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Fallacies of the New Republic (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D342 by Santiano Salazar

Coruscant Oversector (IIS)-- Democracy. Republic. Liberty. Freedom. These words are often used by our enemies but never understood. These empty headed dreamers; these agents of chaos. We hear the incessant chants, the constant call of liberty for all sentients of the galaxy.

Today Imperial officials released information on an Alliance terrorist cell that had recently been discovered and destroyed. The degenerate band of rebels, which included several aliens, had been operating out of a still undisclosed location. According to Imperial Agents the cell had planned to stage several large-scale terrorist attacks on the civilian population of a nearby planet. It was an anonymous tip by a suspicious Imperial citizen that had lead to the initial discovery of the cell. The Alliance cell was destroyed thanks to the coordinated efforts of several Imperial agencies. According to Imperial police authorities, the cell had been under investigation for several weeks prior to the cell's destruction. Officials also state that once Imperial agents raided the cell's base, the terrorists were in a state of shock, disarray, and surrendered with little resistance. The rebel terrorists are currently being interrogated at a classified location.

One Imperial official has stated "This rebel cell never posed a serious threat. Thanks to the known lack of competence in Alliance logistics, the cell was never equipped well enough to pull off the large-scale attacks against the Empire it had hoped to". Imperial investigators have stated that at the rebel base, Imperial forces discovered a holodisc that contains several detailed terrorist attacks the cell had intended to carry out. Imperial officials are not yet willing to comment on the details of these plans, as was stated "The holodisc still needs to be analyzed before any further comments can be made, suffice to say that the rebels had planned several large-scale attacks against civilian targets but were not anywhere near being able to carry out these attacks." Several other documents have been discovered that may connect the cell to several criminal enterprises that operate as business fronts for the Alliance, though the names of those businesses are currently being withheld pending further investigation.

What these individuals do not realize is that in this life time, there are far more important things than individual liberties. Imperial citizens have known this lesson. It is an ideal of The New Order. The ideal in which one sets aside personal interests for the betterment of their comrades, people, and the Empire. What the so called New Republic fights for is not the greater good, not for freedom; but for the oppression of chaos. The Republic stood for millennia as a beacon of freedom. As time continued however, the republic increasingly showed that it is a form of government that cannot stand. It failed to ensure economic growth, it failed to ensure peace and safety and it failed in its supposed obligations to personal liberty.

In the end it became an over inflated, bloated, corrupt void filled with bureaucrats and petty criminals. The enforcers of which were the arrogant, elitist Jedi Order. Itself, an organization of sudo monks who would preach peace and justice while holding a light saber at the same time.

It does no good to ensure liberty through political intimidation and manipulation. In the end, that is why the republic failed. It gave way to a superior form of government; a New Order. One in which the citizens share a common ideal and a common bond forged in the iron will of the Emperor and The New Order. This New Order has ensured peace, security, prosperity, and order to all of its territories. It is an unstoppable and irresistible force that continues to grow and expand as more and more systems abandoned the old men and politics of an outdated and flawed system.

We look at the democratic process of The New Republic. An old, boring, and outdated system in which the same people term after term run for election. These elections at its core only accomplished two things. First it serve to polarize the supporters of the candidates into various lines, it divides them and wastes time with pointless debating and arguing. Secondly, they do little else than keep the same politicians in power while giving their poor masses the illusion that they are participating in their government; that they have a say.

It is an unquestionable fact that the New Republic has it's great number of politicians but what the empire has are statesmen and citizens. The differences between the two forms of government are like night and day. Those who follow an antiquated and outdated system, and those who embrace a new ideal. Those who failed to make good on it's promise of peace and justice, and The Empire who has delivered on those broken promises of republicanism. The republic which is an agent of chaos, and The Galactic Empire, the Iron Will of order in the galaxy.

Rest assured that so long as the Empire and its citizens remain vigilant, No such rebel terrorist cell or old degenerate political system will be able to stand against the Empire and the New Order. These pathetic terrorists will fail and the criminals who back them will be brought to justice. There is no force in the galaxy that can resists Imperial Iron Will.


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