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Bothan Blasting Corporation

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Bothan Blasting Corporation
Leader Deputy Director Darius Morettius
Foundation Date Year 9 Day 18
Type Production
Professions Mining
Members Classified
Motto "Bothan Blasting Corporation. We Get Every Last Bit."
Application Process Join BBC
Forum Bothan Blasting Corporation
Affiliation Galactic Empire


Bothan Blast Corporation is a faction located within Bothan Space. During the era of the Galactic Republic, Bothawui Mining provided new techniques to gather raw materials from the ground that allowed the Bothan Sector to grow beyond it's wildest dreams. Bothawui Mining declined during the rise of the Galactic Empire, which made importing materials vastly cheaper, due to the improved trade routes and easier extraction methods. When the GE went into turmoil, the New Imperial Order began to grow in Bothan Space. As NIO rose to power in the sector, a new faction was created. That faction was called KinerCorp. KinerCorp bought the fallen company and renamed it "Bothan Blasting Corporation". On Year 11 Day 104, the faction dissolved and merged with Cloud City to create IRE.[1]


There are two divisions in Bothan Blasting Corporation: Expansion and Transportation.


The Expansion Division deals with the development of Bothan Blasting Corporation. It seeks out new veins, placement of cities, and oversees the construction of the cities. This division is lead by a Director who coordinates all those under him/her and comes up with plans for future expansion of Bothan Blasting Corporation.[2]


Using the largest ships in the galaxy to move tons of minerals across the galaxy is the goal of the transportation division of Bothan Blasting Corporation. Being the most important division within the company, transportation ensures that deliveries are made in the fastest possible time. The division is lead by a Director who coordinates all those under him/her and works closely with the Director of Expansion to make sure that positions that are scouted are optimal in his/her transportation plans.[2]

Notable Members

ralic_feali.jpg Ralic Feali, Former Chief Executive Officer

Sesor.JPG Sesor Yrelnana, Director of Expansion

Mephiston Leonatos, Director of Transportation

charles_slayden.jpg Charles Slayden, Former Chief Executive Officer

darius_morettius.jpg Darius Morettius, Chief Executive Officer


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