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Baxter Snow

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Baxter Snow
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Gender Male
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Lyra (Thandor) Snow†
Father Jonathan Snow
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None Known
Born Year -27 Day 42
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Senior Engineer
Prior Service N/A
Awards 9136_snow.png

"Whoa! That's not supposed to do - *static*"
— Dr. Baxter Snow

Baxter Snow is a former medical doctor and current Senior Engineer in the Ministry of Industry.

Personal History

Born on Thyferra, Baxter is the only child of Jonathan Snow, a mid-level manager in a small Alhazi cultivation firm, and Lyra Snow, née Thandor, a dental hygienist. He was raised in a stable middle-class household until the age of 7, when the slow failure of the Old Republic accelerated and law and order began to crumble on Thyferra. In the ensuing chaos, Lyra was killed during a random botched robbery attempt, leaving Jonathan to raise Baxter alone.

Baxter handled the loss of his mother with a level of calm that shocked his father. Devoting himself to his studies, Baxter graduated from secondary schooling at the age of 15 and immediately enrolled in the Thyferran Medical Institute, with the intent of becoming a neurosurgeon. He graduated summa cum laude at the age of 21, having completed in six years the amount of schooling that normally takes eight or more years to complete.

After graduation, his family and faculty assumed that Baxter would immediately begin his residency at a premier hospital on Thyferra. However, three nights after his graduation ceremony, Baxter used his remaining funds to purchase passage on a tramp freighter to the Outer Rim. The next twenty years of Baxter's life are a mystery; there is no known record of any sentient by that name on any planet in the galaxy. Baxter has no known aliases. What is known is that, in the middle of Year 16, Baxter returned from the Outer Rim in a older-model light freighter with a broader array of skills and a small amount of Beskar steel, which he promptly traded for a tiny fortune in credits.

Baxter took the first available job opportunity in the medical field with no regard for the company name or company politics. Drawing upon his experiences as a child wandering through his father's shop, Baxter worked briefly as an Alhazi cultivator for Republic Medical. However, after approximately three months of work, a malfunction on-board his company-assigned freighter left Baxter in a coma. The medical droid onboard was able to stabilize him, but for reasons unknown to anyone, no help was ever dispatched from Republic Medical.

Baxter emerged from his coma on or about Y20 D340. He suffered from moderate amnesia, recalling essentially nothing after his college graduation and only snippets of his time at Republic Medical. Once he realized the amount of time that had elapsed, he disavowed the corporation and set out for the Core, looking for an opportunity to focus on honing some of his non-medical skills.

Professional History

Baxter Snow entered the Imperial Academy on Y20 D361, and graduated with Honours on Y21 D2, achieving a score of 99%.

Baxter expressed a desire to work for Corellian Engineering Corporation after graduation, but RAD-E assigned him to work for Imperial Mining Corporation. Reporting for assignment in the Southern Core region, Baxter showed his management prowess as he quickly cleaned up raw material stockpiles and storage facilities that were long-neglected. This initial assignment was followed by assignment to the Eastern Rim region, where Baxter worked alongside Operations Manager Marius Moto to clean up the stockpiles and facilities in that far-flung region of the galaxy.

After a successful period of service in the Eastern Rim, Baxter was assigned as the Hub Manager for the Northern Core region, working primarily in the Azure and Bormea sectors.