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Adrian Althalus

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Adrian Althalus
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -7 Day 171
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 1st Fleet Command Officer
Prior Service New Imperial Order Navy:First Fleet, 1st Naval Group; Third Fleet; First Wing, 103rd Squadron (Squadron Commanding Officer)6th Fleet (All Command Positions)
Awards 7943_althalus.png


Early Years on Naboo

Life in the New Imperial Order

Immediately after his 18th life day, Adrian enlisted into the New Imperial Order Navy. After a eight week basic training course, he was assigned to the 1st Fleet. From there he steadily moved up the enlisted ranks, as well as earning awards. He later transferred to the 2nd Fleet, ferrying new members to their assignment and moving assets where they were needed. After his tour with the 2nd, he returned to the 1st Fleet

Several months after his return to the 1st Fleet, the Navy went through a massive structure change. Finding himself promoted to an officer, he was put in charge of commanding the 103rd Squadron designated "Gold Squadron". Adrian served in that capacity for several month until the NIO rejoined the Galactic Empire.

Joining the 6th Fleet

In the Year 10 of the galactic calendar, the New Imperial Order rejoined the Galactic Empire. During this time Adrian was assign to the 6th Fleet as the fleets Chief of Staff, under the command of Hack Skice. Stationed in the remote Corporate Oversector, Adrian was soon promoted to the Fleets Executive Officer, when Skice became Moff of the Corporate Oversector.

Commanding the 1st Fleet