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Culpam Poena Premit Comes

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Galactic News Service - "Culpam Poena Premit Comes"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire on Year 13 Day 230 Onboard the Golan II Coruscant Golan II 6 in system Coruscant (-15, 88).

RALLTIIR (INB) - Ten weeks ago, Imperial scientists arrived at the newly discovered Ralltiir system to build peaceful trading outposts and colonies with the aim of carefully bringing civilisation to the previously uninhabited systemin measured doses. Spread out over five planets, the precisely placed outposts sprang up like mushrooms and many saw their dreams of starting their own business or beginning a new life fulfilled; but this ambition was soon to hit a fracture in the hyperspace.

Discovered by the Imperial Institute of Cartographic Studies, the system was decided to be used for limited settlement by groups of specially trained colonists as part of a scientific study into the effects of human settlement practices on varied ecosystems lead by a Doctor Arman Fetyo. When news of the new colonies spread, it wasn't long until corporationsand unscrupulous traders from across the galaxy took interest and sought to exploit the potential of these newly discovered lands and rapidly growing colonies.

Mercenaries and other seekers of fortune soon followed and began terrorizing the locals; using violence to try force them to sell their land or claiming territory as their ownand chasing away the settlers, and destroying the local habitats.Many of the original colonists were driven to despair, losing their houses and businesses to these marauderswhilst the overall scientific experiments were quickly corrupted by the resulting intrusions. Pleaded to for help, the regional governor of the Coruscant Oversector, High Moff Tanez Kalrade quickly dispatched a Task Force from the Imperial military to investigate and take any necessary actions to prevent further conflict.


Upon arrival, the 1st Fleet, a component of the task force, placedthe entire system under lockdown and all non-Imperial vessels were asked to leave the system. Troops of the Imperial Armyâ??s 1st Brigade were sent to the planetâ??s surfaces to protect the local populace from greedy land-grabbers and violent mercenaries. The infestation on the three smallest planets quickly fled or were subdued, but the situation on the two largestplanets, Ralltiir and Ockbur, had become more troublesome.

Many of the illegal settlements on these two planets were reclaimed by the Empire, but a handful refused to yield to Imperial law. As it was impossible to escape the system with an Imperial Fleet in the system, they elected to hide in the numerous swamps and mountains on Ralltiiras they attempted to evade the Imperial Army and continue their illegal activities. One of them, a Duros going by the name of Mouse Carrelbeeand leader of a small corporation known as the Galactic Stock Exchange, was captured by Imperial forces and processed as a criminal.

Imperial Intelligence has since confirmed that Mr Carralbee was held for several weeks during his trial which included arguments from his defence attorneys that challenged the authority of the Imperial courts within the system. This defence was rebuked by the prosecution and was affirmed by the court in its judgment as it was handed down, citing the planets need not have been individually declared to be under the military control of the Galactic Empire, as the entire region of space had already been declared to have been Imperial territory previously.

Guilty of breaching the peace, failure to follow Imperial directives, and aiding an enemy of the Empire, Mouse Carralbee was sentenced to death. With his execution being carried out promptly after sentencing, the majority of those present in the system illegally either surrendered to Imperial forces or found ways to abandon their efforts against the overwhelming forces. There remains however a small number of people still attempting to subvert Imperial law within the Ralltiir system by setting up colonies and consuming natural resources.


With peace settling upon the majority of the Ralltiir systemonce again, the colonists are attempting to return to their livesand resume the mission of scientific discovery into ecosystems. Moff Slicer, the newly appointed governor of the Coruscant Oversector, has assured the academic community that the Empire's presence within the system will be scaled back over time,withall efforts made to restore the natural beauty and balance of the planet's flora and fauna to assist in the highly valuable and potentially insightful study.