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Dark Empire Rising

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GNS accessed by Warlord Vodo Bonias.

Year 3 Day 94

~The holonet receives a priority broadcast from the Imperial Core/Sith Empire. The insignia of the Imperial Core/Sith Empire decorates the screen. The Imperial March is being played in the background of the transmission. Within moments, the insignia is replaced images of Imperial Star Destroyers, Frigates, Tie Fighter, Imperial buildings, troops and various personnel. Suddenly, the images turn dark. Sith are seen, wearing dark cloaks, their faces covered to hide their identities~

~The Sith are seen slowly walking down a long corridor. As the camera starts to pan out, the corridor is determined to be a hallway aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Sith are making their way down the corridor toward the bridge of the Star Destroyer. An Imperial officer requests their security credentials. The Sith offer no credentials. Instead, they move to the side, allowing a path to be carved through the center of the Dark Jedi. Two MJ-12 agents walk down the center, followed by Lord Knyte. Lord Knyte is wearing black armor. The Imperial officer that was requesting security clearance quickly opens the entrance to the bridge, allowing the Sith, MJ-12 and Lord Knyte access to the bridge~

~Dreighton glances over at the bridge, noting the crowd. She glances at the time, and realizes that the hour is now upon us. The Core officers aboard the bridge look very confused. They are not sure what is going on. Lord Knyte approaches Dreighton and stands before her, his Sith standing behind him~

Our Sith Master is ready to move forward with the plans we discussed a few days ago.

~Jennifer Dreighton nods, glancing over at the XO of the Star Destroyer and nodding. The XO of the Star Destroyer slowly walks over toward Dreighton, handing her a data pad. Dreighton types in a few commands into the data pad and hands it over to Lord Knyte. Lord Knyte examines the data pad, and nods in agreement~

Very good, Lady Dreighton. The transformation is now complete... Now we must address the citizens of the Dark Side.

~Jennifer Dreighton smiles, and prepares to exit the bridge of the Star Destroyer~

Let's not waste anymore precious time, Lord Knyte.

~Lord Knyte, Dreighton, the Sith, MJ-12 and the XO of the Star Destroyer exit the bridge of the Star Destroyer, making their way to the ships press room~

~The camera switches to an external view of the Star Destroyer. Tie Fighter and Tie Bomber humming within meters of the Star Destroyer's hull~

~After five minutes, Dreighton, Knyte and the others arrive in the press room of the Star Destroyer. Stormtrooper decorate the stage, positioned directly behind the podium. Dreighton and Knyte climb the stage, and reach the podium. The camera zooms in on just their faces. Dreighton clears her throat and begins to speak~

Citizens of the Dark Side. The dawn of a new age is finally upon us. The Dark Side has become the most dominante force in the galaxy. The Sith have become the servants of this darkness, and the Core its instrument. Coruscant was not built in one day. It took many, many years. The Imperial Core represented that first step. Or that foundation. The Empire weakened under the rule of Connel, Macarthur and Charon. It's Core officers, including Grand Admiral Veynom, defected from the Empire and formed the Imperial Core. It was the mission of the Imperial Core, to rebuild the darkness that once dominated the Coruscant. The Empire had forgotten this darkness, and found itself chasing its tail. The Sith, who represent the true darkness in the galaxy, have decided to finally make their presence known. They have selected the Imperial Core to assist them in leading the galaxy back to its former Imperial Glory. Now, the second step in rebuilding the Empire has begun.

~She clears her throat~

The full integration of the Imperial Core and the Sith Empire will take effect today.

~She pauses for a moment, you hear Darth Knyte's black leather glove stretch as he clenches his fist~

With the full integration, comes a new brand for which we will operate under. The Imperial CORE no longer holds any meaning. The Imperial Core and its entire organizational structure has been dissolved by the Sith Master. As the leader of the Imperial Core, I now have new responsibilities within the organization of our Emperor.

~Lord Knyte places his hand on Dreighton's shoulder, covering the microphone with his other hand. He leans in and whispers into her ear. Dreighton smiles, Knyte removing his hand from the microphone~

Without further to do, I introduce you to Darth Knyte...

~Darth Knyte steps forward~

~Nods in the direction of Lady Dreighton.~

~MJ-12 agents can be seen standing behind him~

Greetings, citizens of the Dark Side... We are indeed entering a new era. We are now the ultimate power in the universe. The power of the Dark Side is not to be underestimated. As Dreighton mentioned, the Imperial Core no longer exists in its original form. The integration of the Sith Empire and the Imperial Core is cause for a change in orginizational structure and name.

We will now be known as the Dark Empire.

Our brothers on Coruscant will not be happy that we identify ourselves as the Empire. But they know all too well that they could never call themselves Dark. For they are weak, and under estimate the power of the Force. For that, they will perish, along with the others that rebel against the rule of the Sith Master.

~Knyte pauses just a moment, before finishing his statement~

Our Sith Master is not forgiving. He grants no mercy. His desire, is to quench his thirst for power. To quench his hunger for the power of the dark side. The Empire will support this quest for darkness. For darkness will make us powerful. And a powerful ally it is.

~Dreighton steps forward to the podium again~

Darth Knyte speaks of a new organizational structure, and I of a new role for myself.

I will now fulfill the role of Chief of Staff. I will report directly to the Sith Master and will be responsible for the administration of the Dark Empire. I will work very closely with Darth Knyte, who will also report directly to the Sith Master. Darth Knyte will also be involved with the administration of the Dark Empire, and will be responsible for the training and development of the students of the Sith. The military will fall under his jurisdiction. However, I will also play a role in the strategy behind how our military will function.

~She reviews the data card and begins to read from it~

Below is the Executive High Command of the Dark Empire.

- The Minister of Defense is General Uebles - The Minister of Business and Finance is Classified - The Minister of Finance is Thrawn - The Minister of Security is Quaxo - The Minister of State is Gabriella Storm - Grand Admiral of the Navy is Samurai - Grand Tartan of the Army is Locus - Admiral of the Navy is Machkhit - Director of Majestic 12 (Majik12) is Arkady Ourimov - Assignment Director is Vortex Shard - Grand Moff of the Dark Imperial Territories is Xaijel - Executive Chief of Staff is Jennifer Dreighton - Dark Lord of the Sith is Darth Knyte

The Minister of Business and Finance, Minister of Finance, Minister of State, Assignment Director and Grand Moff will report to me. All other departments will report to Darth Knyte. At the same time Darth Knyte and me will also maintain executive power over all departments.

~She finishes speaking, and glances over at Arkady Ourimov who has made his way to the stage. Darth Knyte begins to speak again~

And now... Our Sith Master...

~The camera zooms away from the podium, capturing the grandiose of the entire room. The camera switches to an external view of the fleet. Another Star Destroyer can be seen at the edge of the system. The camera zooms forward. The security surrounding the Star Destroyer is significant. Hundreds of Tie Fighter are patrolling the space around the Star Destroyer. After observing the fleet, the camera switches to an internal view of the Star Destroyer. The camera follows a long corridor down to an entrance to the Sith Masters quarters. MJ-12 and Praetorian Guard stand guard outside the entrance way. The doorway opens, allowing the viewers to see the Sith Master, completely covered in the cloak of his Jedi robes. The room is filled with relics and artifacts of the Sith. A half dozen girls, dressed in blue satin garments, are spread out throughout the room. The camera zooms in on the Sith Lord. His face still completely hidden by the cloak. An MJ-12 agent enters the room, and speaks to the Sith Master~

The transmission is completed, M'Lord.

~The Sith Master speaks~

Excellent. Things are proceeding exactly as I have foreseen them...

~He slowly removes his cloak, revealing his face. He glances at the camera, casting an evil smirk that sends chills through your body. His faced has been revealed as none other than that of Warlord Vodo Bonias~

~The camera stays on his face for only three seconds, before being replaced by the new insignia of the Dark Empire~