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Clara Pacta, Boni Amici (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Clara Pacta, Boni Amici"

Posted by: Seele on Year 13 Day 158

From the Imperial Palace in Coruscant 9,1 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

CORUSCANT (INB) - The Imperial capital of Coruscant is once again the host for scenes of pan-galactic diplomacy as the Galactic Empire and Tresario Star Kingdom announce the signing of a mutual defense pact titled The Treaty of Coruscant. The announcement comes mere weeks after King Vatz declared his intentions to separate the Tresarian realm from the Galactic Alliance's sphere of influence and pursue improved relations with the Galactic Empire and other members of the Imperial Union. From the relative speed of negotiations and ratification of the treaty, many political analysts see the signing of the document as a possible method of protecting TSK from ever increasing use of military force by the New Republic.


Positive comments abounded from the attendants. "We are ever pleased that King Vatz came to the table so openly and in such good faith," remarked Emperor Ndengin to reporters. "We found that in fact we were of a like mind when it came to matters of defense and our opinions on wishing to see an end to the galactic conflict, and a reign of law, order, and peace return to a galaxy that richly deserves it. We look forward to further cooperative efforts between our two states." The press-viewing portion of the formalities indicated a positive mood amongst the Imperial and Tresarian personnel, with some seen to be joking with fellow attendants and evidently pleased about the ease of negotiations. Lord Admiral Senki Blackrain in attendance commented that the "Tresario Star Kingdom knows better than most the truth about the Galactic Alliance's so-called commitment to peace and equality. I am certain that we can count on the Star Kingdom's word if and when this mutual defense treaty is invoked, just as King Vatz can be sure that he can count on us." Both the Emperor and King declined to comment on the precise details of the treaty during the press conference, but copies of the signed document have been released by COMPNOR's Coalition for Diplomacy.


Asked his opinion on the newly-founded relationship between the Empire and his kingdom, His Majesty Jude Vatz said, "This important event marks the beginning of not only a new era of friendship between Tresario and the Empire, but also a renewed hope of peace and stability in the galaxy. Tresarians greatly look forward to future cooperation amongst our two states." King Vatz expressed his sincere hope that he may again return to Imperial space soon for a goodwill tour, eager to "Exchange knowledge and practices as we work to develop and solidify an enduring relationship." For the duration of the meeting, His Majesty enjoyed the luxuries and wonders of the Imperial Palace as the Emperor's personal guest. From Coruscant, King Vatz will return to his own residence on Bal`demnic to organize with his top military commanders the implementation of the new mutual defense treaty.

The establishment of the Imperial-Tresarian mutual defense treaty marks the most notable loss of Galactic Alliance influence since the Empire acquired the Ailon Nova Guard government over a year ago. Continued interaction between King Vatz and the members of the Imperial Union point towards a closer relationship with the multi-government organization, and potentially future membership in that august body. For now, the future looks brighter for both Imperial and Tresarian subjects as they enjoy the fruits of peace and cooperation in a galaxy marked with strife.