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From Humble Beginnings (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - From Humble Beginnings

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 14 Day 133

As Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy, Lord Admiral Daniel Ascarion also holds the highest rank a naval officer can reach. Despite being in his thirties and thus far younger than his two predecessors, Lord Admirals Blackrain and Titan, Ascarion has had to overcome many obstacles in his life and few could have imagined he would go on to lead the galaxy`s most powerful military force.

Born into the bustling metropolis of Coruscant, Ascarion`s early days were harsh as his birth family, unable to afford to raise him, was forced to give him up. He was destined for greater things however and was saved when a travelling couple from Tatooine found him lying on the streets and took him in.

The couple were merchants and traveled the galaxy on a Gallofree Transport, aboard which the young child spent much of his life. Though his childhood was not luxurious, he was a happy child, one lucky enough to see much of what the galaxy had to offer. Eventually, he returned with his family to Mos Eisley, and though he was to live confined to the desert planet for many years, he never lost his fascination with the stars. So, as soon as he was old enough, he decided to enlist with the Empire and joined the Imperial Navy.

After graduating the academy, the then-Crewman was assigned to the Naval Defense Fleet. During his time as an enlisted, he witnessed many changes to the Imperial Navy`s organization. The Naval Defense Fleet eventually became the Coruscant Defense Group, and then the Coruscant Defense Fleet. Finally, after a more significant series of Naval reforms that formalized the Navy`s operations, the Coruscant Defense Fleet was replaced by the Third Imperial Fleet.

The Lord Admiral served in the Third for over a year before being moved to the newly formed Sixth Imperial Fleet. It is there that he held his first command position, as Fleet Chief of Staff under the reputed Hack Skice, who was a Commodore at the time. He learned much from the Commodore and his efforts were rewarded, as he eventually was promoted to the rank of Command Flight Officer, the highest enlisted rank at the time.


He went on to become the Fleet`s Executive Officer and enrolled in the now defunct School of Officer Command Studies, which was known for its rigor. The Flight Officer excelled, and graduated from the program with honors, an achievement few others claimed. He was immediately promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

From then on, he was nothing less than an exemplary officer. Though not always in the spotlight, he excelled in all of his assignments. As the 6th Imperial Fleet`s Executive Officer he played a prominent role in both the Dostra Race, a build war in the Corporate sector, and the infamous Battle of Meridian, which was fought against the encroaching Renegade Inc. forces. He would not remain there however, as he later assumed command of the Ninth Imperial Fleet and after it was absorbed into the First Fleet, he was put in charge of the Second, where he earned his position in the Imperial admiralty.

As his career progressed and he earned the position of Navy Signals Officer, he was granted many distinctions such as the COMPNOR Cross and Navy Command Medal. He even earned four Imperial Campaign Medals and seven Letters of Commendation, amongst the highest numbers of such letters ever granted to one individual.

Then, last year, when Lord Admiral Titan was forced to take a step aside due to health issues, Ascarion was the most obvious candidate and through his leadership ability and consistency was selected by the Throne as Titan`s successor. He accepted the position with pride and enthusiasm and continues to inspire countless Imperials, demonstrating that the Empire will reward those who perform their duty, no matter where they may come from.