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Apex Apicem Invocat (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Apex Apicem Invocat" Posted by: Krakonico Petermind on Year 18 Day 111

CORUSCANT (IIS) quot; The Imperial Palace was vibrant with celebration today as crowds and official dignitaries amassed for the coronation of Emperor Seele as the leader of the Galactic Empire. Jubilant citizens hoping to catch a glimpse of the ceremony and pageantry flocked to the Grand Imperial Plaza adjoining the Palace. Traffic on Coruscant had been building since last week when the galaxy had been surprised with an official communique from the Throne announcing Emperor Guinar Ndengin's intention to retire as the Imperial head of state. The communique, released to all worlds and all channels in the Empire also declared that Lord Seele, Duke of Scipio and long-time Executor, would become the 12th Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

The coronation began at 13:00hrs Galactic Central time in the Grand Throne Room of the Palace before an assemblage of Imperial personnel, foreign dignitaries and the powerful elite of the galaxy. Broadcast through large holoprojectors to the thousands of people watching outside of the Palace grounds, the ascension of Emperor Seele marks another peaceful transition to the most powerful position in the galaxy. Present at the ceremony were most members of Imperial High Command who were able to leave their posts abroad and several Imperial Union dignitaries, including King Jude Vatz and Prince Jeor. Lord Daelis Stanov, Captain of the Imperial Royal Guard, reported no incidents within the palace grounds; neither did casualties among the celebratory masses exceed nominal levels.


At the conclusion of the coronation ceremony Lord Ndengin proceeded to a low balcony overlooking Imperial Plaza where he was met with applause. Lord Ndengin first addressed the crowdson his successor. "Imperials. Citizens. Denizens of the galaxy. For the past five years I have been supported and spurred on by the trust you have placed in my reign over these past five years. I ask that you entrust and embolden my successor’s vision for the Empire with that same faith, loyalty, and dedication.Ladies, gentlemen, and other species, I present the guardian of the New Order, the patrician of our Empire, and my close friend: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Seele". Excitement was evident the moment Emperor Seele appeared as the crowd erupted into cheers and enthusiastic applause as The Imperial Throne greeted each other warmly.

Lord Ndengin's reign is considered by many to have been one of the most prosperous in the eventful history of the Galactic Empire. He served as Executor to Emperor Cherokee and was lauded for his ruthless and effective offices during the neoteric transition to the standing regime after the despised Vodo Bonias was forced to abdicate the Throne in Year 11. Ascending to Emperor in Year 12, Lord Ndengin shouldered the momentous task of rebuilding not only the Empire, but the Imperial Union which he achieved through consolidating powerful alliances with the Tresario Star Kingdom and Black Sun. Ever an advocate for peace, he oversaw an end to the longstanding conflict between the Empire and Falleen Federation, resulting in the treaty of Zamael.


His success was not only limited to diplomatic and internal matters. Colloquially known as 'The Undying', Lord Ndengin rose to prominence as a member of the New Imperial Order where he was mentored by Lords Cherokee and Seele, seeing his career expand to posts such as Fleet Commanding Officer, Army Commanding Officer, and eventually Emperor. During his reign, Emperor Ndengin oversaw some of the largest military victories in recent galactic history, including the capture and execution of the New Republic Chief of State, Cheda Quche. Notable too was the decisive victory against The Mercenary Guild in the Churnis sector, restoring peace and order to a troubled populace with the destruction of The Guild’s organisation. In more recent memory, Imperial forces were able to turn what was planned to be the New Republic's greatest triumph into a bitter defeat during the Trellen Conflict in Year 16; the combined assault of the New Republic and Holowan was countered by Imperial Intelligence's Operation Romance under the leadership and careful planning of Lord Seele.

As the deafening roar of approval from the crowd subsided,  the newly crowned Emperor spoke briefly to the crowd. Speaking of his ascension and the task that lay before him, Emperor Seele could be heard to establish the source of his pride on such an auspicious day for him. "The Empire's greatness comes from its people; its loyal officers, capable commanders and diligent citizens. It is a whole which is far superior than its constituent components and like any machine or organisation, is reliant on the faithful, capable, and coordinated effort of all of its components. It is being crowned the Emperor of one of the finest collections of hard-working and capable individuals the galaxy has ever seen, which is the source of my supreme pride today."

Emperor Seele has long been a prominent and powerful political force in the Empire with arguably the richest career of any Imperial in the distinguished annals of the Empire's history. Serving on the Imperial High Command of four previous Emperors, Lord Seele has made lasting and abiding reforms in all branches of the Empire over his career. Coming far from his early enlistment with the Imperial Army in Year 2, the new Emperor quickly rose to positions of trust and influence within the Empire with his sponsorship for membership in COMPNOR being directed by the then Emperor Charon, followed by the remarkable achievement of becoming the Director of Imperial Intelligence under Charon within 14 months of his enlistment. On the streets, revellers already started speculating on the military, commercial and civilian opportunities the reign of Emperor Seele I would bring.


With the rise of Emperor Seele, political commentators are confident that the Empire will undoubtedly look forward into a new era which will be built on the foundation raised up by the dynasty of Emperors Cherokee and Ndengin. It is rumoured that Emperor Seele has been working closely with his advisors and branch leadership to plan a pathway forward for the new regime, aiming to advance upon the work of his predecessors. In a move that can be interpreted as a recognition of this legacy of political stability and economic prosperity, Emperor Seele appointed Lord Ndengin as his Executor, a signal interpreted by analysts of the enduring friendship between the two.   The investiture of a dynamic, discerning leader in Emperor Seele to push forward with an already thriving Imperial culture and economy elicits optimism for the Empire's ongoing growth and spread of the New Order across the galaxy. An optimism which was palpable and unquestionable as the two members of The Throne withdrew from the balcony into the depths of the Imperial Palaceas the Imperial Plaza continued to resound for a long time after with the chants "Long live the Empire!"