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Frank Bach

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Frank Bach
Biographical Information
Race Human
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Retired
Prior Service *Moff,Kanz Sector
  • Grand Vizier, COMPNOR
  • Pro Consul
  • Director, Special Branch
  • Director, MJ-12

Frank Bach is a retired senior member of the Imperial Government. A long time operative of Majestic Twelve, he was appointed Director of the mysterious organization after the assasination of Admiral Arkady Ouromov‎. Amongst his achievements was the capture and termination of Tala Stalak, a rouge former member of MJ-12. Subsequently, in year 5 Bach was appointed head of Special Branch, which brought together all of the Empire's intelligence and security organizations under his stewardship.

A rival of Grand Moff Zerk, Bach was nevertheless deeply loyal to Emperor Vodo Bonias. After Special Branch was disbanded, he took over leadership of COMPNOR and was one of the two Pro-Consuls appointed, along with Zee Wolf. At the time of the merger with the New Imperial Order, Bach briefly returned as Moff of the Kanz Sector, but soon returned to retirement.