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Demdroom Loo

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Demdroom Loo
Biographical Information
Race Ortolan
Gender Male
Homeworld Dagobah
Mother Fledna Mel (Deceased)
Father Bulmi Loo (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -4 Day 107 (21 years)
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Junior Workman (O1)
Prior Service None
Awards [IABG]


Demdroom Loo is a 26 year old Ortolan male. At a height of 1.5 meters and 300 lbs, he is considered rather average in size. Although many Ortolans only have two limbs, Demdroom was born with 4. This allows him to stand upright while manipulating objects using both his hands and/or feet if needed. He has tinkered with different kinds of machinery throughout his life and this experience has provided him with the opportunity to work within the Galactic Empire's Ministry of Industry.

Character History


Demdroom Loo's family hails from the frigid Orto planetary system of the Sluis sector, located in the Outer Rim Territories. His father was a hardened warrior and leader of their clan and his mother a healer. Demdroom's mother was pregnant with him when slavers disguised as traveling dye traders caught them off guard and forcefully captured all of the members of their village. Any sort of initial retaliation from the Ortolans had been swiftly and effectively put down and the slavers quickly departed the planet with all of them in stow.

Aboard the slave ship, the Ortolan villagers were subjected to unlivable conditions. Food was scarce and the slaver's treatment of these captives was cruel and violent. An attempt to commandeer the slave ship was made by able members of the village's warrior class, led by Demdroom's father. The Ortolans outnumbered the slavers significantly and were eventually successful at incapacitating them. Unfortunately, the vessel had been placed on an encrypted autopilot setting prior to the takeover and was locked on to Dagobah, another planet in the Sluis system. With no way to bypass the autopilot, they were forced to make landing.

Birth and Life on Dagobah

Upon entering Dagobah's atmosphere, the ship was met with aggressive turbulence and experienced major malfunctions. This caused the ship to plummet without the ability to engage reverse thrust and it ultimately crashed near a large body of water. Unfortunately for some of the Ortolans on-board, the impact was devastating and killed or severely injured many of them. Demdroom's mother was among the injured.

Demdroom's father assisted the other surviving Ortolans, along with his injured wife, to escape the debris. They began to use any salvageable supplies they could gather from the crash site to set up camp on a nearby peninsula. Unfortunately for the surviving Ortolans, acclimatizing to the ecosystem on Dagobah proved rather complicated. Over a series of days, the significant change in temperature and humidity caused a few of the older survivors to perish. The Ortolans began a drastic fight for survival in an unknown world that proved inhospitable and dangerous. Those strong enough to adjust to the climate began to build protective structures around their makeshift camp to ward off predators while others began scrounging for food sources.

Shortly after the Ortolans began establishing themselves on the peninsula, Demdroom's mother went into labor. Unfortunately, there were complications during the pregnancy which were made worse by her prior injuries. She consequently succumbed after giving birth. Because of the general lack of sentient beings on the planet, there was little trade to be had and often the Ortolan villagers would manufacturer their own items and tools from the vast vegetation that surrounded them. The Ortolans lived a life off the land for a period of years and established their own village there..

The Village

Demdroom's father was unanimously elected as the clan leader, as he was on their homeworld. Under his rule, he was able to boost the morale of the survivors and establish a strong, safe, and independent village.