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Bersh Mored

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Bersh Mored is mostly a quiet, reserved person. However, once you befriend him, you will have a loyal friend for life. In his offtime, you will either find Bersh in the Mess Hall, where he will be enjoying a simple meal; or he will be found in the docking bays, working on any number of vehicles for the Imperial Navy. Bersh also has a knack and a desire for tinkering with machines, be it a droid or a star fighter. Most of the time, his tinkering improves the functionality of the object he is working on. Other times, the results are often disasterous..usually providing either comedic fodder for his peers, or landing Bersh in trouble.

Bersh Mored
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Sansu Mored (deceased)
Father Borger Mored (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -9, Day **
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot
Prior Service None
Awards [IABG]


Bersh barely knew his parents before they were taken away by a fatal sickness. His upbringing was left to the Imperial Orphanage on Coruscant. It was not one of those horrible orphanges one would hear about; it was clean, kept up to codes and gave the children three square meals a day and plenty of exercise. Bersh was withdrawn most of his youth, due to the violent change in his life of no longer having parents, which affected his chances of being adopted. Once Bersh entered his teen years, he became more sociable towards others.

It was during these teen years, that Bersh expressed an interest in the mechanical aspect of life. He was caught several times around the orphanage taking apart whatever he could get his hands on; ranging from maintenance droids, to appliances in the kitchen, to the hover-scooters the other children played with. His fascination was with how they worked and more then half the time, when he put them back together, they worked remarkably better then they did before. (only one incident proved this to be a bad thing, a maintenance droid that was recently "tinkered" with by Bersh, and not only cleaned the floors...but proceeded in tearing out the tiling in its process of cleaning.) As he matured and grew up more, Bersh eventually earned an internship at a local garage where he helped take apart and repair vehicles for a small minimum amount of wage. His studies didn't suffer the slightest as he spent most waking hours in the garage, helping the mechanics where he could. Some of his greater thrills while working were when he would assist the mechanics on calls to go repair star cruisers, when they came to dock.

When Bersh became of age, he had a choice to make. He either could enlist or move out of the orphange into a place of his own, and continue working for the garage. As he thought long and hard about this, he found himself in the all too familiar hallway of the orphanage. There before him, stood the painting he had seen a million times before during his days at the orphanage; a painting of the Emperor, Vodo Bonias. The Imperial Flags that hung proudly on each side of the painting gave Bersh resolution to his decision and enlisted at the Academy. The Empire had given Bersh everything when his parents died, and it was now time for Bersh to give back to the one entity that always seemed to look out for him.

Academy Days

Bersh had eagerly joined the academy and was thrilled to be accepted so quickly. He was assigned to Junior Training Officer Dave Jackson, where he was taught the most crucial protocols and laws that were vital to every officer of the Empire. The data came at Bersh at unprecedented speeds and threw him for brief moments of time, baffling his comprehension level. However, he endured and excelled in his studies. Fate, hit and an off time, as during his final reviews....his training officer became ill with "Aldurannian Flu". Luckily for Bersh, IBT Provost General Galdrazz Aalon himself had stepped in and helped with the paperwork that graduated Bersh at in the top 86% of his class. It was a long time coming for Bersh and he knew his hard work was worth it.

Upon his graduation ceremony, where he was bestowed with the IABG badge, Bersh received his first orders and assignment. He was now a Cadet in the Imperial Navy. The thrill he experience when he was younger, working and being around star cruisers, was going to become tenfold. He was going to be stationed on a Star Destroyer and see it all. His joyous news gave him cause to celebrate, as he headed towards the Mess Hall. With his new rank and badge, Bersh practically strutted across the Mess Hall, and ordered the rare delicacy of Dewback Steak with a Glass of Corellian Wine. As he sat himself down, a fellow graduate sat with him and conversed with him. Bersh made the acquaintance and friendship of Alex Macer. Both men were ordered to report to ship out in the morning to their perspective fleets, and both hoped to do their best for Empire.


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