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A Union of Compassion (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "A Union of Compassion"

Posted by: Vladamiur Veselov on Year 20 Day 125

KRMAR (MILITARY) - Imperial Information Service field reporters joined Imperial Army troopers on the the front lines to deliver live coverage of the Imperial Union's fight on the surface of Krmar II, a planet controlled by the Faerytail Family. The hostilities were initiated by the terrorist organisation known as the "Duchy of Tolonda". The "Duchy" is a successor state of the failed "Infinite Empire", formed on the back of looted assets and holdings from Cloud City - the predecessor of the Imperial Mining Corporation. Citizens of the Faerytail Family have called Krmar II home, and now it is a warzone. The Imperial Union has compassionately made the evacuation of Faerytail Family citizens the primary purpose of the operation, with territorial objectives being placed on secondary priority.

A combined task force of Faerytail, Imperial, and Tresarian ground troops were deployed to the front lines with the intention of crossing into enemy territory to rescue civilian families trapped deep behind enemy lines. Though the operation has been arduous and trying, morale remains unfaltering as Union troops seized this opportunity to forge relationships of cooperation and mutual understanding.


We were allowed to witness the conclusion of one such joint operation resulting in hundreds of citizens being escorted back into Faerytail territory. Captain Bobberson of the Imperial Army had this to say: "We are working well together against massive odds. These families you've just seen crossing were rescued from a rural settlement that had been overrun by the enemy days ago. They wouldn't be alive if it had not been for our allies' expedient efforts." While Guardian of the Fey Smith of Faerytail said, "Thankfully, these people are safe. However, our work is not yet complete. Many more remain to be rescued. Nevertheless, our allies' speedy response and our combined efforts have made a marked improvement in the operation."

As Galactic News broadcasts have stated in recent weeks, three of the terrorist movement's leadership figures have been apprehended by Union forces. Furthermore, thousands of insurgents have lost their lives to the superior might of the Imperial Union. These successes have given friendly forces more time to save as many citizens as possible. It will be a long and uphill battle, yet it is a fight worth fighting.