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Angeil Darkblood

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Angeil Darkblood
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld maingifth3.png Tatooine
Mother Nicole Darkblood
Father Michael Darkblood
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born -9Y
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Imperial Fighter Pilot
Prior Service N/A
Awards In Order of Precedence:




Why walk? When you can fly!

Son of Nicole and Michael Darkblood. Angeil was born on Tatooine. His family wasnt poor, nor rich. They lived of trading, getting and sending goods in the planet or system or to other systems. This made Angeil not being able to see or be with both of their parents for long periods of time, however he started to develop a small taste for flying. At first began with watching his Mother or Father leaving the planet on the Landing Pads. When he was 7, he made his first Planet to Planet travel with his father. At the age of 10, they teached him the basics to fly, the different ships, engines, and such. He was amazed by this vehicles that allowed not only the trading of goods, but also the possibility of learning about new planets, places, cultures and such. So he dedicated himself to fully understand ships of all sizes and types. Paying close attention to their parents as they travel from syster to system. Helping with the Repairs and such. Until it was time for him to start doing the same.

The Teenage Pilot

What does this button do...? Oh..!

When he was 16, he signed contract with a gun merchant. Delivering goods to different places, meeting new people and such. Most of the dropzones were all underground. Assassins, Mercenaries and such. Despite the stink-holes he used to get himself into, he knew he was safe. He always felt superior to them for the fact of his flying skills. He knew if things got heavy, he had the right arsenal to blow everything up and leave, and no one to miss them. However this extended, and he began doing deeper transaction with heavier customers, including black markets of all kind from all places. He began making allies and enemies quite fast, probably too fast for his likings.

Soon he started to have issues with the Auhorities, that became heavier as the gun smuggling increased in the sectors he did the drops. His parents not knowing what he was doing became worried and curious. After a few years they learned the doings of their son, and soon the punishment came down against him. They sabotaged his ship, making it impossible to fly and deliver the goods. After months of not understanding what it was wrong with the ship, he lost his job, and returned home feeling like a failure. A few months passed after the events, and their parents told him the truth, as he feelt depressed and useless, thinking it was all his fault when it wasnt. He didnt take the new quite well, screaming and cursing his parents for doing that to him. At the next day he was gone from his house.

The Rebel

No matter how much you run, I can fly, and I will find you, to blow you up.

At the age of 20, Angeil has changed his looks. Tainted his hair white, did a Tattoo on his chest, became a darker individual, while roaming the streets of Tatooine in search for a living. His search lead back to the old weapon merchant. However with his change of looks and cloths he seemed completely different, he called himself "White Wolf", no name or last name besides that. He got the job and once again to his old routine for at least one more year. However this time, he used his job to obtain contacts for better jobs and such, as time passed he not only did good transport, also transported troops, did scouting and some dogfights were also involved. His skills with Fighter and Freighters were almost unmatched, added to the fact of having such coldness running in his veins, he didnt seem to care about anything but to get paid.

The fights, smuggling and such gained him a lot of money, and respect. No one knew who he was, where he came from, where did he learned said skills. Soon he was leading troops into battle between gangs. Leading fighters in air and space combat in the different planets. Always addressed at the white wolf. It was the top of the world for him, until one day everything changed. His world fell apart after a job he was appointed to do.

The job was back on his Homeworld, Tatooine. He didnt seem to care much since no one there would recognize his new looks. The briefing was simple, torture and execute the responsable for the losses of weapons a few years ago. At first he thought this was going to be another quick yet dirty work. At night he arrived the Planet and landed quite easily, since it was a gang controlled landing pad. He didnt need to go far to meet the prisioners of said gang to execute the commands provided by his superior. When he reached the cell where the pair were, his eyes opened wide and his heart stopped to beat for what it has seem an eternity. Those prisioners were no more nor less than his parents. The guard told him that they were responsable for sabotage and creating heavy losses not only in money but in men since there was a gang war going around.

At this point, he didnt know what to do or say. His parents were tied up, and had been injured. His father looked up at him, and recognized him despite all the changes he has done to himself. He wouldnt say anything to put his own son at risk, he preffered to remain silent and die for his life. This hit him ever harder, paralyzed on the stop, not knowing what to do and to think. All the hate he grew against them for messing up his old job was actually to try and protect him and it wasnt until know that he realized that. With rapid and sudden movements, he took out both of the guards, since they werent expecting him to do such, and freed his parents. An exchange of silent hugs that seemed eternal was interrupted by the sound of the other guards showing up. Grabing a blaster and providing covering support for his parents, he guided them towards the landing pad. The alarms came to life as they tried to escape. After hours of running between halls and rooms, trying to avoid the guards, they reached the landing pad, however it was guarded by more than two dozen mercenaries.

"Get to the Ship" his father said, "We will cover your escape." The man spoke without any fear, just determination to get his boy out of that place alive. "But.. Dad! No, we can do this together, we can take them!" Angeil replied, tear on his face, knowing what will happen after that moment. "Son, listen to me. I wont allow anyone to harm you, never did and never will. We cant all make it to the ship, but you can." he replied with a small smile. "This is not your fault. We can been blocking this guys for years, and now they have us. Thankfully, this gave us the chance to be with you one last time, and bring them down together." The father added, like reading the young one´s mind completely. Angeil didnt know what to do or say, only hug him and his mother tightly. "I... I will get you out of here, both of you.!" he said before running from cover to cover towards the ship. His parent providing covering fire, for the looks of it, they were quite skilled with the guns, as few of their shots missed their targets. It was the perfect distraction for him. Soon he was close to the ramp of the ship, taking a few deep breaths he made a last run for it. Some of the thugs heard the steps and turned to shoot at him, he recieved a shot on his right shoulder but that didnt stop him for reaching his destination. As soon as he made it up to the ramp, he shut off the entrance and head to the cockpit, only to see what he feared. From he door where they came, more Mercenaries showed up, surrounding his parents before opening fire against them. He stared in horror how they were killed, loosing it completely, his mind and emotions, he activated the weapon systems of the ships and open fire against every single Mercenary on the landing pad, the lasers tearing them apart like toys, destroying the stucture and probably the ones inside of them. A scream of anger, pain, madness and agony all combined filled the ship not stopping the attack until his screaming stopped.

Silence filled the ship and the air as he stopped. Crying in pain as he looked to the bodies of his dead parents. He quickly exits the ship once again only to hug the dead bodies tightly against him, asking for forgiveness, wishing to come back even if he knew they wouldnt. After a while he placed both bodies on the ship and take them away from the place to give them a proper burial. That day his live changed, forever. He swore to bring down every thug, mercenary and every scum from the face of this universe. But he couldnt allow that said emotions interfere for he had to continue with his life. That was when he chose to go back to his old looks, leaving the white wolf behind and becoming Angeil Darkblood once again. A few years after he decided to join the Empire as a pilot for the Imperial Navy.

A brand new world...

Angeil Darkblood setting up a flight simulation.

At the age of 24 Angeil decided to do something about his life. He had much potential to be a some standar merchant pilot. He also wanted to make his parents proud of the boy they not only raised but gave their lifes for. He went to a Recruiting Center and filled the forms to join as a Recruit. A few days later he recieved a message in his Datapad with the approval, giving him a time, date and landing pad which he would have to report. As the day for his pickup approached he had hard time sleeping, eating and such, he was nervous, he wanted make a good impresssion on the Imperials. He arrived about an hour before the given time, he waited for the ship to come. He thought he was going to be the only one that has joined up, but a few minutes later, other men and women arrived to the landing pad. He sat there, silent, barely nodding politely to the other. Suddenly he head the noises of an engine, a ship that was arriving the landing pad. He looked up to see the majestic white ship that would transport him to the Academy and give him a new life. The Symbol of the Empire on the wings. As the ramp lowered, an Officer escorted by some troops walked down, calling down the names quickly. Once everyone was there, they were given the order to board the ship. A few days passed until they reached their destination, setting foot on the academy and following his first instructions.

After days of rushing from one class to another, learning about the History of the Empire, the different branches, protocols, laws and such. The young recruit had busy days and nights of intense study and homework. Each lesson providing him of rich knowledge of his new life, each exam a step away from his old life and to his new life. A final exam would be his last obstacle, the door that will open to give him a new life and shut behind him to leave out his past. After hours of writing, thinking, erasing and rewriting, he turned the Exam to the officer and went to his room to rest. The day after that his Training Officer messaged him to meet on his office. He kept silent as his TO spoke to him, before providing him of his new badge and removing the old one. That moment he felt like coming to life once more, a new futre infront of him. From now on the future is his to forge in the Galactic Empire.


Angeil is polite, playfull, quiet and sometimes shy. Normally he is seen around doing his business without bothering anyone, unless he thinks he has gained the trust of those around him. If he does, he would be more relax, making jokes, and showing his playfull side. When it comes to missions or combat, he is always focused on his assigment, and wont stop, not even for a brake until he has done it. He shows dedication to his work and assigments, allowing him to do them quick and clean. Always on time to everywhere, or arriving a few minutes before show the true dedication this man can provide to the Empire.


"Its all about Tactics, remember that!"
— Angeil telling a young pilot when he was "White Wolf".

He doesnt often engage ground combat. He preffers being on his ship. In this case, you will notice his flying skills as he easily manages to dodge and evade firing while providing firepower all together. He can be a bait, or lead an assault without any problem. Dogfight, bombardment, escort, you name it, he is capable of doing and succeed in doing so. His perception of the battle field and position of the enemies gives him a great edge when it comes to fighting in space or air.

On the ground, he will first seek to rush to a ship, and deal damage from the air, if not possible, Angeil is able to fight back, unarmed, with pistols or rifles, knives or swords or anything he can grab to throw it at the enemy. However his fighting is sloppy and lacks techniques since its mostly street fighting, learned on his time dealing with the Mercenaries and Thugs, but dont take him lightly, this doesnt make him any less lethal.

Service Records

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 15 Day 84 - Year 15 Day 86 Feb 21st, 2014 - Feb 24th
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 15 Day 86 - PRESENT Feb 24th, 2014 - PRESENT


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg [IABG] Imperial Academy Graduate Year 15 Day 86 (30-05-2012) Vidar Sicarius