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Empire Reinforces Agreements with Key Partners (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Empire Reinforces Agreements with Key Partners"

Posted by: Tanez Kalrade on Year 12 Day 10

Onboard the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship Excalibur in deep space (105, -47).

CORELLIA (INB) - Smiles could be seen all around on Corellia today as the conclusion of successful contract re-negotiations between the Galactic Empire, the Corellian Sector Authority and Kuat Drive Yards was announced to the public. The Galactic Empire's Vizier of Diplomacy, Jarek Sankin, made the announcement to a select group of economic commentators in the Corellian capital.


Present for the Corellian Sector Authority, known commonly as CorSec, was High Marshal Kevin Chambers, long a staunch ally of the Empire. The contract between the Galactic Empire and CorSec sees the continuation of the amiable relationship between the two groups.

High Marshal Chambers explained, "This new contract stipulates that CorSec will continue to police and provide security services within the borders of the Corellia sector, while the Galactic Empire will assume the administrative and civilian responsibilities of sector governance, backed by the might of the Imperial military."

Similarly, Kuat Drive Yards and the Empire will both see benefits from a renegotiated contract between the two groups. Company CEO Azhrarn Amarantha provided some insight into the details of the new agreement: "Kuat Drive Yards will now begin to intensify the production of vessels intended primarily for civilian use. As a result, the Empire will be able to order vessels in even greater amounts from the shipyards and factories of Kuat."

Imperial Minister of Industry Eric Zahm was also on hand for the announcement, and took time to comment on the benefits of the new agreement with Kuat Drive Yards. "For many years, Kuat Drive Yards has been a dependable supporter of the Galactic Empire, and we foresee the signing of this new contract to further promote our close relationship. Additionally, ties between the Kuati Society and the Imperial Union will be strengthened through KDY's expected occupation of a seat on the IU Economic Council."

Shareholders appeared to agree with the Minister's positive assessment, as stock in Kuat Drive Yards experienced outstanding gains following the announcement in after-hours trading. Likewise, economic analysts in attendance at the press conference gave a positive assessment of the Empire-CorSec realignment, noting that it would allow the two groups to refocus on the performance of their core businesses.

It was evident by the mood exhibited by all those in attendance that this announcement was met with unbridled optimism from all sides. Vizier Sankin commented, "The signing of these treaties is sure to usher in a new era of prosperity for the Galactic Empire and its allies. Under administrative control of the Empire, the Corellia sector will experience the type of success only Imperial sectors are able to achieve."