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Galactic Alliance

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Galactic Alliance
Founded Unknown
Political Stance Anti Imperial Union
Current Members

New Republic
Rogue Squadron
Triumvirate Coalition
Jedi Order
The Infinite Empire
Krath Dynasty

"The Galactic Alliance couldn't agree on the colour of Batha dung."
— Citizen of Adbatar

The Galactic Alliance is a multi-government alliance set in opposition to the Imperial Union.

Mission and Values

Born out of subterfuge and violence against the Galactic Republic, the Empire is regarded as neither legitimate nor permanent. The Imperial movement is an outlaw in the galactic community and the Alliance is determined to bring our Imperial and Sith enemies to justice or justice to them. All reasonable and just means will be used with all due haste. Their main operations include:

  • Assistance with economic development, including prospecting, production, and sale.
  • Sharing of technological assets, know how and expertise.
  • A common defense - an attack on one is an attack on all.
  • Coordination of military activities.

The Galactic Alliance affirms the unique worth of each sentient being and sovereign government and offers support to attain self-determination and independent success. The members cultivate an environment that integrates common values and the guidance of the Force to enhance and support development and to prepare for effective engagements in both peace and war. The values found in the Treaty Preamble serve as a lens through which to view the galaxy, our way of being in relationship with each other and where the potential of each member is affirmed.

A reverence and respect for the ideals of the Galactic Republic. As members of the galactic community, we strive to support all sovereign peoples in their journeys toward strength and independence; to encourage them to express themselves through peace, trade, and friendship with others; and to work towards putting their abilities into action for the betterment of the galaxy around us.

A member centered philosophy. We are committed to advocating for member needs and concerns, and keep this at the core of our work as we create a just and peaceable galaxy for all to develop as they choose.

An appreciation for differences. We strive to provide opportunities that expose members to different viewpoints, attitudes and beliefs to open their minds. These are critical as we advocate for a community of respect and responsibility between galactic neighbors.

A belief in teamwork. We work together with all members for the common good.

Galactic Alliance Treaty

The treaty claims to confirm the alliance's attachment to the principles of Liberty, Justice and respect for personal rights and the rule of law, but their actions hardly reflect this. Its organisation, comprised of a Secretary General, Executive Committee and Leadership Council which together make up the General Assembly, is renowned for its long and tedious deliberations before making a decision.

Secretary General

The Secretary-General is the chief foreign representative and administrative officer of the Galactic Alliance. The position is elected by a simple majority of the General Assembly for six months terms. Their role as a primary diplomat is to assists in organizing, coordinating and ensuring the coherence of the Alliance leadership's work and implementation of its decisions. Under the treaty, they coordinate, prepare, convene and chair meetings with the leaders of Executive Committees and have to ability to call the General Assembly.

Secretary General
Preceded By:
Wuma Uxal-Lumir
Wedge Achilles
Year 16 Day 3
Succeeded By:

  • Year 10 Day 133 - Tigris Ninx of the Falleen Federation was selected as the first Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 10 Day 324 - Hawwi Joshe of the Krath Dynasty, now a member of Tresario Star Kingdom, was selected as the second Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 11 Day Unknown - Jude Vatz of the Tresario Star Kingdom, was selected as the third Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 12 Day 62 - Taka Aioko of the New Republic was selected as the fourth Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance and served for two successive terms.
  • Year 12 Day 324: The Galactic Alliance adopts revised treaty that admits non-government organisations.
  • Year 12 Day 363: Onasha Katr of the Jedi Order is elected as the fifth Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 13 Day 123: The Tresario Star Kingdom severs ties from the Galactic Alliance and lobbies to join the Imperial Union.
  • Year 13 Day 123: The Commonality, an Outer Rim government led by Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras, is admitted to the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 14 Day 205: Phoenix Daywalker of Rogue Squadron is selected as the eight Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 14 Day 205: Onasha Katr of the Jedi Order is selected as the first Deputy Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 14 Day 308: Falleen Federation withdraws from the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 14 Day 362: Jar-Tan Kem of the The Triumvirate Coalition is selected as the ninth Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 14 Day 362: Wuma Uxal-Lumir of the Freedom Warriors is selected as the second Deputy Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 15 Day 9: The Empire of the Hand withdraws from the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 15 Day 139: Deputy Secretary General Wuma Uxal-Lumir steps in as acting Secretary General, replacing the ninth Secretary General Jar-Tan Kem due to extended leave of absence of Secretary General Jar-Tan Kem and thus becoming the tenth Secretary General.
  • Year 15 Day 160: Wedge Achilles of the New Republic is selected as the third Deputy Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 15 Day 185: Wuma Uxal-Lumir of Freedom Warriors is selected as the eleventh Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 15 Day 185: Wedge Achilles of the New Republic is selected as the fourth Deputy Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.
  • Year 16 Day 13: Wuma Uxal-Lumir of the Freedom Warriors stepped down as the tenth Secretary-General and decided to leave the Galactic Alliance together with the Freedom Warriors

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council dictates Civil, Trade, Penal, Work, Mining and Social Security requirements for each Executive Committee. It also has the power to set budgets for the Executive Committee, set subsidies and approve treaties that pertain to the Member Factions.

Any Member Faction of the Galactic Alliance is entitled to one voting representative on the Leadership Council, provided that they have earned a place in each existing Executive Committee. Any Member Faction of the can apply and the request will be decided by a vote in the council. A supermajority of at least two thirds is needed for the request to pass. If at any point an appointed Member Faction fails to meet the requirements of an Executive Committee, they will be granted a probation period of three months to solve their problems. Once the probation period has passed, they will lose their place in the Leadership Council and the respective Executive Committees should the problem persist.

Executive Committee

These leaders will be members of any group in the Leadership Council. They cannot make resolutions by themselves, except with regard to strategic, economic and administrative affairs of their departments. They must present a detailed report on the state of the Alliance regarding the business of their Executive Committees to the Secretary General.

General Assembly

is composed by one representative for each Member Faction of the Alliance and shall be called to order each time this treaty must be amended or whenever laws must be voted on that affect all the Member Factions of the Alliance. Only Member Factions of the Alliance may vote and a faction cannot be affiliated to a Member Faction and be a Member Faction of the Alliance at the same time.

Logo Faction Name Leadership
nrlogo.png New Republic Chief of State Ro Ru Wok , Minister of State Eli Descartes, Chief of Military Operations Wedge Achilles, High Ambassador Gryffyn the Hutt, Director of New Republic Intelligence Damon Phet
roguelogo.png Rogue Squadron Co-Leader Mandor von Uberwald, Co-Leader Jake Azzameen, Co-Leader Anomander Starhunter
tclogo.png Triumvirate Coalition Consul Ait Maru, Consul Jar-Tan Kem, Consul Dero Racto
jologo.png Jedi Order Grand Master Leodous Kyron , Jedi Councillor Rann Halcyon
cdlogo.png The Infinite Empire Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon, Lord Protector Hawwi Joshe
krath_logo4b.png Krath Dynasty Grand Seneschal Ellias Aubec, Grand Master Tapar Craken, First Lord Les Barin, Krath Lord Ganner Groundrunner, Lord Preceptor Calgor Grim

Galaxy Control

Sectors controlled by members of the Galactic Alliance (denoted in red). Geospatial image taken on Year 13 Day 150

Past Members

Ailon Nova Guard - annexed by Galactic Empire
Pentastar Alignment - merged with Rogue Squadron
The Antarian Rangers - annexed by Black Sun
Tresario Star Kingdom - allied with Galactic Empire
United Coalition of Rachuk - renamed Infinite Empire and later lost government status
Falleen Federation - withdrew from the Alliance
Freedom Warriors - withdrew from the Alliance
Old Republic - Dissolved and reformed to Commonality before merging with Krath