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AGRILAT (INB) – The smoke is dissipating and the debris is being cleared from the scenes of recent demolition on the jungle planet of Agrilat in the Corellia Sector as Imperial Army forces conclude mop-up operations after last month’s half-hearted attempt to seize control of the planet by Eidolan-hired mercenaries. The lush planet, with its millions of various lifeforms, is a key resource for medical research and production by Primus Medical Corporation, the Empire’s nationalized medical care provider.

Over the past few months, hitherto unknown investments into medical research have provided millions of jobs and hope for billions of galactic denizens suffering from terrible maladies, as Primus Medical staff will use their expanded facilities to search for the cure to diseases such as various kinds of cancers, PODS, and Third Leg Syndrome. Assays conducted on the planet revealed an untapped wealth of valuable raw materials, and so Imperial mining corporations have also been preparing to open mining and refining facilities. It was likely these projects that attracted Eidolan attention in the first place and precipitated the launch of their attempt to seize a planet devoted to the common good for their own greedy self-interests.

The use of proxies by Eidola Pirates in their recent efforts on Agrilat marks a continuing trend in the years-long War on Piracy led by the Galactic Empire and Imperial Union. Formerly, direct agents of the rogue pirate force participated in build wars, but the contracting of third-party resources appears to be a sign that the Eidola Pirate ranks may be thinning, perhaps to a crippling point. Sources close to the Imperial Intelligence community share with this reporter the growing belief that Teniel Djo’s direct involvement in so many of Eidola’s public activities may indicate that Eidola composition actually consists of Ms. Djo and a cadre of sycophant admirers and hangers-on, more so than a true network of organized terrorists. Indeed, Eidola’s reliance on mercenary forces and continued attempts at bribery seem to show a growing desperation to remain relevant in an advancing galaxy which has largely passed piracy by. Perhaps an even more insightful glimpse of such desperation can be seen in Eidola’s recent public address. For a group which has in the past reserved such self-congratulating promotion for significant events like assassinations, seizure of system control, or theft of large quantities of war materiel, their recent release seems somewhat out of place considering the lasting impact of their operation was but a three-hour disruption of planetary governance.

Additionally, Imperial Army sources say that the offensive action at Agrilat was hurried, which points to a belief on the aggressor’s part that they would be unable to withstand Imperial response. Eidolan agents also attempted to bribe multiple Army personnel with up to 15 million credits if they ceased their policing operations. So far, reports have told that no one has accepted such an inducement.

An Army spokesperson attached to Major General Kex’s office also mentioned the elimination of a number of small pirate nests in the surrounding area. Several tons of illicit drugs, knockoff products, and tauntaun pornography were seized along with their owners, who are currently awaiting processing and trial in an undisclosed location. While detached elements of the 10th Imperial Fleet have returned to their duties in Coruscant Sector, the 6th Imperial Fleet, assigned to Corellia Sector, will continue to patrol the Agrilat system and its neighbors for any possible remaining pirate or mercenary presence and to prevent future incursion.

According to New Imperial documentation released during the recent Imperial reunification, the events on Agrilat mark the second time that Imperial forces under Executor Cherokee have defeated an Eidolan attempt to seize territory from Imperial control. The first was roughly four years ago, when the fledgling New Imperial Order fended off the pirates at the planet Dressel in the Bothan Sector. When asked for comment while departing an Imperial Naval conference at Kuat last month shortly after the restoration of the Imperial governor at Agrilat, Executor Cherokee stated, “…pirate groups rely on surprise and speed for any measure of success. When such measures fail, they resort to bribery. Faced with an organized and well-executed response, their efforts invariably fall short. The Galactic Empire is no longer a slumbering giant willing to shrug off even the most insignificant of pinpricks.” Pausing before entering the waiting shuttle, the Executor smiled as he continued, “If the Eidolan remnant believes they have any chance of reliving their successes of years past, they would be wise to stick to targeting governments less prepared and capable of responding.”