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Correll Aintab

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Correll Aintab is a former Executor and Grand Vizier of COMPNOR. He is perhaps best known for leading a failed counter-coup against Emperor Greyson Uebles.

Aintab commenced his working life in the private sector with Centrepoint Space Station. Subsequently he joined the Galactic Empire during the reign of Emperor Piett, becoming Governor of the Eriadu system and assistant to the then Minister for Protocol, Thomas Cherokee. By Year 3 he had risen to the rank of Moff and served as one of the commanders of Operation Tenax. Soon afterwards Aintab was appointed Grand Vizier and was named one of the negotiators in the talks that eventually led to the return of the "Dark Imperials" to the Galactic Empire.

Despite his close association with Emperor Charon, Aintab did not join the initial exodus after the latter was overthrown and was named Executor by Greyson Uebles. Along with Director Cyrus Cloudwalker of Imperial Intelligence and Chiss Veers of the Imperial Army, he attempted to seize the throne whilst Uebles was away from Coruscant. The effort ended in failure and Aintab went into exile along with his supporters. Whether he had always intended to depose Uebles or had lost confidence in him remains a matter of conjecture. Aintab would play no further part in Imperial politics, although it is believed he eventually returned to the business world.

Preceded By:
Greyson Uebles
Correll Aintab
Year 4
Succeeded By:
Jennifer Dreighton