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Alia Tendanda Via Est (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Alia Tendanda Via Est"

Posted by: Guinar Ndengin on Year 13 Day 300

From the Imperial Palace in Coruscant 9,1 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

Coruscant, Imperial Palace (INB) - In an unprecedented announcement from deep within the Imperial Palace, a spokesman for the Imperial Union announced today that the entity would cease to be a political alliance in its current form. The former IU members will each develop less comprehensive alliances with the Galactic Empire in its stead. Membership in the Union will be dissolved, which will leave the Galactic Empire as the sole member of the Imperial Union during a brief restructuring interim.

The decision to dissolve occurred after the Galactic Empire attempted to reform the Union's Charter to address perceived weaknesses in the standing document. As the former members of the Imperial Union were unable to reach consensus on the proposed revisions, it was instead decided that the Imperial Union would be reduced to the Galactic Empire as the exclusive member, with special treaty options being extended to select governments. After the many successes of the Imperial Union, both on military and economic fronts, the impending transition stands as the sentinel to the end of a past era and the beginning of a new future.

While Imperial representatives announced that the Empire will be the sole member of the Imperial Union following the dissolution, a government source confirmed that the Galactic Empire is currently in negotiations with a number of sovereign states to sign alliances and enter the Imperial Union. When asked if the former members of the Imperial Union would cease cooperative efforts with the Empire and between themselves, Vizier for Diplomacy and current Chairman of the Imperial Union Jarek Sankin stated that these members will form new, more targeted agreements designated toward economic success.

Within the past few months, disagreements between Union members emerged surrounding evolving expectations related to key galactic developments. These disagreements are at the root of the restructure of one of the galaxy's oldest multi-party coalitions. While there was an aversion to disbanding the Imperial Union completely, some of the members were not able to commit to the military levels of participation necessary to maintain a potent alliance. As a solution, the Galactic Empire will rebuild the Imperial Union with prominent governments dedicated to the mutual defense of member nations and committed to stronger ideology.


The focus of the former IU nations will be on facilitating and regulating trade across the borders of member states with the aim of building economic prosperity and the free-flow of goods and information. The initial worry that trade would come to a grinding halt with dire financial consequences for the former Union was alleviated by the announcement of the establishment of long-term individual trade agreements between the Empire and the former IU nations. Economic commentators were relieved at the revelation that by adopting separate, more specific trade agreements, greater flexibility and increased commercial opportunities will become available to its members. Furthermore, being freed from trade restrictions imposed by the former IU charter, greater prosperity for citizens of the former IU nations is predicted through new economic incentives. Viceroy Jacob Jansen stated that the future for the citizens of the former IU nations would be a bright one indeed, "Though I feel no remorse, it saddens me to see such a strong alliance fade away. All the hard work each member devoted to the Union will not be wasted. We all have done our part and accomplished many great things. The respect, cooperation and trade established between each one of us will go on, though our political paths diverge."


Vizier Sankin revealed that the Empire is close to concluding negotiations with several governments regarding the signing of a new Imperial Union Charter that will provide a clearer and more consistent framework of mutual defense, communication, and the exchange of technology within a reinvigorated Union. Analysts predict this new resolution will create a more politically motivated alliance with strong cooperation among participants who share a similar view towards galactic developments. Many are heralding this willingness to embrace change as evidence the Imperial Union is more active and influential than ever, and willing to defend its shared philosophies by any means necessary from the more dangerous elements of the galaxy. Vizier Sankin remarked in closing: "With the former IU nations celebrating new-found wealth and trade opportunities, the Imperial Union looks to a prosperous future with formidable allies and ever-increasing political potential."