the enemy having had substantial preparatory time to develop a deliberate defensive position within the primary urban locations on the planet. Benedict and the Infantry battalion that he was assigned to came under fire multiple times, though unlike their colleagues in other units, Benedict's battalion did not suffer from the same high casualty rates although Benedict was himself being wounded - at times badly - on several occasions, though always refused to be evacuated from the battlefield until all objectives were secure. These setbacks were tempered by the achievements they made against enemy forces, including engaging and neutralizing several known senior Alliance combatants.

Throughout the operation, the 3rd Legion met frequent and intense resistance, in often overwhelming numbers. Many of the soldiers proved their dedication and valor in the face of great adversity and were appropriately honoured for it. Colonel Canfield, holding a senior staff position in the Legion Headqaurters, and one of the primary driving forces behind the Operation, was awarded the Achievement Medal for displaying exemplary performance of his duties as a battlefield commander on Derra IV, resulting in highly effective soldiers and unit maneuvers. The Legion as a whole, its Brigades and attachments were awarded the Unit Distinguished Service for consistently distinguishing themselves in their actions on Derra IV, accomplishing great strides in combat against an entrenched enemy with superior numbers. They were also awarded the Battle Efficiency Medal for demonstrating highly effective and efficient skills in the advance to contact, engagement, and withdrawals involving enemy combatants during several combat engagements on Derra IV.

Titles, Military Ranks & Awards

Titles and styles

  • Benedict Tharandon, Year -17, Day 176

Military Ranks

  • Recruit [E-1] - Imperial Academy (Year 13 Day 145)
  • Crewman [E-2] - Imperial Navy (Year 13 Day 146)
  • Flight Corporal [E-3] - Imperial Navy (Year 13 Day 205)
  • Flight Sergeant [E-4] - Imperial Navy (Year 13 Day 291)
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-5] - Imperial Navy (Year 14 Day 13)
  • Master Sergeant [E-5] - Imperial Army (Year 14 Day 55)
  • Command Sergeant [E-6] - Imperial Army (Year 14 Day 104)
  • 2nd Lieutenant [O-1] - Imperial Army (Year 14 Day 189)
  • 1st Lieutenant [O-2] - Imperial Army (Year 14 Day 279)
  • Lieutenant Colonel [O-5] - Imperial Army (Year 14 Day 337)

Gallantry Awards

Campaign & Active Service Medals

Faction Awards


Quotes & Notable Dialogue

Captain Stones noticed the Colonel sitting just outside, and looked at him. "Looks like it went quite rough out here."
Benedict glanced at Stones for a moment before returning his gaze to the clearing as the smoke continues to whirl around them, watching as the ISB men tended to the fallen. "No battle is ever easy Captain, when you are face to face with your enemy and cold steel strikes upon steel."
"I guess you are entirely right there, Colonel. It's time for me to leave this place however." Stones replied before turning towards the shuttle and walked over to board it.


Legion Signals Officer, 3rd Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Kol Seraph
Benedict Tharandon
Year 15 Day 47 - Present
Succeeded By:
Brigade Commanding Officer, 3rd Brigade
Preceded By:
Kol Seraph
Benedict Tharandon
Year 15 Day 47 - Year 15 Day 91
Succeeded By:
Rik Zoidic
Brigade Executive Officer, 3rd Brigade
Preceded By:
Cora Ersin
Benedict Tharandon
Year 14 Day 95 - Year 15 Day 47
Succeeded By:
Kos Van`lin
Holosite Content Project Manager
Preceded By:
Position Created
Benedict Tharandon
Year 14 Day 6 - Year 15 Day 60
Succeeded By:
Daelis Stanov
Group Executive Officer, 11th Group
Preceded By:
Zeige Shadar
Benedict Tharandon
Year 14 Day 17 - Year 14 Day 53
Succeeded By:
Trex Varax
Head of House Tharandon
Preceded By:
Alexander Tharandon
Benedict Tharandon
Year -11 Day 67 - Present
Succeeded By: