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Zachary Savk (Interview)

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The following is an interview of FADM Zachary Savk by ENS Syrus Slane for the Naval Public Affairs Office.


The Naval Crest faded to reveal a young Ensign sitting in a couch, in an undisclosed office. Behind him, some pictures blurred by the distance could be seen, some showing a group of Imperial Pilots in front of their Tie Interceptors, and some others, showing a massive display of force performed by a task force of Imperial Star destroyers.

The Ensign was a little nervous, though only the men in the room would notice, after all, not every day he get the chance to interview a Legend. He began to speak towards the holocam.

Imperials of the Glorious Empire, I come before you today in a special interview hosting the legendary Fleet Admiral Zachary Savk. His skill and service to the Empire has been invaluable in our war to civilize the rest of the galaxy. His valor and dedication unwavering, some of you may ask who I am talking about as we consider every single Imperial to have these traits and hold everyone accountable, that's not to say that some have given a great deal more and have earned recognition from past, present and future exploits in the name of the Empire.

The camera spanned to show an Admiral in his white uniform. As fearless as he could be against the Imperial enemies, it was clear that interviews are not his favorite battle grounds.

What can you tell us about yourself Admiral? About your early service for the Empire.

I am currently the Admiral of the Fleet for the Eighth Imperial Fleet at the rank of Fleet Admiral. I joined the Galactic Empire eleven years ago and went straight into the Navy. There was no academy back in those days, you got thrown right into the pot and had to fend for yourself. I worked my way up within the Naval Command Fleet (which was renamed the Second Assault Fleet) for the next year. The biggest contributor to my advance at an early time would have to be the Imperial Navy Academy. Now if you recall I mentioned there was no academy when I joined. Grand Admiral Veynom tasked me with creating it. He promoted me to Flight Sergeant and made me the Director of the INA. From there I handled all new recruit testing and evaluation with a small test I called the Academy Recruit Indoctrination Test (ARIT). It was a simple test that was designed to weed out certain people and also to provide a basic understanding of some of the tasks a new pilot would be expected to perform. Compared to today's academy it was archaic to say the least. But it was a foundation that today's academy is built on.

During such a long career, you should have served with a large number of officers. Any special names come to mind?, asked Slane.

My mentors were very few at the start, Grand Admiral Veynom was one of my most inspiring commanders and taught me a great deal, also Lieutenant Chris Stajda and most notably Commander IWAssassin. All of these individuals were within the NCF and 2AF, but only a handful remain active. Some of the people I mentored that has stood out from the rest would be Moff Hack Skice and Vice Admiral Overmind. Although I consider anyone under my command present and past to be on that list. It is the job of all Imperials to mentor those coming up the ranks below them. I was a career minded individual that enjoyed the challenge of climbing the ladder, most of my career was spent in the Second Assault Fleet. By around day 300 of year 1 I was already a Lieutenant Commander and the Commanding Officer of the Second Assault Fleet. Which was when the Core incident took place. Depleting the ranks of the Navy by 30-40% I would estimate. This played significant role in my advance to be sure. With so many of the top brass leaving it was inevitable that those of us next in line would move up quickly and be rewarded for our loyalty to the Empire. This was one of several mass exodus that I survived. The second came around year 4 day 90 while I was the Commanding Officer of the Imperial Command Fleet, the Emperor's personal escort.

You made most of your career in the Imperial Navy, and have been the CO of many different units. Is that right?

Yes, replied the Admiral. I have commanded five fleets in my service to my Emperor: Naval Command Fleet (NCF), 2nd Assault Fleet (2AF), Imperial Command Fleet (ICF), 2nd Imperial Fleet (2IF), and the Eighth Imperial Fleet (8IF).

Any particular mission you would like to tell us about?

A notable mission that comes to mind from several years ago is the defense of Elrood. I was commanding the 2nd Imperial Fleet at the time. We were undermanned and stationed to defend a sector that was far too large for any one fleet to protect. Far from supply and reinforcements. We were alone when the Red Star Alliance launched a full scale sector-wide assault on us. Eventually we were overwhelmed and were ordered to fall back to the Core. But we exacted a heavy toll on the rebels. It took several months of manpower and billions of credits for them to carry on with their plans. By the end we liberated over one-thousand slave workers which they had to replace with mercenary builders like clawdites who could evade capture. Although it was strategically a loss to the Empire, I saw it as a major accomplishment given the odds against us. The pilots of the 2nd Imperial Fleet fought to the bitter end and worked around the clock. I was humbled by their hard work.

Admiral, you had a career most of the Imperial Officers would only dream to have. You have been and are an example for all of us. What are your plans for the future?

My goals are somewhat simple nowadays. I no longer command a fleet. I still do my best to assist the fleet I'm tasked to and offer advice and guidance when I see a chance. Although that is rare. There is an exceptional Command team in place there. You might want to watch out for them. I stay busy on patrols, recon and hauling missions. There is always something to keep me occupied. I look forward to commanding fleets in action again and bringing an end to corruption and chaos wherever we can engage it. I have no grand designs on advancement. Never have. I just did my job as best I could and ended up here. That's not to say I wouldn't be excited to make Grand Admiral or Lord Admiral one day. Serving in the Empire has made me feel confident, proud and strong. It has also made me organized and professional in how I go about my daily life. It has made me respectful in both Military and personal life. Something that is lacking in newer generations within the public sector. I would have to say that my greatest achievements come every time I see a former subordinate move up and take command of a fleet or department or even a branch. Seeing them take the next step always fills me with a great sense of accomplishment.

Thank you for your time Admiral and we can only hope to live up to your shadow one day. You bring continued preservation to the Empire and unfaltering service to our Lord Emperor Vodo Bonias.

The image faded, this time showing Ensign Slane standing in front of the Naval Headquarters, in Kuat.

From these impressive buildings, the destiny of the Imperial Navy is directed. Admiral Savk was part of NHC several times, and today, two of his former XOs are part of it. Both Vice Admirals Overmind and Skice, had the opportunity to share some time in NHC with him.

Vice Admiral Skice, now also Moff of the Corporate Sector, agreed to contribute to this interview. Admiral, your thoughts?

The holographic image of Vice Admiral Hack Skice appeared by the side of Slane.

Thank you for this opportunity, Ensign, said Skice. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Admiral Savk. He has been my mentor, and I am happy i can call him my friend. Without him i wouldn't even be here today.

I was lucky to have him as my Fleet Commanding Officer in the old Second Assault Fleet. The Navy, and the Empire as a whole, have in him an excellent example to follow.

Thank you, Admiral Skice. With heavy words imparted, I leave you the future leaders of the empire some inspirational words from the Fleet Admiral:

"Listen to those who have come before you. And most importantly never forget those below you. You cannot climb anything without someone to steady the ladder."