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Aegri Somnia Vana (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Aegri Somnia Vana"

Posted by: Inwe Ventidius on Year 12 Day 338

Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Princeling in system Kalist (-30, -20).

The Imperial Ministry of Industry (MInd), in a joint communique with Imperial Intelligence (II), announced today the cessation of the trade agreement between the Galactic Empire and Kuat Drive Yards (KDY). Historically, KDY has been one of the primary producers of Imperial ships, and at one time entrusted to build Super Star Destroyers for the Imperial Navy. The leader of KDY, Myn Kuat, was a long standing member of the Sith Order and formerly seated on the Imperial High Command.


The once impressive production of KDY shipyards slowly ground to a halting crawl, and each month more shipyards fell into unproductive stagnancy. Kuat continually reported the problems as stemming from a labor shortage, consistently refusing to take personal responsibility for either the lack of production or inability to hire employees. The Minister of Industry, Eric Zahm, reported that despite Kuat's claims to the contrary, the cause of KDY's trouble was Kuat's mismanagement and absent leadership. It also became apparent that KDY was beginning to distance itself from the Empire when, in an expensive and time-consuming maneuver, Kuat Drive Yards shifted their operations from Imperial space to the distant rims. Zahm's reports to the Throne recently included speculation on withdrawing contractual relations with KDY and replacing their services with a more efficient producer.

Compounding the issue, reports surfaced that the head of KDY was not merely incompetent but corrupt. Kuat had always maintained questionable associations with parties aligned against Imperial rule; however, he avoided over-committing himself and breaking Imperial law, until recently. According to II reports, KDY contracted the New Republic and offered to produce large quantities of ships for the terrorist group, a serious crime without any clear motive at the time. To learn the full extent of the situation, and investigation was ordered into the activities of Kuat and KDY. Imperial Intelligence reported additional compromising relationships with other Galactic Alliance factions, as well as the pirate group Eidola. It is expected that KDY's membership in the Imperial Union's economic council (IUEC) will come under review.

Displeased with the lack of loyalty and the blatant violation of Imperial principles that Kuat was expected to uphold as a member of the Sith, in addition to the poor output plaguing KDY, the Emperor announced to his Inner Circle that Kuat Drive Yards would soon be removed from their favored status with the Galactic Empire and all contracts terminated. A report from the Inquisitorious explained the seemingly uncharacteristic motive behind the change; an undisclosed source revealed that Kuat had shifted his loyalty to the Jedi Order.


When asked about the defection of Kuat, Sith Lord Mikel von Bianchi indicated that he had expected this for some time. "Kuat has been a member of the Sith for years, but his potential was never obtained. This is why he held no position of importance among the Sith... we know his tendency for weakness." Lord Bianchi went on to say that while Kuat was not strong enough to hold to the code of the Sith and is fallen, he was astounded to hear how far the Jedi Order had fallen to accept disgraced Sith Lords into their midst.

Lord Polarisruner, the MInd Director of Production and leader of the Empire's primary ship producer, Corellian Engineering Corporation, indicated that ship production is barely effected by the termination of the KDY relationship. Polarisruner went on to say that KDY competency had waned to the point where they were not trusted with any high value assets to produce. The ineptitude of Kuat and KDY will no longer be tolerated by the Empire or permitted to frustrate the otherwise exceptional production of Imperial industry. Optimistic MInd officials see an opportunity to increase production because the materials can be rerouted and funneled into building projects quickly instead of collecting dust in mines and warehouses. Reports suggest there are already factions from the IUEC interested in filling the ship production void, and MInd leaders will be meeting with representatives of those factions to see if any new production contracts can be signed.