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Balthazar Tiberius

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Balthazar Tiberius
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Mother Alexia Tiberius
Father Titus Tiberius
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year 14 Day 236, 16:28
Imperial Service
Branch academy.png

Imperial Academy

Positions Student
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A

Early Life


Balthazar Tiberius age twenty

Balthazar Tiberius was born to Titus Tiberious and his mother Alexia Tiberius, both were killed in a vicious pirate attack on their home planet a couple years after Balthazar was born. After the attack Balthazar was taken in his by his grandfather Zayden Tiberius who was a retired Mercenary. Growing up Tiberius was not raised to admire sex and several other things his race was known for. He was taught to fight, to survive, to hunt and to be one of the greatest Mercenary's alive.

Around his 19th year of life Balthazar left Zeltros and pursued a job in Mercenary work. He quickly made a name for himself when he assassinated a Hutt named Grogthba on the planet known as Hutta. After his successful kill he was employed to do work for several different clients who had made over whelming enemies over the years. With Balthazars skills and his massive size he was one of the most lethal Mercenaries in the Galaxy.

But even though the credits were good Balthazar did not believe his life was to be a Mercenary for hire forever. He felt that he had a greater destiny and went to obtain it. Upon applying to the Galactic Empire on Year 14 Day 236, 16:47 he was quickly accepted among their ranks on Year 14 Day 236, 19:47 and made his trip to the Imperial Academy, Balthazar is currently under study in the Academy under his Academy Professor Aspharr Montari.

{Note: This will be edited fully soon. This is only a starter Intro into his backround history. MORE TO BE ADDED}