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Emperor Ndengin Announces Thyferran Emancipation (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Emperor Ndengin Announces Thyferran Emancipation"

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 17 Day 093

THYFERRA (IIS) - Citizens of Thyferra were glued to their holonet projectors last night as Moff Destra Kami of the Tapani Sector announced His Majesty Emperor Guinar Ndengin would hold a live speech in the capital Xozhixi. In an address to local government officials that was broadcast to the entire Polith system, Emperor Ndengin declared the beginning of a new era of emancipation for the native species of Thyferra, the insectoid Vratix. Alongside Moff Kami and the Emperor, spokesbeing for Thyferran Vratix and Director of the Xucphra medical corporation Doctor Spree Razzix looked on expectantly together with the multitudes of insectoids gathered in the square below. Given Xucphra's strong historical ties to the planet and long-lasting association with the Empire, it came as little surprise to political analysts that the diplomatic status of the Thyferran Vratix had improved significantly as of late.

The Emperor explained the Galactic Empire's intentions to strengthen ties with the more deserving of species it governs and that this project would be the first of many. He praised Razzix for his efforts in promoting peace and cooperation between the native Vratix and the many local Human communities on Thyferra, a relationship that reached its lowest point in Year 5 under the violent rule of Victor von Ismay. He then expounded: "Doctor Spree Razzix has shown his people the many benefits of living under the Empire's lawful rule and prevented hostility between the different communities living on Thyferra. His people have proven their worth as Imperial class C citizens many times over and I hereby recognize their valuable contributions to the Imperial economy."


Moff Kami went on to point out that through liaising with hive leaders known locally as Canir, social betterment programs had been set up across Thyferra, proving that the Empire and the planet's natives could peacefully coexist on Thyferra. These progressive programs ultimately paved the way for the emancipation of the Vratix. As the crowd erupted in cheers, the Emperor concluded: "The Vratix are hereby relieved of mandatory labour on the alazhi fields. Furthermore, in recognition of their primitive social structure, each hive is permitted to choose its own Canir, who will report directly to the local governor."

The large insectoid was then permitted to address the crowd and predicted a bright future for Thyferra and his people. "We have long been producing medical advances for the Empire and it is an honour to now be recognized in such a way", Doctor Razzix spoke, his words accompanied by buzzing and clicking sounds. "The hives will continue their loyal service with renewed resolve. We are excited to provide our unique brand of medical expertise and research to the Empire."

Moff Kami answered questions from the gathered officials as Emperor Ndengin and Razzix took their leave, accompanied by the Imperial Royal Guard.