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An Imperial Announcement (GNS)

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GNS accessed by Naal Soven.

Year 3 Day 91

~Your regular viewing ends at it’s usual time and the credits fade away to reveal the symbol of the Galactic Empire accompanied by the aurabesh title ‘Live from Coruscant’. The holocamera focuses upon a series of majestic opaque columns that support a grand arch and a red banner that sways with a gentle motion. Beneath them and around a small podium, a crowd of uniformed imperials is gathered. A grey haired human turns from shaking the hands of his assembled comrades and begins to address the cameras.~

“Citizens of the Empire, men and women of his Excellencies Imperials Forces, Greetings.

A few recent events have been brought to light that demand addressing, which is the reason I come before you today. For those of you whom are unaccustomed to such announcements and are unaware, I am Naal Soven, civilian attache’ and director of the government’s intelligence community.

Long gone are the days of peace and prosperity, the efforts of rebels and traitors have cast a dire shadow over the galaxy… one which seemingly cannot be broken. Women and men flock to the just cause in droves, seeking the order our wise Emperor and his appointed officers provide. Despite this, the profiteers and criminals loom largely over the innocent, plaguing the weak and stuffing their pockets. Look at your credits, my friends, who’s mark do you hold and value?”

~Director Naal Soven smiles slightly and continues.~

“These profiteers are turning on their own, for need of money and prestige. Sovereign peoples, long promised independence, are being denied such by their so-called benefactors. The Alliance has turned upon it’s own leadership, seeking and squabbling over a pittance of monies, the Anzat people have fought a cruel war with their own kind. It’s obvious that they cannot lead you to ‘freedom’… such was the folly of the Old Republic. Out of it’s ashes rose the government, a model of which has never been bettered.

His Excellency, Emperor Charon, ruler of the known universe and beyond, leads us all towards an enlightened future which we can be proud of. All it takes is the effort and the dream will be fulfilled. Your support and adherance to the Galaxies Legal Code is highly encouraged... criminals, we never forget.”

~The camera fades away from the scene and back to your regular viewing.~