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Daos Bafley

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Daos Bafley
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Lady Valkana
Father Lord Feis
Spouse unknown
Siblings none
Children none
Born Outer Rim
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot
Prior Service none

Daos Bafley was a member of the Imperial Navy. The pilot with a special past, he do not remember a thing from before crash. The special abilities of this person are unknown. It's common knowledge that Bafley is a good pilot, he know the ways of flying with fighters same as freighters. He know how to repair ships, mechanism of every small and semi large ship. Daos is a human born on one of the moons of the outer rim in the system controlled by the Trade Federation, he raised and was trained by the rouge Sith Lord in pilotage and fight with vibroblade. There was no knowledge of his past in the data archives. Daos Bafley was young tall and muscular man. He had brown short hair and tanned body. He was wearing suit of enlisted, tidy and polished boots.

Elements of his past:

Shining stars and endless dark sky the first view of young Daos. His mother was laying on table in a room with a glassy ceiling in the medical department of small outpost of unknown location. The medical droids and a woman wearing black robes was standing next to them. Daos screamed, yelled drowning all other sounds in a room. Suddenly he stopped, a weird silent flew through the room. Robed women waked forward to check do everything is alright, the child was not breathing. She instructed medical droids what to do and helped her self. Daos mother was dead. Daos started to breath. Robed woman smiled, the child was sleeping. Man opened the room and walked towards the robed woman:

"How is he doing Lady Valkana?" - he said

"Quite well, Lord Feis, Daos will be his name" - she answered

Both of them walked to the window watching the planet surface It was sandy planet in the outer rim. While both of them was talking. Daos was sleeping, healthy boy with a brown hair.

Dead bodies of robed humans was laying in a blood, their own for no doubt, the child was crying dirty with their blood. A bounty hunter in mandolorian armour was standing above looking on a little child. He made a target with his blaster and smiled, the blow threw him forward, bounty hunter was died, his head hit a desk and he broke his neck. Daos cried loud, a storm troopers entered the room checking everything exactly, one of them wearing a army officer suit took a baby and wrapped it with a robe of one of died bodies. He left the room. and walked outside where medical team was awaiting.

"Check do its ok and send an report to me directly, I wish to know also IF its force sensitive, Lord Belfast should be aboard VSD Fallen" - he saw nodding

Lord Belfast was walking through the room examining past few hours. The boy wasnt force sensitive, so what he was doing with two renegade sith lords.. especially when the boy is not even a little force sensitive, perhaps he is some sort of individual. There was no doubt that boy is not useful for the Empire, Lord Belfast was not certain, he made some arrangement to keep eye on this boy. The child was sleeping when Lord Belfast decided that its future will be bind with Tatooine, where he actually send this boy.

The 15 years old man, he was a man already. Was standing with a blaster shooting can's. Tatooine gave their civilians one choice (to kill or to be killed). He was trained by life to become a pilot and he knew how to shoot also. Suddenly the a'la holo image showed to him describing a women in a dark robes. She was smiling. Daos jump off a little and started targeting the holo+image. Then the woman started to speak:

"Daos, I'm your mother Lady Valkana. We was killed by Sith Lord who chased us for a long years. The one who brought you here was an Imperial scum. Your father and I watch you carefully, your purpose is now heading to the Coruscant and find out my sister Lady Ceria, she is a member of the SIth Order, the great organizations. Please do so."

Holoimage vanished and Daos was looking for a few minutes more. He walked away thinking how he is going to get a ship. One hour later he was standing in a sandy landing site 0-451F in the Mos Eysley where he had a friend withing trade department. The guy named Han Vesta was staring at young boy with a very serious expression on his face. Vesta was a Rodian. He said slowly:

"Nu chasa Daos, fa kase nu sta ke nogrido Vesta?"

Daos walked towards him and answered slowly:

"I need a ship heading to Coruscant, can you arrange an transport for me?"

Rodian nodded and pointed at a ship YT-1300 which was almost ready to start and said:

"No gatt vu frakisa to nu chasa Daos, Curuscant beri tase gre taso hri besa nu chagar."

Suddenly Daos smiled and start running towards YT-1300 captain who was standing next to the power converters stored near entrance to the ship. Captain noded and pointed at entrance where Daos went without thinking. Transport led him to the Coruscant in several parsecs. Travel wasn't too long.

"How dare you come here and order me to do anything for you young human?" - Lady Cedia said.

"My mother was killed by some imperials.." - Daos replied fast.

"She was exile, there was no reason we could help her, sith made a judgement and punishment was died, and you are her son.. without powers? What should I do to you? kill you?"

Daos swallowed and smiled nervously as a young man would do if someone like Sith Lady was speaking to him. He stepped back that Lady Cedia smiled and said "I'm kidding, I wont kill you, you are my familly I think only one I have." Cedia walked towards datapad located at the opposite wail of the mysterious room of sith order quarters. She made some and turned to the Daos.

"We'll check your force sensitivity once more in a particular way, wait here.

Daos watched choking girl with a smile on his face, she was dieing and he was laughing. Ironic image of a murderer. A robed man was standing next to him useing powers at the girl. He turned at him when she fallen on the floor.

"I wish to have powers as you does Lord Belfest"

Daos smiled and Lord Belfest nodded, those two was standing in the small room in some living quarters. Belfast answered fast:

"You'll learn how to use vibroblade soon tomorrow, go now and rest"

Bafley was standing in front of hangar where his ship was docked, R4 unit much familiar to Daos was repairing something near west power converters in top of the ship. It was YT-1300 "Grand Gasp". Two brown robed humans was heading to him. Daos made light smile and make sure that his blaster was attached to his belt. Daos knew its useless but he need to be sure. One of the robed man walked to Daos and said slowly:

"I'm searching for a murderer who is responsible for 12 kills in this region. Some informant just told us his name was Belfast's whelp Daos Bafley."

Daos smiled nervously and answered quite fast:

"I don't know him Master Jedi, and I cant help you with it."

Jedi swallowed and turned and left the hangar bay quite fast. There was no other clue of Daos anymore on the surface of Mos Eisley. Daos was confused, something or someone was rethinking his life again.

Daos Bafley was laying in his own blood, the ship was crashed on the watch tower Mos Vespa. Silent and sparkling lightening of damaged hyperdrive was only sounds in the area. Daos opened his eyes and saw ruined cockpit and his hands dirty in blood. He checked his body for any wounds and discovered none until he didn’t checked head. He was bleeding. There was none on aboard. He just realised that he don’t know where is he, and what is worst.. he didn’t remembered who IS HE. He opened his eyes widely and tried to get off the ship. When he finally succeeded, he spotted battalion of storm troopers standing in front of and the imperial officer, after that he saw darkness.. he turned unconscious.