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Cyrus Cloudwalker

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Cyrus Cloudwalker
Biographical Information
Imperial Service
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Imperial Intelligence
Prior Service Director, Imperial Intelligence

Cyrus Cloudwalker was the ninth leader of the Rebel Alliance, who later serviced twice as Director Imperial Intelligence.


Rebellion Career

Originally joining the Rebel Alliance Logistics Fleet, he later transferred to the Alliance Navy and continued in various positions until he eventually was given command of the Rebel Alliance Navy's Liberty fleet, as well as head of the rebellion's Interior Office, serving under president David Salohah. On Salohah's retirement, the Alliance had a choice between candidates for the presidency. Davvyk Lysander and Cyrus. The latter was elected leader of the Rebel Alliance as President.

During Cyrus' tenure as President, the Rebel Alliance devised a plan to attach the Imperial system of Bastion. This operation was codenamed Operation NUB by then High Admiral Bisz Aldaris[1]. The forces of the Rebel Alliances, 3 battle groups, were staged outside of the system in deep space awaiting orders to being the strike. Unbeknownst to the attack force, President Cloudwalker had passed on the coordinates of the deep space rally point to the Galactic Empire and in no time at all Imperial Naval forces were dispatched to verify the report.

With their location now leaked and verified by the Empire, the high command of the Rebel Alliance, already distrustful of their President, held a secret meeting led by High Admiral Aldaris where it was decided to replace President Cloudwalker with someone they could better trust. It was therefore that on year 3 day 76 that the short presidency of Cyrus Cloudwalker came to an end.

Imperial Career

After serving in a number of other factions in differing capacities, including Minister of Education in the Hapes Consortium, Cloudwalker moved to the position of Director of Imperial Intelligence after Seele's resignation with the overthrow of Emperor Charon and the start of the Sith Regime beginning with the reign of Emperor Uebles. He served a second time some time later after the departure of Kolace Jorgensen.

President of the Rebel Alliance
Preceded By:
David Salohah
Cyrus Cloudwalker
Beginning of Year 3[2] - Year 3 Day 76
Succeeded By:
Relm Hesek

Director of Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Cyrus Cloudwalker
Succeeded By:
Zaketh Atesca

Director of Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Kolace Jorgensen
Cyrus Cloudwalker
Succeeded By:
Zee Wolf

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