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Zeige Shadar

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Zeige Shadar is a retired Commander and Imperial Pilot.

Zeige Shadar
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Shinsei
Father Ark (deceased)
Spouse none
Siblings Rei Shadar (Condition unkown)
Children None
Born Year -11 Day 255(20)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Imperial Navy Pilot
Prior Service NA
Awards IABG.jpg

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Time Frame Y-11 D255 - Y0 D?

Early Years

Zeige was born on Corellia during the transition of the old Republic to the Galactic Empire to a small Family. Zeige was the son of Shinsei and and Ark Shadar; Ark worked as a shipyard engineer and his mother stayed at home and raised him and his younger brother, Rei. Zeige and Rei were both given primary education by the local schools and mostly lived like any young children would. Even though Corellia was plagued with gangs in many city's, the family lived in Cardoune, which was next to the Main Imperial Citadel on the planet, as well as a facility complex that was supporting the orbital shipyards; the increased security and troop presence kept the crime low and gangs away.

Changeing Times

Some time after the Galactic Republic had become the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance was formed, some friction had started on the planet between Imperial forces and Rebel agents; but in the end it had remained loyal to the Empire.But the Rebels still wanted Corellia, or at least its ship yards and technical personnel.

Zeige's father, Ark Shadar, was one of the head personnel at the section of the ship yards and was helping with the production of some of the Empires mighty Imperial class star destroyers. The alliance had inferior capital ships they and wanted people who would be able to improve them. So they set out to kidnap several technicians from the ship yards, including Zeige's father.


Life with out a Father


Life in the Phoenix

Time Frame Y2 D? - Y8 D? (A gang on corellia, basicly were he learned his use of a blaster and basic star fighter piloting along with other skills sich as stealth. He eventually left the gang for a life with more purpose, the Empire. This is kina a short summery cause iv been a bit to bussy to finish and have forgotten a lot of the original story I made.)

Joining the Phoenix

Service Information

Time Frame Y8 D? - Current


First assignment

In his first week after graduating he was assigned to his first fleet. Zeige's first assignmant out of the academy was the 1st Imperial Fleet under the Command of RADM Axe Vulcan, who was only a Capitan at the time. It took less than a week for his transport to move him to Kuat, the 1st home base. When he arrived we was assigned to the 1st fleets beta group and from there he got his first experience in a TIE fighter. He was assigned as a patrol pilot for the Kuat system since the 1st fleet was not deployed at the time. His time in the fleet was smooth, and his efficacy and active efforts toward the fleet got him promoted to Crewman First Class before even two weeks in the Navy. Though, Zeige would not be spending much time in the 1st fleet, for right around the corner was a massive Naval organization reform.

The 3rd Imperial Fleet

Zeige's second, and current, assignment was the 3rd Imperial Fleet under the command of Commander Arkan Gambit, and and executive officer Lt Commander Zack Bourget. Upon transfer He was moved to the fleets current staging position near the Courscant system. When he arrived he quickly started making him self known by his hard work and speaking his mind. This help him with his next promotion to Flight Corporal. At that time he started making friends with other members of the fleet, most retired or KIA now, but a few original are left. After a few weeks in the fleet the group was deployed to the Fakir Sector for a re-con mission, unknown to the pilots this mission was the prelude to the taking control and development of the planet Vakkar.

Operation Vakkar

Three pilots were sent to make the initial scan of the planet for hidden city's on the planet surface, Zeige was one of them. The pilots were confused though at the ship presence at the edge of the system, and it was also curious that the Army was being deployed as well. The initial scanning of the entire planet was less than a week, each pilot scanning 1/3rd of the planets surface, not one of pilots found a hidden city. After this the operation was given the green light and the all the assembled personel were told what they were doing, they were taking Vakkar.

After scanning the pilots were ordered to return to there respective capital ships for an exchange of ships, from TIE Scouts to Bulk Freighters. Zeige though was ordered back to the Coriscant system to help with the transport of raw materials to Vakkar. After several weeks of moving materials he was given charge of several builders and ordered to hit dirt and make city's. In total Zeige started and over saw the construction of about four city's and helped with the construction of a dozen more. The operation took several months but by the end of it the Empire now controlled the largest populated metropolis in the galaxy.

The 3rd Fleet was recognized for its hard efforts in this operation twice in a row, receiving two Fleet of the Moth awards, and Zeige personally received promotions to Flight Sergent and Staff Flight Sergent respectively as well as a Mentioned in Dispatchers commendation. An added perk was he was allowed to name two city's on the planet. Zeige picked out th two city's he built first and named them the “Shadar Sector” and the “Aki-Hikari Sector”.


During and after Operation Vakkar the 3rd under went some changes, a few being the command staff changed. mid operation Gambit could no longer hold command of the fleet and steeped down to let a returning commodore take over, Walter Boole. Also mid operation Bourget transfered to the Army, and was replaced by next in line, Anu Skycreaper. With this new command structure the fleet when under reorganization and the fleets new garrison was conveniently at the newly finished Vakkar.

Mission: Spica Blockaid

After Vakkar

Weeks and months passed of one classified mission, a few minor missions and reckons of enemy space. During these times Zeige showed charisma and determination and rose through the ranks as a senior pilot and rose to the rank of Master Flight Sergent and then jumped to the rank of Flight Officer. Eventually after showing new ideas and being an excellent pilot he reached the rank of Command Flight Officer, the highest enlisted rank. Also for actions in this period he received another Mentioned in Dispatchers (DIS) and a Letter of Commendation (LOC).

The Blocade

Life in the military is an active one and shortly after Vakkar the The third was deployed too blockade and slow down Rebel construction efforts in the Spica system. It was at this time Zeige took command of the VSD Annihilator, and took charge of southern half of the blockade. Over the course of the mission they chased several Rebel ships, harassed others, and boarded the one or two that actually surendered. During this time is when he earned the Rank of Command Flight Officer and the DIS2.


Since his time in the 3rd Fleet Zeige has been transfered several times. First to the 6th Imperial Fleet and back and fourth between its sub groups, now he Serves in the 5th Imperial Fleet.

Funny Stories

While Zeige was a pilot of the 1st Fleet he was sent on a routine patrol of the Kuat system. The patrol went smoothly, but his re-docking with his assigned VSD did not.There was apparently some issue with his fighter registry and he was prevented from entering the VSD for 48 hours. less than a week in the Navy and his first snafu.

Campains Participated

Operations Participated

Vakkar Tax Planet

Dostra Defence

Fleet Missions participated

3rd Fleet

Spica Blockaid

RP's PArticipated

Restrained Force

System Falire Two

Current Status

An Officer in the Imperial Navy

Ranks held

Recruit [E-1], Crewman [E-2], Crewman First Class [E-3], Flight Corporal [E-4], Flight Sergent [E-5], Staff Flight Sergent [E-6], Master Flight Sergent [E-7], Flight Officer [E-9], Command Flight Officer [E-10], Ensign [O-1], Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2]


Imperial Academy Badge of Graduation (IABG), Fleet of the Month Award Number Three (FoM3), Mentioned in Dispatchers Number Four (DIS4), Letter of Commendation 2 (LOC2), Imperial Duty Bar Four Years (BD4), 3rd Imperial Fleet Veteran (3IFV), Wing Command Proficency (WCP) Operation: Tax Planet Vakkar Participant (TPVK), Dostra Defence (DD) Operation Restrained Force Participant (RSF), RP System Failure II: Dejavu (SF2), Officer and Command studies Honors Graduate(OCSH)