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Jorn Stones

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Jorn Stones
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Eliana Flint (Deceased)
Father James Stones (Deceased)
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -8 Day 198
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions *Retired
Prior Service Naval Command
  • Naval Logistics Officer


  • Chairman, Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee

5th Imperial Fleet 5th Group/4th Imperial Fleet

  • Group Executive Officer
  • Group Commanding Officer

7th Group/6th Imperial Fleet

  • Group Commanding Officer

6th Group/6th Imperial Fleet

  • Group Executive Officer
The Titan Cup(x2)
Awarded to the Naval Capital Command tournament champion

Jorn Stones is a former member of Naval Command, having served as the Naval Logistics Officer, twice as a Group Commanding Officer, twice as a Group Executive Officer, and in addition having been Chairman of the Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee.

"Its always the same story.. They come somewhere and are to stubborn to leave, then start running as soon as you come closer to them. Three capital vessels opposing my single Star Destroyer, and they run..."
— Jorn Stones, speaking about his rebel opponents during a simulated battle scenario.


Early Life

Little is known of Stones' pre-imperial life, although records later revealed that both his mother and father had been involved with piracy, with the so called 'Full Moon Raiders', both having died at sometime during their 'carreer'. It is unknown what Stones' connections and relations were to either his parents or the pirate group, as he refuses to talk about either. However, one of his combat styles, where he fights up close with the 'Pistol and saber' suggests there was some kind of connection or involvement with the pirate group. The Full Moon Raiders ceased to be at some point before year 11, it is unknown what caused the group to dissapear.

Life in the Empire

Imperial Academy

After Stones had enlisted for the Galactic Empire, he and multiple other new recruits were transported to the Imperial Academy by Lambda-Shuttle. It was here that he met his training officer, a young man only a few years older then himself; Lieutenant Commander Daniel Ascarion. Unbeknownst to Stones, the man that was now his training officer would later become the Naval Commanding Officer. Stones went through the many lessons at a steady pace, learning more and more about the workings within the Empire, and the many craft that he would fly, and would later command. After weeks of studying and making tests, he and his peers were called to the parade grounds. For Stones awaited a graduation with honors, and a promotion to Crewman. His life in the Empire could now truly begin.

The Shadow Fleet

Soon after having graduated, Stones was assigned to the 5th Imperial Fleet, commonly referred to as 'The Shadow Fleet'. At the time, the 5th Imperial Fleet was commanded by Vice Admiral Overmind, who would soon after take on a position in Naval Command as Signals Officer. This left the fleet in the hands of Commander Mayas Lennorian, who would be Stones CO for some time to come. Shortly after having joined up with the rest of the fleet, Stones met a man who would later be known as Lasidious von Feldure, a fellow Crewman whom just as Stones would later be well known throughout the Navy. He and Stones would both hold the same ranks for a long time to come, it wouldn't be until they were both officers that they finally stopped wearing the same rank.

Stones returning from patrol.

As a junior enlisted, Stones was nothing more then just a fighter pilot. After his rendezvous with the Fleet, he had been made a member of the Black Hand squadron, which consisted of only regular TIE fighters. Strangely enough, and for reasons unbeknown to Stones, he never had to fly together with the squadron. Instead, he would be sent out on solo mission on a daily basis to patrol nearby lanes and trade routes, or even go as far as the opposite side of systems in search for hostile entities. While it felt strange to be flying alone in a tiny star fighter, and certainly did not feel safe at all, Stones did enjoy the freedom of being able to fly by himself, instead of having to follow another. He would remain doing this for some time, until he was one day ordered to stay aboard the Star Destroyer he was based on; they were going to deploy elsewhere.

The carrier Stones was assigned to was tasked to head to his home system; Corellia. The increases in trade in the system had led to the trade routes becoming full and chaotic, up to the point that local security was no longer capable of halting any smugglers who tried to reach the nearby planets. It now became a task of the Navy to do so. Deploying with a heap of other pilots, and with new craft, namely TIE/Sr Scouts, they were issued orders to individually patrol the trade routes. They had to scan the cargo of the many passing freighters in search of any illegal substances, and keep an eye on where they were going. Any smugglers found would be reported, and subsequently arrested on the planet surface. For various days, Stones patrolled the southernmost lane, and even though he was barely able to find any smugglers in this relatively quiet route, he did manage to catch something else. Something much bigger.

Part of the Falleen Fleet, the image taken by Stones.

As Stones was patrolling the routes for yet another day, in the far distance something caught his eye. One by one, a heap of Capital vessels left hyperspace and started flying deeper into the system. Using the powerful scanners of his ship, Stones was able to zoom in on the distance ships, and the moment he saw the image, alarm bells started ringing inside his head. These Capital ships were nothing else but MC80's, and the giant logo on their side pointed out that they belonged to the Falleen Federation, an enemy of the Empire! Quickly Stones tried to contact his direct superiors, but being unable to manage to establish a connection, decided to go search from someone higher up. He succeeded in making contact with Naval Command, and report that a large fleet of Falleen Federation vessels had entered Corellian space and were on the move. Stones' quick response and reporting allowed Imperial reinforcements to rapidly head for the system, while Stones kept his Scout's sensors in range of the hostile fleet, but not his own ship in the range of their lasers, and continued to report on the situation. Hours later the first reinforcements arrived and more followed. Unable to do whatever they intended to due to the ever increasing Imperial presence, the Falleen Fleet jumped back into hyperspace without a single shot having been fired. After the fleet left the mission in Corellia continued as normal, and throughout the next few days Stones had some additional success in his searches. He identified various vessels that were heading for some of the planets in the system, that shouldn't be getting any traffic at all. They were subsequently taken care of, turning out to be New Republican freighters that were attempting to set up bases on these planets.

Throughout the next month, Stones kept being deployed all on his own, and his new orders no longer made him rely on a carrier to bring him to different places either. Under these new orders he was now authorized to jump to remote systems in the nearby area, and conduct various assignments there in solitude. But on one occasion he would work together with two other pilots, which instead of coming from his own unit belong to a different fleet. One of these pilots would become a friend of Stones, well over a year later. But at that time, Stones had not thought much of this pilot. The mission they had was not particularly hard to execute, but did require them to be quite active in doing so. After doing a standard patrol through a remote system, they had to descend to a planet's surface, and investigate if there were any cities secretly existing there. By the time the two other pilots arrived, Stones had already finished the patrol and started looking for settlements. When the mission was brought to a close, only Stones had completed his share, which was half the surface of a large ocean world.

Further records of Stones' imperial service remain uncompleted.

Personality and traits

Opinion towards Prisoners of War

Stones sees there being two different kinds of Prisoners of War, those who surrendered and allowed themselves to be captured freely, and those who had to be captured, subdued, or incapacitated before they ceased fighting. While he grants all the rights of being a POW to those from the first group, Stones recognizes that the second group actually has never surrendered, and likely wouldn't have either, choosing to rather have died fighting. As such Stones believes that those from the second group shouldn't have actually survived the battle they were in and actually pose a larger threat to his ship as well, as they are much more likely to assault guards, attempts breakouts, or even instigate prison riots then those who had chosen to surrender. In fact, he sees execution as the only solution for this second group, unless information is to be gained from the captured prisoners.

Attitude towards other species

Throughout the years, ever since his first encounter with members of another species back as a child, Stones has formed his own vision and opinions when it comes to other races and species. This eventually culminated in him making making his own set of categories under which to define the many different races and species in the galaxy. These categories are: Humans, Close-Humans, Aliens, and Close-Animals. Compared to the Empire's three Citizen classes, Stones' vision bears a certain amount of resemblance. It could be said that he has split the C-class in two categories and aside from that merely switched a few species around, but that is were the comparison ends as well, as his opinions concerning those in the last categories differ greatly, to the extent of being extreme.


Falling under the first of Stones' categories are almost all the species that fall under the Empire's A-class citizens. All being almost virtually identical to the baseline human in both appearance and biology, having only very few and comparatively minor differences at worst. While it is clear to Stones that they are still all different races, he considers them all to be of his own species and holds no real grudges against any of them.

Close-Humans (Closely related to Humans)

Either through different paths of evolution, evolution of baseline humans to cope with a new environment, or even devolution of the Human race, close-Humans have fallen far away enough from baseline Humans to no longer be considered 'true' Humans by Stones. Additionally, he also considers those species that through continued evolution actually came close enough to being Humans as close-Humans, even if their original path of evolution differed entirely. The species in this category bear resemblance with baseline humans in appearance and biology, with only a small number of minor to major differences between them. Most, if not all, are also capable of producing (fertile) offspring with baseline humans, which shows that their DNA is compatible for the largest part. Being that they are this close, Stones treats the majority of them similar as normal Humans, and often only holds minor grudges or opinions against them. Unlike the Species Policy for B-class citizens however, Stones actually advocates for the free admittance of several Close-Human species into branches currently restricted to only A-class citizens, although due to their nature they will still have to work harder to prove themselves to be as worthy as regular humans are.

Under Close-Humans Stones considers all the species listed as B-class Citizens, but with the exclusion of Pau'ans and Klatoonians, and with the inclusion of Twi'leks.


Having followed entirely different evolutionary paths, or having fallen so far away from baseline Humans that there is barely anything comparable remaining between the two except perhaps for a humanoid build and some minor resemblances, Stones sees all these species as being true aliens, fully developed species completely separate from Humans. Of course, not being anything like Humans, Stones considers almost all aliens as inferior and of a lower class. For some species he even feels that they are criminal by nature, and that the galaxy would be much better off without them. Because of the grudges he holds against aliens, any encounters and conversations between them and Stones is nearly never friendly, often neutral or even hostile. Whilst his exact opinion and attitude depends on the species he is facing, in general a member of an species considered as Alien first has to proof their worthiness to Stones and earn his respect, before Stones will feel and show any respect to them at all or befriend them. As such, there are only very few aliens whom he is friendly to or a friend of. Additionally, Stones believes that an alien caught committing a major crime or infraction should be cut down or shot on the spot instead of be given a trial, and all those aliens who dare raise their arms against the Empire should not be shown even the slightest bit of mercy. However due to being inclined to follow the Empire's own policies, Stones isn't known to be actually pursuing his more extreme views.

Stones considers any species not already part of a different category to belong within this category.

Close-Animals (Closely related to Animals)

Having not yet became fully evolved species in Stones' opinion, Close-Animals are those alien species who still greatly resemble their animal ancestor. This often means that they still are entirely covered by fur, not very intelligent, or lacking the developed vocal cords which are needed to enable them to speak in an ordinary way such as humans and many alien species. Aside from that, Stones finds that many members from Close-Animal species have aggressive or even savage personalities; a leftover from the animal ancestor from which they evolved. Making use of grown weapons, such as claws, fangs, teeth, or even horns instead of or alongside using tools and weapons is another indication that they haven't fully evolved beyond their ancestral beastly ways yet. Stones finds species from this category to be much more inferior then other Aliens. However, he often acts with caution around those species with a more dangerous nature. He too believes that some are simply too dangerous to even belong in the galactic society, especially those species that are known to rip a man apart, and it would be best if these savage animals were simply put down. Stones also believes that certain Close-Animal species can still be 'domesticated' and put to good use in the form that they would not actually be slaves that are told what to do, but rather, pets which are trained or conditioned to do something. Stones is known to actually have succesfully done this with several.

Stones considers the Barabel, Defel, Ewok, Noghri, Talz, Togorian, and Wookiee to be Close-Animal species

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade
[E-1] ME-1.png Recruit Year 11 Day 1 - Year 11 Day 10
[E-3] ME-3.png Crewman Year 11 Day 10 - Year 11 Day 83
[E-4] ME-4.png Flight Corporal Year 11 Day 83 - Year 11 Day 128
[E-5] ME-5.png Flight Sergeant Year 11 Day 128 - Year 11 Day 192
[E-6] ME-6.png Staff Flight Sergeant Year 11 Day 192 - Year 11 Day 295
[E-7] ME-7.png Master Flight Sergeant Year 11 Day 295 - Year 11 Day 312
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 11 Day 312 - Year 12 Day 43
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 12 Day 43 - Year 12 Day 285
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Year 12 Day 285 - Year 13 Day 74
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Year 13 Day 74 - Year 13 Day 157
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Year 13 Day 157 - Year 14 Day 289
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Year 14 Day 289 - Year 14 Day 332
[O-7] MO-7.png Senior Captain Year 14 Day 332 - Year 15 Day 106
[C-1] MC-1.png Commodore Year 15 Day 106 - Year 16 Day 15
[C-2] MC-2.png Rear Admiral Year 16 Day 15 - Present


Abrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours Year 11 Day 10
[DIS] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 11 Day 83
[DIS2] MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 Year 11 Day 167
[DIS3] MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 Year 11 Day 263
[DIS4] MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x4 Year 11 Day 360
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 12 Day 130-149
[ISM] ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 12 Day 183
[DIS5] MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x5 Year 12 Day 199
[LOC2] LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 Year 12 Day 258
[LOCx3] LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 Year 12 Day 347
[ISM-1] ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year Year 13 Day 1
[MIDx6] MIDx6.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x6 Year 13 Day 101
[MIDx7] MIDx7.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x7 Year 13 Day 121
[IMM-12] IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting Year 13 Day 199
[ISM-2] ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years Year 14 Day 2
[N/a] thetitancup100x100.jpg The Titan Cup Year 14 Day 136
[LOCx4] LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x4 Year 14 Day 136
[LOCx5] LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 Year 14 Day 191
[LOCx6] LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x6 Year 14 Day 192
[ISM-3] ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years Year 14 Day 298
[ICM] ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal Year 14 Day 326
[N/a] thetitancup100x100.jpg The Titan Cup Year 15 Day 16
[LOCx7] LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation x7 Year 15 Day 43
[ISM-4] ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 4 Years Year 15 Day 57
[NMP] NMP.jpg Navy Medal of Progress Year 15 Day 226


Group Executive Officer 5GRP/4IF
Preceded By:
Lasidious von Feldure
Jorn Stones
Year 12 Day 179 - Year 13 Day 121
Succeeded By:
Mick Clarence
Group Commanding Officer 5GRP/4IF
Preceded By:
Lasidious von Feldure
Jorn Stones
Year 13 Day 121 - Year 13 Day 295
Succeeded By:
Mick Clarence
Group Commanding Officer 7GRP/6IF
Preceded By:
Serena Moon
Jorn Stones
Year 14 Day 165 - Year 15 Day 213
Succeeded By:
Naval Logistics Officer
Preceded By:
Serena Moon
Jorn Stones
Year 15 Day 16 - Year 16 Day 94
Succeeded By:
Mayas Lennorian
Group Executive Officer 6GRP/6IF
Preceded By:
Talin Aijati
Jorn Stones
Year 15 Day 213 - Year 15 Day 255
Succeeded By:
Dace Rendall
Chairman, Imperial Scenario Moderating Committee
Preceded By:
Julius von Alard
Jorn Stones
Year 15 Day 220 - Year 16 Day 94
Succeeded By:


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