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Bravo Zulu (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Bravo Zulu" Posted by: Nathaniel Durane on Year 18 Day 116

KUAT (MILITARY) - Today the Imperial Navy commemorated the retirement of Emperor Guinar Ndengin I "The Undying". The ceremony, one of a scale rarely seen, occurred in the largest hall of the Executor Class Star Destroyer Kraken. The Kraken opened its bays to accommodate multitudes of officers and enlisted from the Empire’s greatest vessels. Officers stood in perfectly ordered rows, stretched back as far as the eye could see to the backdrop of Imperial banners. It took three hours to fill the room, as shuttles arrived every minute and departed immediately to make room for more. The fleet that assembled around the Kraken was visible from the windows in the cavernous hall. Elevated above it all, a dais stood in full view of the assembly. A long staircase lead to it, lined with lights that shown like pillars in the twilight of the hall.


At the foot of the dais, Fleet Admiral Hudson waited with an intricately decorated oak box in his hands. The members of Navy Command stood in silent reverence of the occasion at his back. In finest Naval tradition, only the most qualified officers are fit to receive a sword of command. To these officers, the ornate weapon marked the carrier as a potent and respected commander. During his honourable five-year tenure, officers of the Imperial Navy exercised the will of the Emperor from the Sith worlds of the Corporate Sector, to the busy skies of Coruscant. There was no question that Emperor Ndengin possessed the necessary qualities and more. Fleet Admiral Hudson proceeded to the dais and placed a long, narrow display case containing the ceremonial sword with an inscription upon a rough pair of marble plinths. He then announced the gifting of the ceremonial sword to His Majesty. “Ceremonial swords are more than a weapon, they are a mark of unquestionable dedication and sacrifice to the New Order by those who possess them.” “His Majesty Emperor Ndengin graced my Fleet at the time with a visit during the Battle of Churnis. The Emperor bestowed his wisdom to the forces deployed there via a simple motto: Service before Self. This act of selflessness pushes the Imperial military and the Galactic Empire forward and is a value that should stand paramount within the Empire.“It is with great honour that the Imperial Navy gifts this traditional sword with the suitable inscription, “Servit pre Selt” to his Majesty as tribute for his indelible service to the Empire. This day will be long remembered by the Navy as they honored one whom had once served among them, and rose to become one of the Empire’s greatest leaders."


His words echo about the chamber in a silent moment of contemplation and reverence as their depth filled the hearts and minds of those gathered. Fleet Admiral Hudson raised his hand to a nearby aide and mouthed the word, “Fire.” Then, with a blast to drown out all others, the turbolaser batteries of the Kraken spoke one by one. Their deep green blasts pummeled into the depths of space with a glow that pervaded the chamber with each salvo. The salute continued for a minute, as the comforting vibration of the guns’ energy output filled the air. With one last crack of energy, the barrage concluded and Navy Command turned toward the assembly, shouting in earnest: “Long Live Emperor Guinar Ndengin, Long Live Emperor-Elect Seele, Long Live The Imperial Navy!”