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DSA Defenses Online (ING)

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Caprioril system (INB) -

The Dolomar Sector Authority (DSA) has confirmed today that they have begun construction on a vast defense network in the Caprioril system that comes amid heightened tensions with New Republic and Falleen Federation squatters in the sector.

Speaking at a press conference held on the command tower of one of the new stations, Moff Tanez Kalrade announced that thirteen Golan II stations were already under construction in the system, with plans to place such defenses in every system in the sector.

"This isn't just about establishing an impossible to ignore Imperial presence in the system," the Moff said. "This is about creating jobs and ensuring the continued safety of the hard-working citizens within the Dolomar Sector."

The disclosure of this space defense network follows close on the heels of 'Operation Eternal Fields' in the Tandell system, where the DSA worked with the Imperial Navy to shut down travel in the system and root out criminals and tax evaders who were squatting in rural settings.

Likewise, the operation in the Caprioril system, dubbed 'Steel Curtain,' utilized elements of the Eighth Imperial Fleet, led by Ensign Aria Zarmer, to assist in building the Golan II stations. Working with the Navy in this operation was "a true pleasure," Kalrade said.

Zarmer oversaw the commencement of construction of all thirteen stations within a month's time, ending the project on time and under budget. "My building team is quite extraordinary," Zarmer said. "If our operation were to be extended, we could probably cover the entire sector in Golans within the year."

Golan II stations are some of the best armed and most expensive stations available for construction in the galaxy. While earlier models of the station had vulnerable shield generators, the newest models have been redesigned to include larger hangar bays for defense fighters and numerous safety improvements.

Fleet Admiral Savk of the Eighth Imperial Fleet noted that such stations "already form the defensive bulwark of many important Imperial systems, including Corsucant, Sartinaynian, and Bortras." When construction in Caprioril is complete, the system "will have more operational Golan IIs than any of those systems, which should demonstrate the commitment of the DSA to its citizens." Savk said.

According to sources in the DSA, the stations should be fully operational later this year.