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A Denunciation From Your Emperor...

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GNS accessed by Warlord Vodo Bonias for the Dark Empire.

Year 3 Day 102

~A transmission is initiated over a universal communications port. Holo-transmission devices from across the galaxy are immediately activated. A scrambled image is broadcast over your holo-projectors. The image remains scrambled for only a few seconds before the corridor of an Imperial Class Star Destroyer is seen. Imperial agents dressed in black uniforms with blue insignias across their chest, march down the corridor. Behind them are individuals covered in cloaks, their hands the only visible part of their body.

Their hands are covered with tattoos resembling the affiliation of the Sith. Behind this group, is another cloaked figure. This one is taller than the others and he walks alone. The image of this figure is locked. The transmission follows the cloaked individual to a throne room, where he takes a seat. Behind his chair are windows with spectacular views of the galaxy. They orbit a small moon. The cloaked individual uncovers his face from the security of the cloak. However, the hood remains over the majority of his head. The image you see is a familiar one. The image is that of Lord Vodo Bonias. His face is older, his eyes red with a swollen blackness around them. The power of the dark side is great in him, and its toll on his physical body is immense. The Sith position themselves behind his chair, with Darth Knyte positioned at his right. Lord Vodo Bonias begins to speak~

Greetings, followers of the Dark Syde.

(The word " Side" is misspelled in order to provide a better description of his enunciation).

It is with great satisfaction that I address each and every one of you today.

It has been over one week since I have seized control of the Sith and dissolved the former government know as the Imperial Core. Yes, the political climate of the galaxy has changed tremendously since the announcement of the formation of the Dark Empire.

~Lord Vodo Bonias chokes a little, and is handed a glass of water~

The demands of the dark syde are great. I have found that this physical manifestation of my being is no longer capable of containing the great power I possess.

~Lord Vodo takes a sip from the glass of water and returns it to the agent ~

The political climate has changed. The Galactic Empire, if you even choose to call it an Empire, has come to its end. Their twilight is now upon us.

I have provided them with ample warning, and even allowed them the opportunity to merge with the Dark Empire when it was known as the Imperial Core. The feeble-minded ruler of this so-called Empire rejected this gracious offering, and chose to turn his back on the Sith.

Ohh, I am afraid that he will now pay penance for his sins against the Dark Side. Yesss. Even now agents of the Sith have infiltrated the highest levels of the Galactic Empire. Even now his trust for his high commanders is failing. Even now, he shudders to think that his days are numbered.

~Lord Vodo chuckles, evilly, and opens the Book of Anger and reads a passage~

Get out of her, my people! If you do not want to share with her in her sins. For she has drunk from the cup of the blood of the un-holy ones and has offended the gods of the dark side.

~Lord Vodo looks up from reading a passage from the Book of Anger, and stares. Seconds later he begins to speak, his glare still very piercing~

"Inflated alliances". "Inflated egos". "Simplistic comments of nobility". Ahhh. I understand. Tangible evidence of a political climate change is not enough for you. Fine. Have it your way, Charon. Isn't that how you like? Your way?

~Lord Vodo chuckles evilly again, looking over at Darth Knyte and then back to the camera~

You have not spoken to us ‘citizens’ of your Empire for quite some time. It is the policy of your high command to ignore all propaganda. Your lack of interest in the search for Lord Veynom is proof of this policy of ignorance. Yet you choose to address the galaxy because of me? A simple man that is of no threat to you...

~Lord Vodo grins, his eyes blood red as he slowly widens them, gritting his teeth~

You have betrayed your policy, and you have commented regarding the movement within the circles of the Dark Side. Members of your precious high command contact me daily with their plots to get you removed from the throne. Begging that I act now, and allow them to remain in their precious positions of leadership once you have been disposed of.

~Lord Vodo smiles arrogantly, and becomes disgusted as he speaks of this next matter~

Fat, filthy, un-intelligent HUTTS. The true definition of scum. These criminal gangsters are of no concern to me. Their threats to impound our ships and arrest our followers is laughable.

I am saddened by the fact that Charon has allowed slime into the Galactic Empire. Was it so long ago that the policy of the Empire and of the dark side was not to not allow alien filth into our structure, into our society, into our political parties? But here your faithful allies the HUTT Gangsters, a crime syndicate, the bullies you use to get those poor corporations and governments that just happen to be inside your space to pay their tithes to you with, are now your governments spokespersons.

Your allegiance with this filthy race, and your alliance with the Rebels is repulsive. Yes. I am more than aware of your little agreement with the Rebel Alliance. The great and mighty Empire, has sought the assistance of the Rebel Alliance, as a tool to defeating the true evil in the galaxy. What does that make your Empire? Oh yes, I know. It makes your band a group of soldiers looking to rebel against the iron fist rule of the Dark Empire. Charon. They might accept you on Mon Calamari if you ask real nicely.

~Lord Vodo laughs~

It is sweet justice, is it not? The waste that we exiled to the outer-rim regions of the galaxy are now public supporters of a weakened and crippled government.

Charon. My message to you is that your days are numbered. You alliances with the Rebels, your involvement with Cyrus, your involvement with the Hutts will not go un-punished. Your death will be an example for all the galaxy.

You will die.

~Lord Vodo looks back down at the book of anger and re-reads the passage from earlier~

Get out of her, my people! If you do not want to share with her in her sins. For she has drunk from the cup of the blood of the un-holy ones and has offended the gods of the dark side.

~Lord Vodo looks back up from the book~

Members of the Galactic Empire High Command, some of you have already approached me with requests for mercy. I will grant you those requests. However, you must now do something for your new master. I am presenting each of you with the same ultimatum. Clearly put, you allow me to rescue you from the batched rule of Charon..... or you share his judgment, and you die. Your opportunity for mercy is now. Your brothers in the Dark Empire will welcome you with open arms.

~Darth Knyte looks displeased with Lord Bonias comments. Vodo raises his hand, not glancing over at Darth Knyte, but having sensed his emotions~

Do not let this trouble you, my servant. You will get your opportunity to spill blood soon enough.

High Commanders of the Galactic Empire. Your immediate defection is required, and you will be granted the mercy that I have promised. You will even retain your status as leaders within the Empire. You decide not to leave the Galactic Empire, no mercy will be granted you. You will be executed immediately, and all that you have worked for, will be lost.

~Lord Vodo Bonias glares at the camera transmitting his message~

The dawn is upon us for a new order. A Sith order. At last, we will reveal ourselves to our enemies.

~The camera zooms in on his face~

Charon. If you do not resist and smooth our way as we assume control, I promise you, you will be granted a quick and painless death. You draw the inevitable out, and I will make you suffer a thousand deaths.

~Transmission Terminated~