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Disorder in the Federation? (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y11D259 by Tanez Kalrade

Bright Jewel, Duflivian Sector (IIS)-- The new leader of the Falleen Federation came forward today issuing a much requested press conference after his ascension to the Falleen throne. Rick Farlander, unofficial succeeder to the old Falleen king Bisz Aldaris, has decided to not take the throne in an official state. He will lead the galactic government in the vests of Prime Minister, until judged worthy by his esteemed followers and allies of the Galactic Alliance. The rumors around the concession of the throne by King Aldaris are many. Some state that the King has gone off in search of Falleen Monks on a personal quest to better himself and his leadership abilities. Others say that he has been kidnapped by pirates and is being held for ransom somewhere in Wild Space, under the supervision of the pirate Queen Teniel Djo. Few voices have stated that it was Prime Minister Farlander himself who was able to knock the King off his throne by staging a successful coup and is now hoping to gain support from Aldaris' followers, by not taking the throne immediately "until such a time that the Falleen Citizens deem otherwise", or so he stated. But what does this "forced" succession spell out for the Federation, and their future as the Galactic Government? Rick Farlander is believed to be a back stabbing lunatic by many, and he is considered a weakling amongst his peers. Warlord Squall Chitose of Eidola stated in a press conference last week, "[that] as galactic government, Farlander is in a position to hurt the Empire. He won't though, because he's a 'modern Falleen' ", suggesting that even the pirates fear the might of the Empire, and the delicate government may be the only to one have a chance against our Iron Fist. Experts believe that the Federation is close to losing their Galactic Government status. Imperial construction projects have been proceeding unopposed, and any forms of opposition that have been encountered have been quashed within moments. It is believed that the inability to react to the Empire's growing power is what will sign the end of the Falleen's stint as Galactic Government. Farlander will not be able to oppose Imperial dominion for long. The Federation is divided between a group of nobility loyal to the King and the opposition loyal to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Farlander will lead the Falleen Federation to ruin. It is now only a matter of time until the Galactic Empire takes their rightful place as leaders of the Galaxy. For INB, this is Cyrus Imperium. Good night.