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Departure of a Legend (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - Departure of a Legend

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 14 Day 199

The Throne has recently announced the retirement of Ministry of Industry Director Polarisruner, a highly respected, dedicated and experienced Imperial with a keen interest in construction.

Lord Polarisruner was born on a small backwater planet, living in its only major city, incomparable to the Empire`s vast urban sprawls. His mother was a local researcher and his father was a well-traveled freighter pilot. Both were very dedicated and always at work, leaving little time to look after their son, meaning the young man had to learn to fend for himself. As the influence of the young Empire grew, it took an interest in helping this underdeveloped planet grow and introduced law and order to the planet and its populace and created a stable economy capable of providing employment for all. Time went on and in Year 0, Polarisruner decided to join the Imperial Navy, eager to leave behind his boring life on his homeworld and explore the galaxy, vowing never to return.


Sometime during his career, he received news that the Rebel Alliance had attacked the city in which his parents lived, targeting the city`s power generators and leveling the many structures the Empire had helped build, killing thousands. Captured survivors were taken to another planet, but to this day the fate of his parents remains unknown.

The naval officer served for five years before retiring from active service. During his temporary retirement, he explored the galaxy and contemplated his future. It was around this time that a civil war broke out between Vodoists and Charonists and the New Imperial Order was founded by the latter. In Year 7, Polarisruner returned to the Empire with renewed vigor and joined the Corellian Engineering Corporation of the New Imperial Order.

He became second-in-command of the nationalized faction and eventually even went on to become its Deputy Director. When the civil war ended and the Empire was reunited again, this also meant the merger of their fleet-producing companies, the Corellian Engineering Corporation and Sienar Fleet Systems, which Lord Polarisruner claimed as his most memorable experience in a recent interview, when the humble company with a mere twenty-three shipyards across the galaxy and no reliable source of materials turned into one of the largest companies in the entire galaxy with production hubs spread across several sectors. It is in this position that he established the largest production hubs known to mankind and oversaw the construction of at least two-thirds of all the Super Star Destroyers the Empire controls.

Throughout his service in the New Order, the now retired Director has been a Fleet Commanding Officer in the Navy, Provost of the Naval Academy, Deputy Director and Director of MInd and Lord of the Order of the Sith. All with a high level of commitment and a rarely seen level of enthusiasm. "When I first joined the Navy it was because of the prestige and the dream to command Star Destroyers. But it didn't take long for the Empire to become family. It is hard to leave behind so many who fight for the same cause but I feel it is time for a change. I will however remain a member of the Order of the Sith."

He thanked the men he considered to have been his mentors, Magnus Kalidor, Vizier Darius Morettius and Emperor Ndengin, who Lord Polarisruner discovered to be force-sensitive many years ago. When asked if he had any final words to share with the Empire and Ministry, he simply uttered: "STFUAGBTW!"