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Navy Command (Pre-Year 22)

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The Imperial Navy is led by Navy Command (NCOMD), consisting of the Navy Commanding Officer (NCO), the Navy Executive Officer (NXO), the Navy Logistics Officer (NLO), and the Navy Signals Officer (NSO). They are in direct control of the three Imperial Fleets.

On Year 22, Day 258 - following the new Imperial Military Reforms instituted by Emperor Seele, Navy Command was restructured. The positions of NCO, NXO, NTO, and NLO were deactivated in favor of a Navy Chief of Staff (NCoS) and the Navy Signals Officer.

Former Navy Commanding Officers of the Imperial Navy

Grand Admiral SunTzu (Year -3 to Year -2)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Year -2)
Grand Admiral Piett (Year -2 to Year 0)
Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom (Year 0 to Year 1, Day 258)
Fleet Admiral Simms (Acting) Year 1, Day 258 to Year 1, Day 260
11_cherokee.jpg Grand Admiral Cherokee (Year 1, Day 60 to Year 2, Day 9)
Lord Admiral IWAssassin (Year 2, Day 9 to Year 2, Day 206)
Lord Admiral Tj (Year 2, Day 206 to Year 2, Day 311)
Vice Admiral OVERMIND (Year 2, Day 311 to Year 3, Day 338)
Grand Admiral Black Lodge (Year 3, Day 338 to Year 5, Day 107)
Admiral Zerk (Year 5, Day 108 to Year 6, Day 88)
angelus_goth.gif Vice Admiral Angelus Goth (Year 6, Day 88 to Year 6, Day 132)
Grand Moff Zerk (Acting) (Year 6)
Admiral Crog (Year 6 to Year 7)
Fleet Admiral Samurai (Year 7)
7883_slicer.jpg Fleet Admiral Slicer (Year 7 to Year 9)
ADM.png Admiral Calor Assam (Year 9 to Year 10)
angelus_goth.gif Admiral Angelus Goth (Year 10)
axe_vulcan.jpg Vice Admiral Axe Vulcan (Year 10 to Year 11)
7878_blackrain.jpg Lord Admiral Senki Blackrain (Year 11 to Year 13)
7914_titan.jpg Lord Admiral Rawius Titan (Year 13 to Year 14)
3_ascarion.jpg Lord Admiral Daniel Ascarion (Year 14 to Year 15)
7909_sean.jpg Lord Admiral Faol Sean (Year 15 to Year 17)
7873_varos.jpg Lord Admiral Jacen Varos (Year 17 to Year 18)
7888_lannan.jpg Lord Admiral Graeda L'Annan (Year 18 to Year 19)
8644_drenall.jpg Lord Admiral Kef Drenall (Year 19 to Year 22)

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