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Chiara Domina

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Chiara 'Trix' Domina
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ord Mantell
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -26, Day 59
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Current:
  • Classified
Prior Service Imperial Academy


Awards IABG.jpg


Chiara 'Trix' Domina is a 38-year-old Twi'lek female, currently serving as a Flight Corporal in the Imperial Navy.


Enslaved on Ryloth

Though her official records list her place of birth as Ord Mantell, Chiara's first memories were that of the Imperial Slave Barracks at a depot on Ryloth. It is assumed that her mother and father were both slaves and were not listed on her birth record. The name Chiara Domina was given to her by the medical droid that completed her birth. Her first name is a traditional Twi'lek girl's name popular at the time, and the name 'Domina' was selected by the medical droid with no particular reasoning other than the droid figured that Chiara and Domina sounded good together. Among her duties as a child on Ryloth was that of courier. She was allowed to freely cross the Imperial base she was assigned to, delivering packages to various officers and squadron personnel. What got her into trouble at a young age, though, was that she'd frequently stop to admire the fighters stationed at the base. This made her late quite often, which would occasionally earn her lashes across her back.

Those lashes never robbed her of her dreams, and a broken arm and several broken ribs taught her not to fight back. As Chiara reached puberty, the pilots of the 498th took notice of her and pulled some strings to get her assigned to the squadron as a ready room attendant. There, they also taught her to fly and regularly took her on supply runs in the system. Thought the pilots of the 498th were generally kind to her, one Imperial in particular, Lieutenant Hans Anlrich, despised her simply because she was an alien, a common sentiment amongst Human citizens of the New Order.

Lieutenant Anlrich was rather abusive towards Chiara, especially when he took her on supply runs. Over the years, Alnrich's abuse intensified, putting Chiarra in the infirmary quite abit. No reports of her abuse made it past Alnrich's desk since the medical droid reports went directly to him. By the time she would be eventually freed, over half of her body was prosthetic. The last run they would take together proved to be the worst, and the best. Alnrich's run lasted longer than expected due to the tardiness of an independent freighter on the edge of the system. When Alnrich and Chiara returned to the vicinity of Ryloth, they discovered the planet under siege by Rebel forces. Rather than risk being captured, Alnrich took the supplies and Chiara, and fled from the system.

Alnrich tricked Chiara into captivity aboard their shuttle by asking her to perform some maintenance in a space that he could lock. He kept her there until the ship arrived at Ord Mantell, where Alnrich sold the ship and all its contents to a Toydarian merchant named Terragon.

Freedom on Ord Mantell

While Alnrich turned Chiara and his shuttle over to Terragon and his cronies, Sheng-ji Yang arrived on Ord Mantell as part of his business travels and caught sight of Chiara. He spoke with Terragon and made arrangements to buy her for a mere 100,000 credits, but as the deal went down Chiara escaped from the grasp of one of the slaver's henchmen and killed both the henchmen and Terragon with her Imperial martial arts training. She then took Sheng hostage and forced him at blaster-point to fly her off planet and back to Ryloth. After a brief scuffle with a trio of Z-95 Headhunters, they escaped from Ord Mantell and Sheng was able to talk Chiara down by offering her freedom and a job working for him. She considered the offer and figured that there was probably nothing left for her to return to on Ryloth.

Working Hard For Her Money

Since she started flying for SYT, Chiara has built a reputation among her fellow pilots, clients and a few factions as being an honest and reliable pilot. While the work and pay was steady, along with being well respected, the long periods of hyperspace in small ships started to get to her and she began to yearn for work that was more fulfilling, beyond being a mechanism for the continuation of commerce in the galaxy. This lasted until she joined up with Guri-N-Krayt, but that only lasted a few months. Chiara dropped in to the shadows, to emerge again two years, where she accepted an offer from Lord General Seele to join the Galactic Empire.

In Service To The Emperor


Upon her return, she reconnected with Lord General Seele who suggested she join the Galactic Empire. She took the suggestion seriously and submitted her application, knowing that military service in Empire would be difficult because of her racial status. The Lord General sponsored her in his request for a waiver that would allow Chiara to join the Imperial Navy, a request that was subsequently granted.

Imperial Academy

After being accepted in to the Galactic Empire, Chiara was assigned to the Imperial Academy for training, where she graduated with a combined score of 93.64%, just under honors level, but an impressive score regardless that earned her promotion to the rank of Crewman. She was then assigned to the fleet for active duty.

Imperial Fleet Duty

Shortly after graduating from the Academy and being assigned to her unit, Chiara earned a promotion to Flight Corporal.


Chiara Domina is an orange-skinned Twi'lek with dark orange tiger stripes on her lekku, or head-tails. Her back is covered with scars from her time as a slave, scars received from the numerous beatings she took at the hands of the CO of the 498th Imperial Tactical Squadron stationed on her homeworld of Ryloth. Otherwise, she is considered to be very attractive. Over the years, she's had various tattoos added to her back to cover her scars, and has had some of the scars removed.


Off Duty

She prefers silver lipstick to match her eyes, and will usually use silver or chrome nail polish. During her time with SYT, Chiara would typically wear a form-fitting flight suit while working, but change in to more comfortable clothes while off duty. When meeting or trying to impress clients, she would typically wear business formal attire, which included some suits and gowns. When off duty and goin out for a night on the town, Chiara preferred latex club-wear from Coruscanti designers.

After joining the Galactic Empire, she's relegated to Imperial uniform while on duty, but her off-duty tastes remain the same.


Chiara wears a standard Imperial Uniform while on duty, appropriate to rank and position. Her uniforms are kept crisp and clean and are cared for at inspection-ready level. The same goes for her fight suits.

Chiara is unable to wear non-modified helmets and hats due to her lekku. A waiver has been placed in her Imperial dossier that exempts her from wearing prescribed uniform headgear. She is allowed to wear traditional Twi'lek headgear provided it is modest and does not detract from her uniforms.

Imperial Personnel Profile

General Information

Surname: Domina
Given Name(s): Chiara
Race: Twi'lek, Class C Citizen
Gender: F
Rank: Flight Corporal, Imperial Navy
Service Number: IN-F27-435-264
Education: Imperial Academy N/A
Age: 38
Homeworld: Ord Mantell, Worlport
Family: Orphan

Psychological Profile

Social Attributes Chiara respects authority, but will not put up with abuse in any form.
Aggressiveness: Chiara is typically calm, kind and caring, but can instantly take an aggressive stance if she feels that she or her friends are in danger, or if there is a chance that any secrets she might know could be revealed.
Control attitudes:
Dependability: Chiara is very dependable, making any mission or orders her top priority over personal pursuits.
Emotional expression: Outwardly, Chiara is kind and caring and very respectful. She is a borderline alcoholic.
Fairness: Apreciative and respectful, she will ensure that the needs of those around her are met before her own.
Leadership attributes: Chiara leads with fairness, and expects her orders to be followed when given. She applies various military philosophies in her leadership.
Physical appearance: Chiara is very attractive as a Twi'lek, with the color orange being a rare color among females of her race.
Regard for Rules: Chiara follows the rules to a 'T', but is not afraid to bend or break them if it means that there would be a higher chance for mission success, or if the rules may get in the way of successful completion of the mission.
Team Spirit: Chiara will usually put the team's goals above her own.

Individual Attributes
Achievement attitudes: Chiara maintains a high level of ambition and will not accept personal failure lightly.
Emotional temperament: Chiara is usually calm and collected, but can be prone to anger if she is wronged. She tries to be patient but that can be difficult at times. She is single and not looking for a relationship, and there is still a part of her that longs for Sheng-ji Yang.
Energy level: Typical for a female Twi'lek of her age.
Intellectual factors: Chiara is highly intelligent. She has spent long hours during hyperspace runs reading and studying various philosophies including military and corporate management.
Material attitudes: Chiara maintains various investments for supplemental income, and for transportation as needed but maintains a personal philosophy that she should not own anything that she cannot take to the grave.
Maturity: Chiara is very mature in public, but in private she enjoys watching holovids, romance holonovels or playing video games with her Astromech droid.
Philosophical attitudes: Chiara is fond of military strategy and philosophy, has studied publicly available Jedi texts, and can readily quote military philosophy
Physical attributes: Chiara is well endowed and physically fit for a Twi'lek. Other than scarring on her back, her skin is otherwise perfect. She takes good care of herself. When not in uniform, Chiara prefers to wear clubbing clothes, usually in latex or leather, but owns a few elegant dresses and some formal business outfits.
Risk attitudes: Chiara is not afraid to take risks. This has been demonstrated by several times by accepting runs in to Eidola held territories.
Task performance attitudes: As mention previously, Chiara will make missions and assignments her top priority over personal pursuits and will do what it takes to get the job done.

Physical Description

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: A girl doesn't talk about that.
Build: fair, engages in moderate aerobic activity to maintain shape.
Skin Color: Orange (considered to be a rare skin color for a female of her species).
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: None
Signs of past physical trauma - scaring on her back, covered with tattoos)

Branch Service Record

Following Recruit Training at the Imperial Academy where she gradutated with an over 93.64% score, she was transferred to the Imperial Navy and currently awaits assignment.

Recruit [E1]

ME-1.gif Date Of Rank: Year 12 Day 311, Assigned to Imperial Academy for Recruit Training

Crewman [E2]

ME-2.gif Date Of Rank: Year 12 Day 312, Graduated from Imperial Academy.

IABG.jpg Awarded the IABG on Y12 Day 312

Assigned to CLASSIFIED for Naval duty.
Deployed to CLASSIFIED system, 12.318

MID.jpg Awarded the MID on Y12 Day 348

Announced Protocol at an Imperial Monthly Meeting on Y12 Day 355.

Flight Corporal [E3]

ME-3.gif Date Of Rank: Year 13 Day 12

Confirmed Kills (Imperial Combat Simulation)

main.jpg X1

Companions & Spacecraft

Chiara purchased R2-C4 shortly after joining SYT when she discovered that keeping track of her runs and making repairs would be easier with an astromech droid. C4 came freshly mind wiped and ready to serve its new mistress and has done so for four years. His primary duty has been to maintain the Chiara's personal freighter, the YT-2000 Avenging Angel. C4 is able to communicate directly with his mistress via her cybernetic comm link, eliminating the need for the droid to whistle and chirp in her presence, but is still able to audibly communicate as needed.

Not Your Average Droid

R2-C4 has a peculiar sense of humor and has developed a fondness for his mistress. He enjoys playing cards with her and she has come to treat him as an equal partner in anything she does. Neither C4 nor Chiara expect this relationship to change now that she has joined the Galactic Empire. R2-C4 enjoys watching pod racing broadcasts and regularly places bets on races holonet connections under the name of "Mech Anik". Under the same guise, C4 also trades on stock markets and has a small but valuable portfolio. C4 participates regularly on astromech forums in a sub-net hidden within the vast holonet. He regularly follows the tech and hacking forums where tenchnical information and (declassified) schematics are often shared and is particularly fond of captioned pictures of small furry creatures doing cute things. In a group project with several other astromechs, R2-C4 contributed coding to a program that could be hidden in an astromech's programming that would protect astromech personality routines in a drive partition while under going a routine memory wipes. Also, under the name of "Mech Anik", R2-C4 has earned Masters Degrees in Astrometrics, Astrogation, Droid Programming and spacecraft engineering, all from the University of Theed's correspondance program. These courses were paid for through interest earned from various stock holdings as well as a few holonet poker games. The only thing preventing R2-C4 from seeking a PhD in any of the aforemention fields is the need to be physically present to obtain the degrees. Though his identity and credentials were well forged by Hutt artisians, the University of Theed is not likely to award an astromech with an advanced degree of any kind.

Memorable Quotes

"A twi'lek woman never accepts a room key from a male of any species without knowing if its the only key."
— Chiara to Alex Delton in the Hangout.

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