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Military Intelligence Agency

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Military Intelligence Agency
Leadership Director of MIA
Motto MIA is watching.....and listening.
Formation Unknown
Headquarters Classified
Locations Galaxy-wide
Status Defunct
Battles Classified
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Military Intelligence Agency, the precursor to Imperial Intelligence's Department of Military Intelligence, was an agency that dealt with matters of internal and external security regarding the Imperial Military. The MIA ran many reconnaissance campaigns to advance the military and political goals of Emperor Vodo Bonias. Founded as the Naval Intelligence Agency, Slicer served as its first Director. Vice Admiral Assam later replaced him, and then left the agency in the hands of Commodore Walter Boole. When the agency was expanded to cover matters regarding the Imperial Army, and thus renamed to the Military Intelligence Agency, Major Bacara Kex was brought on as a Director. The agency was disbanded after the reunification of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire due to the subsequent return of the Imperial Security Bureau and strengthening of Imperial Intelligence.


The emblem of the NIA

The Naval Intelligence Agency was created by Slicer with the approval of Emperor Vodo Bonias during the regency of Arturus Goth. Grand Vizier Machkhit and Regent Goth had frequently been at odds, leading to the dormancy of many COMPNOR departments, at the time including the Department of Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Secret Police. The NIA was intended to keep the Imperial Navy from being vulnerable to security leaks due to the weakening of these departments.

The NIA's recruitment policy was similar to COMPNOR's; they only wanted loyal and zealous Navy officers with an eye for illegal activity. NIA officers served undercover, so they were expected to secretly perform their NIA duties as well as their regular duties to the fleet. NIA agents could not directly address concerns of security or suspicions of leaks; they had to report any violations to their commanding officer, who was in turn expected to report those violations to the Director of NIA. This limited the NIA's efficiency in matters of internal security. The NIA ran numerous reconnaissance and counter-intelligence campaigns.

In Year 9, the Naval Intelligence Agency expanded to include matters of security regarding the Imperial Army. To reflect this, it was renamed to the Military Intelligence Agency, and Major Bacara Kex was appointed as MIA's Deputy Director. Shortly thereafter, Regent Goth placed matters of internal security and intelligence into the hands of COMPNOR, weakening the influence of the MIA. Following the reunification of the New Imperial Order and Galactic Empire, the MIA was disbanded. Matters of internal security were adopted by the Imperial Security Bureau and matters of external security by Imperial Intelligence.