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Faith and Allegience (ING)

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CORELLIA (Military) – The Governor's Palace on Corellia, a massive ancient structure donated by the local government early in the Empire’s formation, was packed today for a somewhat unique occasion. Having been adapted into a beacon of activity under Imperial rule, the structure houses the residence of the Adjutant, while also boasting offices for senior military and civilian liaisons alike, and a fully operational headquarters for the Grand Moff to work from when visiting. Today, however, it played host to the Imperial Army’s 3rd Brigade, the “Shadow Guard”.


One of the first units deployed to Derra IV on Operation Sovereign Canopy in Year 14, the unit saw fierce combat against enemies of the state, including the Krath Dynasty and the New Republic, as they worked to secure stability for the local population. Standing in the early morning sunrise on parade at the palace, the brigade was a testament to that resolute determination that gives them the distinction of being referred to as Guardsmen. Dozens of All-Terrain Armoured Transports loomed overhead from the rear of the formation, their smaller, quicker cousins the All-Terrain Scout Transports in a long line underneath.

On each flank sat the bronze-coloured Cloud Car Combatspeeders of the brigade’s Reconnaissance battalion, ready at a moment’s notice to take to the sky and be the commander’s eyes and ears. Central to the whole parade stood hundreds of Storm Troopers in pristine, gleaming white armour, weapons at the shoulder.At the front of this awe-inspiring vision of power, straddled on both sides by the windswept colours of the battalions and the brigade itself, was the acting Commanding Officer of the 3rd Brigade, Arya Solus. A former member of the New Republic herself, it was an ironic twist, then, that she be appointed this morning to the rank of Brigadier General and made official the Brigade Commanding Officer.

Also present for the ceremony was the recently-appointed Army Commanding Officer, Lord General Nathaniel Durane, who provided a few words to Brigadier General Solus and the crowd as her rank plaque was changed.

"When I first met Arya, I knew she was someone who would be able to go far in any organization. She needed to prove herself as any Imperial does, but beyond that, she had the added stigma of showing that she understood the New Order’s ideas and ethos as a former combatant of them. She took to this challenge with a vigour that would put most Imperials to shame, and it shows for her now, in the fruits of her labours."

"I actually first started my career in the Imperial Army within what would eventually become the 3rd Brigade, so I know firsthand the types of challenges that come from this particular group of misfits. And I can say with absolute certainty that Brigadier General Solus will rise to the occasion and meet those challenges head on."

Following the ranking ceremony, dignitaries from across the sector paid their respects to the newly appointed general officer. Indeed, Brigadier General Solus is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that hard work and dedication can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds for any citizen of the Galactic Empire.