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Felix Goreclaw

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Felix Goreclaw
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Gender Male
Homeworld Mirial
Mother Rila Goreclaw
Father Kolo Goreclaw
Spouse Helen Goreclaw
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -15, Day 288 [31 years old]
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Junior Workman
Prior Service Imperial Academy


Awards 8811_Goreclaw.png

Felix Goreclaw is a 31 year old Mirialan Male currently working in the Ministry of Industry.


Early Life

Felix was born to Kolo and Rila Goreclaw. He was born on the planet Mirial on Relona 21 of the Year -15. Kolo, his father, was a philosopher of ancient rites and history. Rila, his mother, was a mystic among their people. Unlike most children who were born with blue or brown eye pigment, Felix was born with silver irises. Realizing that silver eyes usually meant a sensitivity to the Force, his parents took him to his mother's order for safe keping. However after a short stay the elders, giving in to their supersticious nature, asked the family to leave. Fearing that without the protection of her colleagues the Galactic Empire would discover the abilities of their child and seek to purge them, the Goreclaw family fled to the distant and undisturbed planet of Bodrin V.

Growing up in the wilderness of Bodrin V, Felix developed a strong bond to natural cohesion and balance of world around him. On his sixteenth birthday Felix was watching a heard of Nerf grazing when he heard a loud and resounding noise in the distance. Curious as to the cause, Felix used his innate abilities to speed to the site where a large craft was landing. Ever cautious, the young Mirialan peered over an outcrop of rocks to see a green humanoid surveying the area. Having never seen another humanoid other than his parents, he decided to steathily move in for a closer look. However, as he was manuevering closer he soon realized that the noise of the craft had not only caught his attention, but also spooked the herd of Nerf into a stampede in his direction. Having spotted the young man in imminent danger, the mysterious being raced towards the Mirialan and pulled him safely away from the herd's path. Frightened, Felix abruptly ran away and made his way home.

A few days later a knock came at the door. When his father answered, Felix could see that it was the stranger standing outside. After a short conversation his father invited the traveler in for supper. It was during their meal that Felix learned the alien was named Treemare Daywalker and was a member of the race known as the Falleen. Treemare told the family about the rebel forces that had banded together to take up arms against the Galactic Empire. He called their group the Galactic Alliance. He also explained that he had arrived to colonize the world with the brethren of his clan, Aj'Salan an honored clan of the Falleen Federation. Fascinated by Treemare's words Felix kept asking questions, learning that Treemare was a representative of not only his clan, but of the group Red Star Alliance and how they had courageously fought off the Empire from various other systems in this sector and joined the Galactic Alliance. Along with his parents' teachings, these stories fueled Felix's desire to fight against the evils of the galaxy.

A few months after his twentieth birthday, Felix said his farewells to his parents and traveled to the colonized city of Chor'matt. It was there he found Treemare and asked to join as part of his crew. Having grown fond of the young Mirialan, Treemare agreed to hire Felix as the secondary conn officer for his ship, the Bodrin Striker.

Seditious Youth

Battle for Berea

Battle for Bodrin I

Leading a Rebellious Faction

Meeting a Master of the Force

On Year 15, Day 312 Felix was summoned to a diplomatic meeting on the planet Praesitlyn I. The meeting included dignitaries from the New Republic and Rogue Squadron. He was nervous because he had only been recently named to the Leadership Council in Rogue Squadron. In his nervous state he found himself reaching out with the force instinctively. Having temporarily lost control, he began to feel the emotions of the assembled delegates. It was then he noticed an odd sense of calm. It wasn't an emotion of a person, but more a calm in the force itself. Gazing at the assembled mass, his eyes settled upon a bearded man wearing a Corellian power suit, and a brown battle worn robe. Their eyes met, and Felix noticed the man's eyebrows raise.

Suddenly extremely nervous that his secret may have been discerned Felix cast his eyes downward to his feet. After he calmed himself he began to converse with the other delegates and succinctly represented his Government. After the meeting as Felx walked towards the hangar where his ship was docked he felt the presence of someone following him. Turning around Felix was face to face with the man whom he had glaced at during the meeting. The man introduced himself as Vexander Graves. Felix thought to recent intelligence reports that told of a Vexander Graves having left the Jedi Order and joining the New Republic. The two had a brief conversation in which Vexander asked about Felix's force abilities. After confirming his knowledge of the force, Vexander agreed to mentor Felix to hone and fully control his abilities.

Shadow Unveiled

First Steps to a Brighter Future

Enlistment into the Imperial Academy

First Assignment: Ministry of Industry

Imperial Service

Ministry of Industry

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Awarded (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 16 Day 345
[O-1] MIO-1.png Junior Workman Year 16 Day 352

Awards Received

Abbrevation Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded By
[IABG] IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Year 16 Day 352 Aide Angelus Devaron