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The Imperial Navy, also known as the Imperial Fleet, is the Galactic Empire's space military force and as such the largest military branch in the whole known universe. Fielding thousands of warships and fighters, ranging from the highly maneuverable TIE/in Interceptor to the massive Star Destroyers that form the bulk of their main battleline, and crewed by millions of well-trained and loyal officers and crewmen the Imperial Navy is prepared to face whatever challenges the Galaxy throws at it.

The Imperial Navy was formed from the remnants of the Galactic Republic Navy around Year -4 CGT during the rise of the Empire under Hiram Drayson. A reorganized command structure oversaw the rapid expansion of the fleet that had begun during the Clone Wars. Older variants of republic vessels such as the Venator-class Star Destroyer and the Hammerhead-class Cruiser were modified and technologically improved to increase the might of the new Imperial regime to the galaxy, and such advancements have continued the growth and advancement of the Galactic Empire since the decline of the Old Republic. The primary mission of the Imperial Navy is to protect the sovereign space of the Imperial, while also securing its borders through combat patrols and surveillance of its systems. While its operations initially ran independently of the Imperial Army, operations were soon merged into the Imperial Military under Emperor Seele I to offer more coordinated security and expansion, operating in taskforces instead of just Imperial fleets.

Naval Command, commonly abbreviated to NCOMD and previously known as Naval High Command (NHC), is the leading body of the Imperial Navy. The highest authority in the Imperial Navy, the Navy Commanding Officer (NCO) determines the overall strategy and plan for the Imperial Navy as well as directs the various members of the Naval Command ensuring the effective everyday running of the Imperial Navy in its structure and policy. The NCO reports directly to the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military and the Imperial Throne, serving as a High Command representative should the position of Supreme Commander be vacant.

Over time, the Imperial Navy has evolved tremendously and developed several organizational structures to achieve the tasks and missions assigned to it. Currently, the Imperial Navy operates within the task forces of Imperial space. Each taskforce is represented by a Navy Commanding Officer, who coordinates Naval operations within the taskforce space to ensure security and prosperity for the Imperial sectors within. Read More...


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